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Look, Everyone, Lindsay Got A Job!

See, house arrest is not only tons of fun, it’s also super lucrative!

Our girl Lindsay has, once again, managed to make lemons out of lemonade. As you can see in this dazzling advertisement above, Lindsay is pumping up, a pretty sketchy looking penny auction site, and you know what she got in return?  Yeah, we don’t either.  All we know is that the company offered Lindsay $25,000, she said no, and then they “came to terms for an undisclosed amount.”  Oh, and Lindsay got a $10,000 credit for the site, so I guess she’s going to own all of the things soon (seriously, right now you can get a laptop for ten cents, can someone explain this shadiness to me?).

You know, I think that any time now we can stop employing Lindsay Lohan, especially when we’re trying to teach her a lesson. That’s why she never learns, get it?

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