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Love It or Leave It: Lindsay’s Latest Court Attire

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

Yeah, Lindsay had to go to court this morning for violating probation, and no, she’s not going to jail. It turns out that even though she failed a urine test for booze and even though she refused to take a couple of drug and alcohol tests last month, she’d only been ordered to take the drug and alcohol tests until February, so it doesn’t even matter.  So basically, today the judge was like “ok, no more parties, and you can only have one friend over at a time, but if you’re cool with that, then you can booze it up to your heart’s content.  Hey, you can even shoot up if you feel like it, we’re not going to know.” Cute story, huh?

But I don’t want to get into how ridiculous Lindsay’s whole long, sordid affair with the legal system is – I just thought you might like an update – because my real interest is in her court clothes.  For real, this girl picks the worst things to wear to court.  I think today’s outfit is the best so far though, by a long shot.  However, I would like to start a discussion about ladies with larger busts wearing button-ups.  Is there a way to do it without that awkward gap that Lindsay has going on?

Pink Explains Why You Don’t Need to Take Pictures of Her Baby

A photo of Pink, Carey Hart, and Willow Sage Hart

Earlier this week, Pink released the first photo of her daughter, Willow Sage Hart (still such a kickass name, right?).  It was and still is super cute, as you can see above, and it melted all our hearts. And then, last night, Pink posted a note on her site explaining why she released the picture, and I thought it was just wonderful, and by far the best response to paparazzi attacks I’ve ever heard.

It’s kind of long, so you can go ahead and jump on through to read the whole thing, but I strongly suggest that you do.  If you don’t, just know that she’s donating all the money she gets from that little family portrait up there to charity and that Carey Hart has been pooped on.  Do you love it or what?

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