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Pirates is Unleashing Its Fury in Japan, Too


Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom arrive at Narita for the Tokyo premiere of Pirates 3, because if the U.S. has to be inflicted with this thing, Tokyo does too, dammit. Keira Knightley, once again, is nowhere to be seen. Maybe she’s flying in later. I mean, she is in this movie, isn’t she? It’s kind of bullshit that Johnny and Orlando have to schlep their asses around the globe promoting this thing and she’s, like, way too busy not eating to attend.

Johnny Depp Tokyo Pirates Premiere 2 Johnny Depp Tokyo Pirates Premiere 3 Johnny Depp Tokyo Pirates Premiere 4 depp5.jpg
Orlando Bloom Pirates Premiere Tokyo Narita Arrival Orlando Bloom Pirates Premiere Tokyo Narita Arrival 1

Blind Item!

Which rehabbed starlet was in for addictions even worse than alcohol and cocaine? She’s still battling a crystal meth habit.

I don’t know that a crystal meth habit is “worse” somehow than a cocaine habit. It’s just a whole lot trashier.

So guess away, people.


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