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“I used to be so disillusioned about politics, but with the current state of the world, I could not sit back any longer. Obama’s voice speaks to me and my generation. For the first time in ages, I’m excited for the political process that hopefully will bring about much needed change.”

Pete Wentz, who will be hosting a fundraising party in support of Presidential candidate Barack Obama on Tuesday.

January 18, 2008 at 6:18 pm by Evil Beet
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5Bringing Pigtails Back!


Gwyneth Paltrow rocks the pigtail braids in NYC today.

January 18, 2008 at 6:15 pm by Evil Beet
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16Dispatches from Sundance: Part I


Oh, what a day!

I forgot how much fun Sundance is.

My friend Courtney (my “film crew”) and I spent the day walking up and down Main Street, talking our way into assorted lounges and private parties.

We kicked things off at the Queer Lounge, sponsored by Absolut Vodka, where we had some amazing drinks (did you guys know they made pear vodka? It was news to me!) and enjoyed some wonderful LGBT company. The lounge was amazing — they had it decorated like we were inside an igloo or something. Very, very cool.

The we moved to the InTouch lounge, where we immediately spotted Simon Rex and Cisco Adler. I guess Simon Rex has a new album (!) and was handing it out to anyone who would take it.

Simon Rex and Cisco Adler at InTouch Lounge at Sundance Film Festival, Pictures, Photos

One of the lucky recipient of the Simon Rex album was Method Man, who was super sweet to us and agreed to pose for a photo. He was also rocking those little sugar dippy sticks. I was like “Where did you get that???” and he was like “New York!” In these shots, you can see his yummy sugar sticks AND the Simon Rex album.

Method Man in InTouch Lounge at Sundance Film Festival, Pictures, Photos



We also spotted Perez, blogging away (he’s so much more dedicated than I am!) and I made him take a photo with me. Perez is a much nicer person when you have a camera crew with you, let me tell you. :)

Evil Beet and Perez Hilton at Sundance, Pictures, Photos

Then we moved on to the Delta 360 lounge, where we spotted Sandra Oh, but couldn’t get a shot with her. I did, however, get a demonstration of Delta’s new fully reclining seats, which were pretty cool.


After a brief stop at the Filmmakers lodge, we picked up our friends Jordan and Rebecca and headed off to the LRG/Whey Up Lounge at Shabu. We ran into DJ Irie, who was an absolutely sweetheart and took pictures with all of us. We’re actually heading off to hear him spin at the MySpace party in just a couple of hours.



Last but not least, we spotted Tom Arnold in the lounge. I’m not sure how to say this politely: he had done an awful lot of cocaine. However, he was polite enough to pause to take a photo with us.


We’re hitting up the parties tonight, so I’ll let you know what happens!


January 18, 2008 at 5:58 pm by Evil Beet
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9What a Fun 13th Birthday!


Tom Cruise takes son Connor to dinner at The Cut at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

Wearing a suit!

On your 13th birthday!

Alone with your father!

Oh, how fun!

January 18, 2008 at 12:01 pm by Evil Beet
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4How Much Meth Does This Scandinavian Dude Actually Have?


Britney Spears will be hosting yet another party at The Scandinavian Style Mansion on February 16. She’s hosted there before, in December of last year, where she was upset to run into Paris Hilton.

You know where else Britney Spears has hosted recently?

Fucking nowhere. Her hosting gig in December was her first time on the red carpet in a year, and she hasn’t been on a red carpet since. So why is she hosting this shit twice in as many months?

“Britney has said ‘yes,’ to hosting it,” Claus Hjelmbak, the Danish businessman who founded the event, tells PEOPLE. “I am beyond excited because the experience she gave everyone in December was amazing. She absolutely made my event.”

So what’s the deal with this Claus dude? He was with Britney when she went on her late-night shopping trip to Kitson recently, too. “I know people will say it’s weird she was shopping at 2 a.m., but [Kitson] said you guys can always come when you want. I just called the owner and said can we come over and they said ‘sure,’” he said.

He also has nothing but kind words about Sam Lutfi: “He’s the most down-to-earth, easy-going guy. He doesn’t have a bad bone in his body.”

This dude is so a drug trafficker.

January 18, 2008 at 11:50 am by Evil Beet
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4BumpWatch: Jessica Alba


It’s getting bigger! It’s getting sooo much bigger!!!!

Is that a maternity dress? If it’s not, I can’t imagine why anyone who’s unpreggers would wear it. It’s like the least flattering shape ever.

At an antiques store in LA.

Image via Splash

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