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Sara Gilbert Looks Ready to Pop

Sara Gilbert Pregnant Pictures

The Roseanne star and her girlfriend, producer Allison Adler, are reportedly taking turns having babies.

The couple welcomed son Levi Hank, who Allison carried, in October 2004, and are looking forward to another addition to their family later this year.

Taking turns having babies definitely goes down in my book as one huge advantage to being a lesbian. Wouldn’t it be great if all couples could do that? Like, “No, Tom, darling, work’s really busy for me this year, and I have that trip planned with Janice in the spring, so why don’t you carry the pregnancy to term this time?”

Is Adam Sandler’s Marriage on the Rocks?

Adam Sandler’s Marriage to Wife Jackie May be on the Rocks

Funnyman Adam Sandler marries Kevin James in the summer hit I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, but it’s possible his real-life marriage is falling apart.

According to the NY Daily News, Adam’s been spotted around town sans wedding ring recently. First, a spy reports seeing the bare finger at Tao in Manhattan on Thursday, where Sandler was out partying with the guys. And Sandler was ringless again in East Hampton on Saturday at a Dave Matthews show.

Sandler’s been married to his wife, Jackie, since 2003, and the couple had a baby girl last May. His rep firmly denies the allegations, saying that “he is filming a movie in New York. Perhaps that is why he hasn’t been wearing his ring.” Adam has, indeed, been in New York, filming You Don’t Mess with the Zohan (are they just naming movies by pulling letters out of hats now?), but no one’s accusing him of taking off his wedding ring on set. What kind of an excuse is that? Adam has some explaining to do.

Did Donald Trump Offer Rosie a Spot on The Apprentice?

Donald Trump Offered Rosie O’Donnell a Job on The Apprentice

Despite their much-publicized feud last year, it appears The Donald is willing to go to any lengths to ensure the upcoming celebrity season of The Apprentice doesn’t bomb, including offering arch-nemesis Rosie O’Donnell a spot on the show.

Trump reportedly offered Rosie a whopping $2 million for 12 days of work on the show. The offer came through producer Mark Burnett’s office.

“I wouldn’t do it for $200 million,” Rosie responded.

Give it up, Trump. No one cares about The Apprentice anymore, and throwing a bunch of incompetent D-list celebrities into the mix isn’t going to help. If we want to see how celebrities approach a marketing and sales task, we can check out the latest videos on No need to tune into NBC to watch them do the exact same thing, except with nauseating levels of product placement and your little gems of “wisdom” tossed in.

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Ah, Corey Feldman, We Missed You

Corey Feldman, The Two Coreys, at Inspi(RED) Event Red Carpet, Pictures Photos

The star of the new series The Two Coreys (co-starring Corey Haim, of course), is way too cool and important to take off his sunglasses on the red carpet at the Inspi(RED) event at Mood yesterday.

Look, Corey, before this dismally reviewed reality series, the last time you worked was in voice-overs for Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! So, you know, take off your fucking glasses, dude.

Corey Feldman, The Two Coreys, at Inspi(RED) Event Red Carpet, Pictures Photos Corey Feldman, The Two Coreys, at Inspi(RED) Event Red Carpet, Pictures Photos