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Love It or Leave It: Drew Barrymore Revisits Red

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Jeez, it seems like every female in Hollywood’s jumping on the red bandwagon this summer. Katy Perry, Rihanna, and now Drew Barrymore, who probably first went red when she was, like, six and doing lines of cocaine off her agent’s bidet. Drew Barrymore’s so fucking hardcore that she probably INVENTED red hair dye. And of course, by that I mean “she absolutely did not,” but it’s fun to make extreme, nonsensical superlatives when it comes to Drew Barrymore, now isn’t it?

Why Yes, I Would Sleep With Robert Pattinson – Even Looking Like This

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And that’s not even the Twilight fan in me speaking, it’s something that’s been this way for as long as I can remember. Twilight only somehow … enhanced it, you know? I mean, he is just too dang cute.

Anyway, here we have some photos of Robert during some filming downtime for his new movie, Cosmopolis, which is – come on, really? – supposed to be about vampires. No, I’m kidding. It’s actually about a rich stockbroker-type who has the best of everything and has all sorts of weird crap happen to him on the way for a haircut (? yeah I don’t get that, either) that results in him losing most of his money, which, in the end, he’s happy about. Crazy, huh? Doesn’t sound like a movie I’ll end up seeing, and I didn’t read the book, so bets appear to be off on that one, too.

But yay for cute and quirky Robert Pattinson, like, all day long!

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