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Akon Smacks That On Stage

Here’s the video that got pulled from Perez’s site tonight. This is from an Akon show in Trinidad. Akon got a little freaky with some female audience members. The sound and video quality aren’t ideal, but you can make out what’s happening. “Smack That” is the song playing in the background, and the dude, um, smacking that is Akon.

Late-Night Links

Jared Leto is maybe not quite as good in bed as the eyeliner would suggest. [Cele|bitchy]

Ooh, some fun gossip games! You didn’t really want to work today, did you? [CityRag]

Jessica Alba goes shopping, but what do you care what she’s doing? Her ass looks great. [NJ]

When I think Incredible Hulk, only one man comes to mind: Edward Norton. It’s nice to see the studios agree. [Agent Bedhead]

Forest Whitaker promotes the DVD release of Last King of Scotland gets his star on the Boulevard. [popbytes]

Lil’ Romeo goes from lil’ rap mogul to college basketball star — he’ll be playing for the USC Trojans in the fall. [Bossip]

Forget the Ferrari … Chris Martin gets to show up to his high-school reunion with Gwenyth Paltrow. [Gabsmash]

Eva Longoria & Mario Lopez Announce the 2007 ALMA Award Nominees



In Beverly Hills today. Longoria will host the awards, which will be presented June 1 in Pasadena. The ALMA ceremony “celebrates artistic excellence through the outstanding achievements of Latinos in motion pictures, television, and music. The program promotes diverse, accurate, and proportional portrayals of Latinos in the American media to a national prime-time television viewing audience in the United States.”

You can find a full list of the nominees here.

Kellie Pickler Should Get Her Boobs Done … Er … Again

At the CMT awards in Nashville today.



They’re kind of lopsided, my darling. And what have you done with your hair? Is that how people do their hair for prom in Albermarle? Because you haven’t lived there in a really long time, sweetheart, and this ain’t prom.

Carrie Underwood looks precious. A newly single Bucky Covington made an appearance, as did Taylor Swift, looking killer in a super-cute dress.

taylor2.jpg bucky1.jpg carrie1.jpg

Virginia Tech Shootings Update


The death toll in the VA Tech shootings has risen to 33 people, including the shooter, who killed himself. This number may rise as people remain in the hospital in various conditions. This is now the deadliest mass shooting in United States history.

Full update here.

Let’s remember, too, that we’re just 4 days shy of the 8th anniversary of the Columbine shootings.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the folks at VT and their loved ones.

Everything’s Coming Up Shia LaBoeuf



You see this? This is the casual, cocky, pocketed-hands look of the Next Big Thing.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: doesn’t “boeuf” mean “beef” in French? I don’t remember. But, more importantly, who is this kid? Why is his name popping up fucking everywhere these days? Who the hell actually saw Disturbia?

A fair number of people, it turns out, as the movie claimed this weekend’s box office top spot with $23M.

If you’re twelve years old, you remember Shia from Even Stevens, the Disney show I’d comment on if I had ever seen it in my whole life. If you’re not twelve years old, you don’t know who he is. But that’s gonna change soon, as Chia Pet LaBeef is taking the Indiana Jones reins out of Harrison Ford’s wrinkled, shaky hands for the 2008 release of the fourth Indy movie. And you better believe a $23M opening is gonna look like spare change when that little boulder rolls through theaters.

Welcome aboard, Shia. Try to stay away from Paris Hilton.

T.R. Knight Not Quite Over That Whole Thing Where Isaiah Washington Hates Gays


On Saturday night, T.R. Knight, along with Kate Walsh and Katherine Heigl, arrived at the GLAAD Media Awards, which are given to recognize accurate depiction of gays and lesbians in the media. Grey’s Anatomy won the outstanding individual episode award for their “Where the Boys Are” episode (recap here), despite the controversy surrounding the show in recent months due to Isaiah Washington’s rare case of Homophobic Tourette Syndrome.

Access Hollywood interviewed T.R. Knight — the focus on Washington’s remarks — at the GLAAD awards, and it’s clear that life on-set is perhaps not as peachy-keen and brotherly as we’re supposed to believe.

When asked about how things are on the set of “Grey’s Anatomy,” Knight [said], “We have about twenty days left, not that I’m counting…It’s going to be nice to have two months away, you know. I think everyone’s looking forward to it.”

When … asked if the break from work would finally give Knight time to reflect over the entire season he said, “Yeah, to learn from it. Grow. That’s the hope; that’s my hope.”

In talking about whether or not the cast has reached a point of healing and unity, Knight said, “I don’t know. We’re showing up and doing our work…There’s a lot of work to be done so that’s my focus.”

When asked how he would work on the process of healing the relationship between he and co-star Washington, Knight said, “I just focus on doing the work. That’s my job; that’s what I’m paid for; and I think that’s enough.”

The full interview airs tonight, so be sure to tune in to rubberneck.