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Cho Seung-Hui Notably More Adroit with Mass Murder Than Playwriting


AOL has released copies of some of the Virginia Tech shooter’s “disturbing” ventures into the world of creative writing, the plays Mr. Brownstone and Richard McBeef. These are disturbing more in a this-guy-got-into-Virginia-Tech? way than in a this-dude-is-gonna-kill-32-innocent-people-and-then-himself sort of way. They’re puerile, really, more than they’re frightening. And this kid was an English major. I’d be frustrated, too.

Carrie Kicks Ass at the CMT Awards


Sanjaya who?

Carrie Underwood reminded us what a real American Idol talent is all about, as she kicked ass and took names at the CMT Awards. Underwood won all three of the awards for which she was nominated: “Before He Cheats” took Video of the Year, Female Video of the Year and Video Director of the Year (actually, this one went to that video’s director, but still).

Carrie kinda acknowledge Idol in her acceptance speech. “It was at the CMT Awards last year that I gave my very first acceptance speech ever,” she said. “Let me tell you, it’s great to be up here again…I started out on a fan-based show, and you guys have continued to support me through everything.”

The Dixie Chicks — although they fared well at the Grammy’s — didn’t have so much luck with country music’s core audience; they left empty-handed, perhaps a reflection of some lingering resentment toward Natalie Maines’ anti-Bush remarks in — when? — 1987 or so?

Kenny Chesney won Best Male Video for “You Save Me,” and Best Group Video went to Rascal Flatts for “What Hurts the Most.”

Britney Fires Her Manager


Britney Spears is in for yet another break-up. The rehabbing pop tart has reportedly dumped her manager, Larry Rudolph, again. According to Page Six, Spears ditched Rudolph because she blames him for her recent career missteps — the most prominent of which, she feels, was her brief and crotch-shot-filled friendship with Paris Hilton (which quickly turned into enmity). Spears famously reunited with Rudolph — the manager who saw her through the peak of her fame — after she announced her plans to divorce Kevin Federline. The two have been rumored to be on rocky ground ever since Spears left rehab at Promises Malibu late last month.

Britney continues to shake up her management team, deciding to rehire her former publicist, Leslie Sloan-Zelnick, the uber-rep responsible for spin control for a variety of starlets, including Lindsay Lohan. Sloan-Zelnick was reportedly furious with Britney for doing the infamous Matt Lauer interview without her input, and the two ended their relationship soon after. Apparently Britney recently reconsidered, and Leslie’s back on-board, so at least her split with her manager will be spun well in the media.

Damien and Shia Share a Tender Moment

I have no idea what is going on here on TRL. I’ll totally take this out of context and say that they are lovers. They totally came out yesterday and are happy to let the world know how much they are into each other.

Shia is wearing a shrug. I guess TRL tried to be funny yesterday, like most of the country, I was not watching.

The Seinfeld Curse Removed

Here is Julia Louis-Dreyfus doing press for her show, “The New Adventures of Old Christine” which is one of the funniest sitcoms on television. This show did much better than her previous effort, “Watching Ellie” which lasted only one season on NBC. Did anyone even watch “Watching Ellie?” I watch a lot of TV people and I didn’t even know that show existed. She, Jason Alexander and Michael Richards all have have serious difficulties post-Seinfeld having hit TV shows which create the phrase “Seinfeld Curse.”

Thankfully, with an Emmy win and an awesome show she has lifted herself out of that curse. This show is really really funny, for sure a DVR safe bet, and if you ever went to a private school you will pee in your pants. If you need a chuckle, give it a gander.

Let’s Face It, Sanjaya is Pretty


Maxim has named Sanjaya its “Girl of the Day.” I think Maxim is trash, poor writing and a poor concept – but I have to give them credit here.

I’ve hung out at a lot of bars, and I’d say 90% of the women on Earth don’t take care of their hair the way Sanjaya does. So ladies, the lesson here: develop that winning smile and some golden locks and you too can be Maxim’s gal of the day.

But don’t EVER get a fauxhawk. Those are just ass.