Today's Evil Beet Gossip

Music For Your Thursday

I really like this song… and the video is cool too. And because it’s Thursday I think you need some music to pep you up.

I present to you: Jason Schwartzman’s “West Coast” (the guy from Rushmore!)

PS-He’s not in the video. So don’t look for him.

Hairspray Trailer!

I am actually very excited for the “Hairspray” movie. It is an odd situation that they are making a movie from a musical that was based on a movie but letting that go it is a really fun little story and seeing John Travlota gay it up is worth it for me.

Enjoy ther trailer! It is far from the John Waters classic that started all of this mayhem but still good fun.

The Hills Sex Tape Shelved


Jason Wahler ruins everything. The Lauren Conrad/Jason Wahler sex tape that I wanted to see oh-so-badly will not be released by SugarDVD, supposedly because the company doesn’t want to be cutting checks to Wahler after he managed to decorate his most recent arrest with a slew of racist, homophobic slurs. “We refuse to support any person who feels that it is in any way acceptable to rattle off racial slurs and slanderous language about African-American people, homosexual people and the police department,” says a rep for SugarDVD, who had previously offered $500K for the tape.

Is the porn industry sporting a heart-on? Eh, possibly. But my guess? Rumor has it the tape wasn’t anywhere near as raunchy as reported, with basically no hard-core sex. PG-13 at best. SugarDVD probably realized it wasn’t worth the $500K plus marketing costs (they’d made the offer sight-unseen) and were looking for a way to back out of the deal without losing future credibility. Whatever. I still wanted to see it. Stupid Jason Wahler. You should have gone to Paris, Lauren.

Lindsay Made Some Enemies


So Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton really do not get along. Here is a hacked MySpace message that I found on MollyGood.

Here are some highlights of the article.

*Fuck you cunt! now that really does make me wonder…i know you chill with perez that is a given…u guys use eachother like tampons (Lindsay refering to Paris and PerezHilton’s relationship)

*i won’t sit here and pretend like we are friends. this shits so old, i get headaches. go suck elliots dick (Elliot is Paris Hilton’s PR guy)

*don’t start trouble. just because youre bored as hell doesnt give you the right to bring up all this dumb madeup shit you have going on in your head. i dont even talk to perez so nice try with the accusation lesbo.

I’m guessing the Paris Hilton might be behind all of this…just a thought.

Nice to Know Ya Sanjaya

The madness that is Sanjaya is now over. Last night on “American Idol” Sanjaya finally got the boot and really it was time. I felt a bit sad for him because I really think he was having a good time being the nations’ unlikely Idol.

His Ponyhawk and signature smile made him loveable. His voice, well, it wasn’t very good and he never really cared. America embraced him in different ways. Some, like Howard Stern and PerezHilton, encouraged their fans to vote for him to mess with the juggernaut that is “American Idol.” Other people thought that he was sweet and had a good personality and loved the way that he messed with the judges.

I did some research on Sanjaya. He grew up in poverty and has been working in theatre and choral work for some time. He didn’t even finish high school and elected to get his GED so he could participate on Idol. I think this whole experience, as you could tell by the tears in his eyes, was a great adventure for the young kid. I don’t really think he was the popular guy in high school (the creative types never are) and this was his moment in the sun.

He was a smart contestant…picking fun songs and working the camera like we haven’t seen since Constantine. He knew that America’s votes kept him in the competition and even the guest judges kind of fell in love with the cute Indian kid with funny hair.
I thought it was cute when he got eliminated and substituted the words, “other than hair” for “how about love.” No matter what you say, you will miss Sanjaya. I’m kind of over this season now. Everyone is really boring. I hope that Jordin wins…she at least has some personality. Maybe Sanjaya can give her some tips on her hair