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3Your Daily Britney

Homegirl is never going to ditch that sweater.

Here’s Britney hitting up the Bally’s in Culver City, ostensibly to work out. Why she is working out at the Bally’s in Culver City is a total mystery to me. Probably because they paid her for the photo op.

I know that gym; my ex used to work out there. Before he became a total pothead. But that’s a whole other rant that has no place on this blog. Anyway, it’s a huge gym that offers very little in the way of privacy. And it’s far away from all of her houses. I can’t imagine why she’d want to go there unless they were paying her to show up once so that we’d all write things like “Here’s Britney hitting up the Bally’s in Culver City.” So. Done and done.

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Nicky Hilton and Lindsay Lohan were both snapped leaving La Scala on Wednesday.

And they were both wearing essentially the same thing.

I guess the dress code at La Scala these days is jeans, V-cut white tee, pendant necklace, dark nail polish, bangles on your arms, aviator glasses and PDA.

So I’ve decided we should play the inaugural game of Who Wore It Best: La Scala Edition.

Who wore it best, kids???

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5I Guess We’re All Supposed to Trip a Lot This Season

Earlier this week, we saw Eva Mendes sporting this super-long dress at an NYC event.

I guess it’s the start of a new trend, because everyone was wearing these I-dare-you-not-to-trip dresses at the Design Cares “A Night of A Thousand Lights” benefit for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. At this single event, we saw Diane Kruger, Iman, Molly Sims, Olivia Palermo and Lydia Hearst all wearing these ultra-long numbers. God. This is the kind of trend that promises to result in lots of funny clips of people falling on their asses at events. Yay!

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39The Evil Beet: Now with More Gravatars!

So your genius webmaster (read: me) finally figured out how to get Gravatars enabled on her website. It only took me two years! This means you can have little pictures of whatever you want next to your comments. And I’m enabling it to accept any rating of Gravatar, so, if you want to make Lindsay Lohan’s vagina your Gravatar, please go right on ahead. There is no shortage of images available for that purpose.

So I’m all excited to have this working and it’s very sad because none of you have Gravatars.

Go get them here.

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7Orlando Brown Is Fine AND He Has An Album Coming Out

This was the dumbest publicity stunt ever.

That’s So Raven star Orlando Brown, who was reported missing by his manager earlier today, called into the Wendy Williams Experience today to say that he is just fine and to plug his upcoming album.

For the love of God, people, don’t buy that album.

Seriously, Orlando, next time you want us to write about you, just give us a good old-fashioned crotch shot. Or check into rehab. Or, you know, get busted with pot in your car. (Oh, wait, you already tried that last one.) Don’t have your manager report you missing. That’s just uncool.

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19Jamie-Lynn Sigler Is Single

Not that anyone except Ashley Olsen cares, but Jamie-Lynn and her beau of two years, Scott Sartiano, have split.

“They are currently split up as they’re living on different coasts and their lives are taking a different direction,” the source says. “They are still really close and you never know what is going to happen in the future.”

The relationship turned rocky recently, and “she went to New York to work on their problems,” says a friend of Sigler’s. “She was in New York up until a few days ago and that’s when it ended.” Another friend called the breakup “mutual. They have both accepted it and are doing their own thing. They’re still very close and share so much love for each other.”

Jamie’s been spotted out and about on the LA scene recently, and told People magazine “I’m going to Coachella. It’s gonna kick off my summer fun with the girls! It’s all about me right now. And I like that. I’ve never had that in my life.”

God, you know what I hate? When chicks say shit like that. Because it always means they’re going to get back with their boyfriend or have a new one in, like, two weeks. Like, I’ve been single FOREVER and I always used to get excited when my girlfriends would break up with their men and be like, “Oh, yay, it’s all about me, it’s all about girl time, I really just need to focus on me right now,” and I’m like, “Hooray, I’ll finally get to spend time with you and have a single girl to go out with!” and then ten seconds later they’re like, “Oh, we’re back together now, I’m so happy” or “You have to meet Matt, he’s my new boyfriend, I’m so in love and so happy!” and meanwhile I’m still TOTALLY FUCKING SINGLE. But whatever. I’m not at all bitter.

Here’s a tip for your twenty minutes of singledom, Jamie: Ditch that lipstick.

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