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Is This Paris Hilton’s New Guy?

Paris Hilton with New Boyfriend Tyler Atkins, T-Shirt Designer, Pics, Pictures and Photos

Paris Hilton with New Boyfriend Tyler Atkins, T-Shirt Designer of Rock Stars and Angels, Pics, Pictures and Photos

Meet Tyler Atkins.

He’s 21 years old. He’s the designer behind Kitson fave t-shirt line Rock Stars & Angels. And he may be fucking Paris Hilton.

According to the Daily News, Paris and Tyler were “making out like teenagers” at a recent Malibu beach party.

On June 20, Tyler said the following about hanging out with a “famous chick” in the Hollywood Hills an interview:

She’s like a full pill-popper … she brought out these pills and because I was drunk I went, ‘Yeah, fuck it – I’ll just have one. Why not?’ And she gave me like four of these pills that were like Vicodin; they were like Rohypnols or something. Heavy, heavy. And she drugged me, this famous chick. … I woke up in her spa bath with her and her best friend. We were in the spa bath, full-on threesome. And then I don’t remember anything else. I remember waking up at 5 o’clock in the afternoon in between them both … I couldn’t find my clothes in the whole house. [I was] just tripping, just going, ‘What did this girl give me?’ It was gnarly, eh? I woke up from like banging on the door … because she had to go to set, and she’s meant to be at set at like 3 o’clock and it’s just that loose that it’s 5 o’clock and they’re still passed out. I didn’t know to open the door or what. I had these shitty girls’ clothes on, just tripping. I couldn’t find my clothes. I got dropped down on Sunset Blvd. … I had no minutes left on my phone, so I couldn’t call anyone. Looking like a freak in girls’ clothes.

I don’t know what Paris’s thing is with plucking these younger guys out of obscurity for five minutes and then ditching their asses. I seriously think she gets off on giving them a little taste of her special brand of glory and then shoving them back into their former, mundane existences. Like, “Look how awesome I am. Now you can’t have it anymore.” I used to laugh at these guys; now I just feel bad for them.

Links and Kittens

Cute Kittens

A commenter mentioned the other day that she liked it when I was running pictures of cute animals during the Anna Nicole Aftermath, so here are cute kittens with the links.

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Katie Holmes Escaped!!

Katie Holmes at Hairspray New York City Premiere Pictures, Pics and Photos

I don’t know what to say about these pictures of Katie Holmes arriving (sans Tom) at the NYC premiere of Hairspray to support her Scientology cohort, John Travolta.

The truth is, I don’t have anything mean to say. She looks great. She doesn’t look particularly brainwashed. The hair is precious. The dress is perfect. The make-up is just right. She’s not wearing sunglasses. She’s not dwarfing her husband. She’s not too big and she’s not too small. She has almost — almost – reclaimed the girl-next-door adorableness that sent Dawson into such a tizzy. Way to go, Katie!

Katie Holmes at Hairspray New York City Premiere, Red Carpet Pictures, Pics and Photos Katie Holmes at Hairspray New York City Premiere, Recent Pictures, Pics and Photos Katie Holmes at Hairspray NYC Premiere, Red Carpet Pictures, Pics and Photos