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Angelina Jolie Dishes on Pax, Brad


The always loquacious Angelina Jolie sat down with Reader’s Digest for a face-to-face. As in any real Jolie interview, it’s almost impossible to select a few choice quotes — they’re all great. You can read the full interview here, but here are some highlights.

On whether her pregnancy with Shiloh was intentional:

It was. Before I met Brad, I always said I was happy never to have a child biologically. He told me he hadn’t given up that thought. Then, a few months after Z came home, I saw Brad with her and Mad, and I realized how much he loved them, that a biological child would not in any way be a threat. So I said, “I want to try.”

On Pax:

Pax is almost three and a half and has never made a real decision for himself because everybody does everything in a group in the orphanage. There were all these things he’d never had. The first time I gave him a bath, he was suddenly laughing, out of his mind. He took five baths in one day. We’d be talking and he’d take his clothes off and run into the bathroom.

The first two days, he cried a lot. I hired a translator, and he would explain what was going on. The first night, I slept alone with him. I was expecting him to wake up and scream, but he woke and just stared at me. I handed him a stuffed animal, and we walked around the room pointing at things. By day three, he didn’t want me to put him down. I think he got used to the reality that somebody loves you and that’s what a mommy is.

Rest of the highlights are after the jump.

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Miss Photogenic


The camera did not love Miss Lohan at yesterday’s Nylon Magazine party at Tenjeune in NYC, which she hosted. The typically camera-lovin’ Linds looks awful in almost all these shots. What on earth could distract Lindsay Lohan from posing on the red carpet? Perhaps she was grumpy because her current sorta-boyfriend, British model Callum Best, was there, as well as her rumored lesbian love, DJ Samantha Ronson. Awwwwwwwwkward.

ll_ick1.jpg ll_ick2.jpg ll_ick3.jpg ll_ick5.jpg ll_ick4.jpg

Sometimes Tough Love Comes in Letter Form


Gary Marshall is a hack director. He’s cashed in on directing Pretty Woman for the last 17 years. Or maybe those fresh episodes of Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley he wrote back in the 70′s somehow guaranteed him a full career. And his new movie, Georgia Rule, is seriously screwed up – and it’s most likely due to the tone he took. They should have called it “Molestation Hilarity” because that’s the vibe he clearly was shooting for.

Anyway, more of his genius came to light when it was revealed that he was the one who had the infamous letter sent to Lindsay Lohan during the filming of Georgia Rule.

Here’s how Marshall framed the incident:

“Once somebody walks on my set, it’s my problem, but we can’t go chasing them, this film is low-budget. We can’t lose days. … Tough love is a part of this business – she missed a day on the second week of shooting.”

On the surface this seems to be a fairly professional business interaction. Except for one tiny detail. It was only the second week of shooting. She couldn’t have missed multiple days or that would have been mentioned. And was she not available via cell phone to be scolded? Could he not have gone to her trailer the next day for clarification on what was up? The letter mentions she was “late” a few times too. How late? My guess is a few minutes or I’m sure they would have mentioned “hours.”

“Jim wrote the memo, and she came the next day and we were fine,” Marshall said.

What a jerk-off. I’m the last one to defend Lohan, and she legitimately missed a day of work, but the furor this caused was nothing more than a publicity stunt for a movie without an audience. Lindsay got sacrificed on the altar of some old fogey needing a hit movie. And now, by bringing this up again, you are trying another PR stunt. You leaked the letter and you’ve kept the hype going. You’ve made a mockery of your “art.” Most directors would say something to the effect of “Hey, the movie is great and I’m very protective of my actors so I don’t want to talk about it further. What happened is a private manner between colleagues.” But Gary couldn’t do that, could he?

Yes, Lindsay should tone down the partying and be at work on time, every time. But the true way to handle this was in person. And if it happened again, then you start with the escalation. The film was financed by goddamn Universal Pictures, I’m sure they were able to cover a day of extra shooting for Gary.

Egh. I hate you Marshall, and when your film makes $32 dollars at the box office I will laugh at you. I may even point my finger in a derisive manner.

Who Doesn’t Want to Smell Like Prince?


I’ve often said to myself, how can I smell more like a reclusive bible wielding musical genius?

Finally my prayers have been answered. It’s the Prince perfume y’all!

The fragrance will be named 3121, after an album he put out last year (which is so 2006).

The official website is here, but I wouldn’t go to it if you’re high or there goes your day.

The perfume goes on sale 7-7-07 and the line starts here.

At this point I would like to link to a Prince skit that SNL runs quite often called “The Prince Show” but NBC hates free publicity and they sure as hell don’t want you knowing anything about one of their shows so they’ve yanked all video from free sites. Thanks guys!

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What is Wrong With This Picture?


Jessica Simpson should not be darker than Eva Longoria. Eva naturally has a hot Latina thing going on but Jess is starting to look like George Hamilton. How much fake tan do you have to put on to look this orange? Somebody should tell Jess that you can either darken your hair or your skin…not both.

Jessica Simpson is really looking fugly these days. It keeps getting worse. The whole dark hair, boobs falling out of her shirt, sexy face thing is just not working. There is something to be said about natural beauty.

Can we stop paying attention to the Simpsons? Doesn’t somebody else want to be famous?