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Katie Holmes…Cheating Already?

Katie Holmes on the set of her new movie “Mad Money” has been seen getting very cozy with her co-star Adam Rothenberg. According to MSNBC,

“They shot a scene in which Adam wrapped his arms around Katie’s waist, then the two of them had an intimate discussion. They lingered after the director said ‘cut,’ and it got everyone talking.”

I’m guessing that her love life isn’t very satisfying if you know what I mean. I heard rumors that Tom Cruise doesn’t like to over-use his member and rather likes to keep it “pure.”

Katie thankfully is working again which is the best part of this story. I think she should do everything in her power to get away from that crazy Tom Xenu Cruise.

The picture above was taken by a crew member on the set and is in between takes. It is from Adam’s own fan blog.

Lohan plus Vegas equals Calamity


Hide the women, children, and small furry mammals because this thing is about to get real. Real real. Somehow, against all odds, Lindsay Lohan is not yet 21. Forget the fact that she’s gone to rehab and been photographed around 7,000 times out getting hammered. The girl still has to celebrate being able to get into clubs. That’s right, it’s bday blast time for Lohan. And I have a feeling the invitations will have ??? on the part that shows when the party ends.

She told Ellen DeGeneres (according to People)

“I’m going to milk it because it’s a big birthday,” Lohan, who plans to mark the July milestone with a bash in – where else? – Las Vegas, says on Wednesday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“Milk it,” for those not in the know, means enough cocaine to fell a traveling circus. Have you seen those Sweet 16 deals MTV films? She’s going to make those look like bingo night down at St Jude. It’s going to be nasty. They will have to hose that place down when it’s all over.

I say we start working on tickets now Beet, I’ll bring a fifth of moonshine, you bring the good looks.

AmIdol Recap: Top 6 (Again)

Since the show decided to be total pussies last week and put the American public’s thirst for blood behind African children’s thirst for, well, water, we still have six contestants to deal with this week. Luckily, two of them are going home tomorrow.

According to Ryan, donations from last week raised “almost 70 million dollars.” Because, you know, more of you voted for American Idol contestants than voted in the last presidential election. But that’s cool. Why concern yourselves with the fate of our nation when the fate of Jordin Sparks is in your hands?

Tonight is Bon Jovi night. Remember Bon Jovi, Jordin? No, no you don’t. Remember when Slippery When Wet was released? No, you don’t, because you weren’t going to be born for over three more years. In other news, I have officially started menopause.

Bon Jovi thinks they should “make the songs your own.” Thank God someone finally told them that. It’s really the key piece of advice they’ve been missing.

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Best. Purse Puppy. Ever.


We love hot bitches here at the Beet. Here is the newest canine celebrity Tiny Dancer. He is 11 months old, 18-ounches and 4-inches tall which makes him quite little. When he is 1 year-old he will claim the title of the Smallest Dog Alive.

His owner carries him around wraps up in a blanket or usually puts him in a baby stroller. How cute is that? I’m sure Paris Hilton is calling this woman up offering her a car or something for this little dog. It is the true purse puppy.