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Golf is Like Hyde for Old People


The 9th Annual Michael Douglas & Friends Celebrity Golf Event this weekend at Trump National Golf Club in Ranchos Palos Verdes brought out a veritable who’s-who of 1995. Douglas was there with his granddaughter wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, and they were accompanied by Heather Locklear, Sam Jackson, Cheryl Ladd (who?), Josh Duhamel, Mark Wahlberg, Kenny Fucking G, Alice Cooper and … drumroll please … Haley Joel Osment, whose managers clearly believe that if he plays golf with old people all day we will forget about that little DUI thing last summer. No dice, kids.

michael_douglas1.jpg alice_cooper.jpg sam_j.jpg heather2.jpg kenny_g.jpg josh_duhamel.jpg mark_w.jpg haley_joel1.jpg

Putting that Harvard Education to Good Use


Natalie Portman showed up on ABC’s “This Week” to endorse extending microloans to women in the poorest countries.

“They’re able to get a loan and start their own business out of their own house and be with their children,” she said. “It changes the whole system. If a woman can’t tell her child, ‘I can feed you tomorrow, I can pay for your school,’ then where do they go? What do they do? What do they choose? It’s really trying to reach the poorest of the poor and offering banking services to them.”

Natalie has been working with FINCA International, an organization that provides small loans to people in developing countries.

Microloans are loans in very small amounts — in developing countries, often only a couple hundred dollars — which traditional banks won’t offer, both due to the small amount and the lack of credit history of the borrowers. FINCA, which lends primarily to women in 21 developing nations, has a loan repayment rate of 97%.

I Love Dunst, but Her Boyfriend Doesn’t


Sometimes I feel woe for celebrities. This is one of those times. Fresh off of Kirsten saying this to Jane Magazine (May issue):

“I don’t ever want to date another actor again. This quote is probably going to come back in my face, but I know someone who has a great saying: ‘There are no actors, there are only actresses,’ ” she continues. “Sometimes creative people can be very dark and destructive.”

So who does she date instead? Razorlight lead singer Johnny Borrell. Because musicians are NEVER screwed up. And they never have access to ladies after every show. Nope, compared to actors dating a musician is like heading to the monastery, it’s all celibacy and meditation.

Invariably, less than a week later, this happens: has (the ex-girlfriend of Johnny Borell) Fabiola Gatti saying:

“I was recording some solo stuff so I was on my own in the studio when he popped in. When the air was cleared between us and I knew what the situation was, he just leaned in and kissed me. He told me he would break up with her (Dunst) to go back out with me. We’ve been on and off for years. We will always be soul mates. At the moment we know it won’t work but one day we will get back together.

What a catastrophe. If this is true, and generally is on the money, I feel really bad for her. What a horrible way to find out. And you, John whoever, are an idiot. Anyone named Fabiola is destined to become a crazy person. This will end with her throwing a lamp or knife at your head while you’re sleeping because you didn’t get the nail polish color she specifically asked for.

But back to Kirsten, here’s my offer: Kirsten, if you’re into overweight and slightly dark and destructive writer types you should call me. We will spend your Spidey money and walk this world together. I’m loyal (like a puppy) and will make you breakfast everyday. I’m only an email away my dear.

Sarah Silverman Will Try to Help Heal


Just some news for ya, Sarah Silverman will be hosting the MTV Movie Awards this year.

No one watches these anymore, because they aren’t live and the winners are announced in advanced. But perhaps this year I will tune in to one of the 42 repeats that will happen on that weekend.

Even better news, this article says these puppies are LIVE!

Silverman + Live = relevant.

It’s almost like MTV isn’t run by a soulless bunch of pansie suits anymore. Welcome back to the land of the living MTV, we’ve missed you this past decade.

Late-Night Links

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Check out video clips from Gwen Stefani performing in LA. [popbytes]

Tracey Morgan has to wear an alcohol-detecting ankle bracelet for 90 days as a result of his DUI. Now that’s outrageous and egregious! [Celebrity Smack]

Conan O’Brien cops a feel on Tyra Banks. [Ninja Dude]

Hooray hooray!!! Studio 60 is coming back!!! WATCH IT, MOTHERF***ERS. That was a close call. [SOW]

The best part of this is the knowledge that someone somewhere is getting his rocks off to these images of Paris Hilton’s corpse. [Allie Is Wired]

Why stop with the tits? Heidi Montag got a new nose, too. Next up will have to be a new back to carry your celebrity, Heidi, because Lauren Conrad’s is done with you. [IBBB]

Look, I want Britney Spears to get sober and sort her life out and regain some measure of sanity. But please, God, can it wait until she writes this tell-all? [The Blemish]

Is Angelina Jolie anorexic? [Cele|bitchy]

If so, she might want to take some tips from Kate Bosworth, who seems to be at a semi-healthy weight again. At least I can’t count her rib bones in this bikini. [Warship]

Awww … celebs as babies! [Celebslam]

Jonathan Lipnicki, in stark contrast with his career, has matured. [Agent Bedhead]

A review of Fantasia in The Color Purple. [DListed]

Mischa’s Keds are at the Cleaners

I know we’ve been following the “Mischa Barton + Keds = True Love” story pretty hard so here’s the latest breaking news.

In this picture I believe she is wearing normal (acceptable) footwear. I could be off the mark here, as I don’t really know the whole Keds line. If I’m wrong I’ll take a comment ding. But if I’m right I want it known that I nailed her first.

Put your Keds back on! And eat something.


Next up, Adam Brody, Elisha Cuthbert, and Amber Tamblyn. These guys all look hot in their own little way, no? Brody is rocking a full fledged adult male thing and somehow the slightly stoned vibe makes Elisha work for me. Plus I’m a sucker for redheads (Amber Tamblyn).


It should be noted that all these, again, are from the Coachella event. The fact checker (whom I’m on the phone with now) tells me that this event is in Indio, California and features music acts. There seems to be a charity angle as well. So all you guys near Indio (home of the Indio High Rajahs) hustle on down to see both music and Scarlett’s cow legs.