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Fun with Pictures

These are from something called the Coachella Music Festival (I think… our fact checker is out sick so I can’t be certain).

The first one is Amy Winehouse getting her sing on, there’s something oddly captivating about her look… but I’m guessing that will fade as the addictions take their toll.


Next up, Scarlett Jo trying to sing while wearing an “I’m seven months pregnant” frock.


The Britney Spears Comeback Tour!


Well … sorta.

Rumors have been circulating for awhile now, but it looks like it’s pretty much confirmed that Ms. Spears will be making a tour of House of Blues venues in Southern California. They won’t be full shows, and no one seems to have any idea what the set list will look like. She’s done surprise tours like this in the past, but they’ve always been just that: surprises. I wonder if she’ll back out now that her cover’s blown.

She’ll be in San Diego on May 1st, Anaheim on May 2nd and WeHo on May 3rd. She’s performing under the name The M & Ms. Any guesses on how she came up with the alias?

I’d love to see Brit make a comeback, but I’ll believe it when I see it. If you can show up semi-sober and put on a good show, I’ll back you up, B!

Australian Fashion Week: The First Shows

Kate Hurst

Frederich Gray

One Fell Swoop

Even though Australian Fashion Week doesn’t technically start until April 30, we’re already starting to see pics from some of the earlier shows out of Sydney. I have to say I am really, really unhappy with the shoes at the Kate Hurst and Frederich Gray shows. Like, if shoes are going to look uncomfortable, they should also look hot. These just look like hooker shoes. And not even, like, a fashionable hooker. Like a crack-whore hooker.

I really like the skirt style at the One Fell Swoop show. We saw a lot of it at the Us Weekly Hot Hollywood party this week, and it’s a trend I can stand behind. I hope the skirts stay and the shoes go.

Also, not to go all pro-ana on you, but what’s up with the fat models? I mean, they’re not really fat, but they’re definitely model fat, and I just think it makes the whole thing a lot less glamorous. Oh well. We’ll see what shows up on the runways when Sydney’s in full swing.

Frederich Gray

shoes_ick.jpg shoes_ick1.jpg shoes_ick3.jpg

Kate Hurst

kate_shoes_ick4.jpg kate_shoes_ick3.jpg kate_shoes_ick2.jpg kate_shoes_ick1.jpg

One Fell Swoop

fell_swoop1.jpg fell_swoop2.jpg fell_swoop3.jpg