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Exclusive: This is Pink’s Baby, Willow Sage Hart

photo of pink carey hart and willow sage hart first pictures photos pics

The first photo of the Hart family has emerged! Pink and her husband, Carey Hart, gave birth to their first child a few weeks ago, Willow Sage Hart. Not only is that possibly the cutest name ever, but these three are absolutely adorable together. It’s kind of like when Nicole Richie and Joel Madden had their first kid, just better.

And incidentally, Pink is looking AMAZING these days. Seriously, this might be the best I’ve ever seen her look. Way to be a normal girl, girl!

Stars Without Makeup: The Kirstie Alley’s Aging Well Edition

picture of kirstie alley old aging pictures photos bad skin pics

You know what I think is nuts? People mocking Kirstie Alley for going out without makeup. Seriously. I know we snark out a lot here on Evil Beet, but this is straight talk right now – Kirstie Alley is sixty years old. And from what my non-expert eye can discern, she’s never had a spot of plastic surgery. And for THAT, I commend her. She looks like a normal, sixty-year-old woman, and I’m going to one-up what I just said – she looks even BETTER than a lot of sixty-year-old women I know, and not in that scary, plastic way that a lot of her peers seem to have mastered.

Bottom line? Lay the fuck off of Kirstie Alley for going out in public without makeup. I give her mad props for staying true to who she is (overweight or not), and I think it says a whole lot about a person who can rock the natural look and not give a flying shit what anyone has to say. Chances are, those who’re really bellyaching about this thing are going to look like Heidi Montag in twenty years anyway, and let’s be realistic: there’s nothing attractive about that.

Cameron Diaz Removes Jon Stewart’s Stitches on Television

Cameron Diaz and Jon Stewart's stitches

Last night, in the most riveting piece of television in the history of colonoscopies, Jon Stewart invited Cameron Diaz to extricate his stitches one at a time. And then she totally did. It is too disgusting to miss.

You may remember how, earlier this month, Jon Stewart cut his wrist on The Daily Show—he was making margaritas during a fake press conference when a glass shattered—and as he stood there bleeding, he remarked that he might actually need stitches. No kidding, man.

Anyway. Cameron Diaz was on the program to promote her new movie Bad Teacher which, unless Ain’t It Cool News finds a way to convince me otherwise, I will probably never watch.

You know what I would watch, though? I’d watch a documentary reality program where Cameron Diaz makes house-calls in the countryside, lancing boils and yanking rotten teeth. She puts on her reading glasses, and the film crew gets really quiet as Cameron sterilizes the pointy tweezers, and then she leers maniacally at her patient and shrieks “Ready when you are!” and it’s just terrifying. God, this is actually a great idea for a TV show; it sounds just like something you’d find on BBC America.