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Heather Mills Defends Alec Baldwin


If anyone knows what it feels like to have an entire country gang up on you, it’s Heather Mills. So perhaps it’s no surprise that she came to Alec Baldwin’s defense on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show this morning. Seacrest asked the Dancing with the Stars contestant what her thoughts were on Baldwin’s most regrettable voicemail ever. “It is wrong to speak to your daughter like that,” she said, “but I am not someone to go, ‘Ooh, that is terrible, and we are all perfect, it’s all wonderful.’”

“I would never speak to my daughter like that, but what you have got to remember is that his daughter lives with Kim [Basinger, Baldwin's ex-wife], and we have no idea what goes [on] behind closed doors,” she continued. “I respect Kim, I respect Alec for his incredible Animal Rights Campaign, and we have no idea what’s going on … You know when you love somebody and it is your only child, people lose it. Forgive him. Don’t throw stones at glass houses. We are not here to judge and criticize what other people do unless you are a saint. And none of us are a saint.”

Basinger was photographed this weekend out in L.A. with daughter/rude, thoughtless little pig Ireland, and a bodyguard who may or may not be Philip Banks. Pics after the jump.

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Rehab Does a Body Good

Wow Brit…nice abs! Look what she has been hiding from us under all of those questionable outfits. This picutre makes me believe that she might have gotten some help but really without the booze perhaps she is on her way to a comeback?

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Best. Headline. Ever

Reggie Bush Getting in Kim Kardashian’s Bush

It is a slow gossip day. The folks at Bossip have made me laugh. Kim Kardashian is evidently dating Reggie Bush. By “dating” we mean that they left a party together. I still love the headline.

Remind Us Again Why Britney Flaked on the Heatherette Show?


Remember back in early February, when both Britney Spears and Paris Hilton bailed on the Heatherette show? Paris flaked in order to get trashed with Brandon Davis, but it was rumored that Britney didn’t get the memo, and bailed because she didn’t want to see Paris. Now, former publicist-turned-blogger Jonathan Jaxson tells the story from the inside.

I was at the Heatherette Fashion Show with two of my former clients and we were all located backstage, during all the mayhem, prior to the show. It was seriously complete mayhem. First Paris Hilton text Kim Kardashian and said she would be a no show and we then had to tell the owners of Heatherette, which were beyond pissed.

THEN, Britney was in and out because the paparazzi was attacking her and she was severely drugged and boozed up. In the end, her handler kept complaining about how he was doing everything to get her on that runway, as she was suppose to be walking in the show. The handler kept going to extremes to get her back inside, after she finally retreated back to her waiting car. Sending hair and make-up, clothing, more booze, or what ever she kept requesting. Only in the end to have Britney never appear as she kept throwing up all over her self.

That’s hot.