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You’re So Cool, Constantine

Constantine Maroulis at ESPN Deportes La Revista Party

The former AmIdol contestant made an appearance at the ESPN Deportes La Revista blah blah blah blah … these are always such non-events. I have no idea what he was doing there. Especially with Anthony Fedorov.

What the hell does Constantine have to do with a Spanish sports magazine?

Isn’t he Greek?

Just because he looks like he could be Spanish doesn’t mean he had any reason to be there. Yet he was.

Constantine Maroulis and Anthony Fedorov constantine1.jpg constantine3.jpg

No One with the Last Name of Lohan Should Travel in a Car

Lindsay Lohan and Younger Sister Ali, Who Was Recently in a Car Accident in Long Island

Seriously, can we just start shipping these people where they need to go in freight trains?

It would be safer!

The latest Lohan to be involved in a traffic accident is lil’ sis Ali, age 13, who was in a car crash on Friday night after sneaking out of the family’s Long Island house to meet her 16-year-old boyfriend, who had a learner’s permit.

Two people were slightly injured in the accident, but Ali was fine, and was able to fly out to Utah this week to visit big sis Lindsay in rehab.

How long until Ali’s there, too?

I give her a year!

If the Drugs Don’t Kill Her, Amy Winehouse Can Always Rely on Her Husband to Finish the Job

Amy Winehouse Has Bruises and Cuts After Getting into a Fight with Her Husband

It’s nice to know you have things you can count on in this life.

Amy Winehouse — who can’t seem to stay in rehab any longer than Nicole Richie can stay in jailgot into a huge fight with her supportive, loving husband, Blake Civil-Fielder, in a hotel in London yesterday.

These are the follow-up pics.




According to the UK’s Daily Mail:

“Amy was in floods of tears. [Her husband] was screaming at her. She was cowering in the corner and I thought he was going to hit her. When the lift door opened, she took off across the lobby at a real pace. He was chasing after her and was about five paces behind by the time she got to the main hotel entrance.”

The couple then dashed into the street.

An eyewitness said: “Just after 3am, Amy came sprinting out and down the road. She was in a real state of panic. Blake was running after her, but couldn’t catch up. Amy was so hell-bent on getting away from him that she ran into the middle of the street and flagged down a random car that happened to be full of girls. She was saying, ‘Quickly, I have to get in, I have to get away, please help me’. Her voice was breaking, you could tell she was scared. The car drove off at speed and ended up about a mile away at Charing Cross station. Amy got out and went into a 24-hour shop to buy cigarettes. She was looking completely out of her head. Blake ran after the car for a while. He spent the next halfhour or so wandering around in a daze with blood over his face, looking in doorways for her, shouting her name out.

Eventually, he got through to her on the mobile.

There were a lot of tears and shouting, but they calmed down and met up at around 4am and slowly walked back to the hotel arm-in-arm. They got back at 4.45am.”

You know, I have to hand it to American “it” girls. They may drive the wrong way on major freeways after popping a few Vicodin, they may flash the paparazzi, they may haphazardly shave their heads, but they don’t have this seemingly British tendency to date heroin addicts who kick their asses. This is such a Kate Moss move.

For kicks, Daily Mail added a picture of Amy at the start of her fame, in 2003, before she was basically a dead man walking. I don’t even recognize this person.


Nicole Richie Served 82 Minutes in Jail

Nicole Richie Mug Shot

She was in. She was out. Quicker than Lindsay Lohan can down a bottle of Grey Goose, Nicole Richie served her jail sentence.

While the rest of the world was focused on Lindsay’s plea bargaining, Nicole quietly slipped in and out of Lynwood’s women’s facility. She checked in at 3:15 pm today and checked out at 4:37 pm.

According to a statement from the LA County Sheriff’s Department:

On August 23 2007, at 3:15 PM Miss Nicole Camille Richie reported to CRDF and surrendered herself following a July 27 arrest, she was sentenced to serve 96 hours in County Jail. Miss Richie was accompanied by her attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley and her boyfriend Joel Madden. Miss Richie was booked and processed into the jail system. Miss Richie was cooperative during the process. Based on her sentence and federal court guidelines, Miss Richie was released at 4:37 PM today.

Lohan was handed down a bullshit sentence today, too — she’ll only serve a day in jail, as well.

Looks like Paris Hilton served the jail time for everybody.

The Jordin Sparks Single: Coming Soon!

Jordan Sparks First Single, Tattoo, Hits Airwaves on Monday

The youngest AmIdol winner ever is all set to debut her first single. The song is called “Tattoo” (um, she’s not even old enough to get a tattoo) and will hit airwaves August 27, although you can get a sneak preview tomorrow on PopEater.

“Right after I heard the first chorus, I was like, `I wanna sing that song. I have to have it. I wanna sing it,’” said Sparks.

The full album will be released November 20. Jordan describes it as a mix of pop-rock and ballads, with a little bit of country.

Talking about the current AmIdol tour with her fellow contestants, Jordin says “It’s abnormally weird how well we still get along. We’re still like any dysfunctional family where we get on each other’s nerves, but, at the end of the day, we’re still just like, ‘Hey, you wanna hang out?’”

Nicole Richie Is In Jail

Nicole Richie Checked into Jail at Lynwood

While all eyes were on Lindsay Lohan’s plea deal, a pregnant Nicole checked into Lynwood — where Paris did her time — at 3:15 pm today. Nicole is supposed to serve four days, but will likely go home early because of overcrowding. I’m not sure why she checked in during the afternoon — she could have checked in at 11:59pm and had it count as a full day. Maybe she was worried about the lines being long, who knows?

We’ll have more details as they come.

A Statement from Lindsay Lohan


“It is clear to me that my life has become completely unmanageable because I am addicted to alcohol and drugs.

Recently, I relapsed and did things for which I am ashamed. I broke the law, and today I took responsibility by pleading guilty to the charges in my case. No matter what I said when I was under the influence on the day I was arrested, I am not blaming anyone else for my conduct other than myself. I thank God I did not injure others. I easily could have.

I very much want to be healthy and gain control of my life and career and have asked for medical help in doing so. I am taking these steps to improve my life. Luckily, I am not alone in my daily struggle and I know that people like me have succeeded. Maybe with time it will become easier. I hope so.”

Awww …

I’m amazed by how easily Lindsay got off here, especially when you consider the super-stern sentence Paris Hilton had to deal with in an equally high-profile case. Both had lots of money and excellent attorneys. Lohan’s crimes were more serious than Hilton’s. So how’d Lindsay get off so easy?

Of course, it has something to do with the judge. The judge in Hilton’s case was out for blood. But I think it also has a lot to do with public perception. People hate Paris, but they’re rooting for Lindsay. She’s obviously in a struggle with an awful disease, and I think the public feels like she’s more accessible and more vulnerable than Paris. We care about Lindsay like she was a friend, a daughter or a sister. I don’t think anyone really wanted to see her do a lot of time in jail, whereas we were all rooting like crazy to see Paris do some hard time. The attitude toward Lindsay during this time has been almost tangibly different from when Paris was in a similar sitch.