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Wow, Olivia Wilde. Just Wow.

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The speedy, neverending parade of A-list men continues: Olivia Wilde has moved on to yet another hot dude, all in one or two days. Her last “conquest” was said to be Jake Gyllenhaal, and prior to that, Justin Long. Prior to that, Bradley Cooper. Oh, and before that, it was Justin Timberlake. This is all in the last few weeks, too, I believe.

Olivia’s latest hot thang? Ryan Reynolds. Yup. He’s been sucked in. Seriously, I wonder what this girl’s got that has these guys all lined up to try for a piece. She have some kind of magic vadge? Is it gold-lined? Diamond encrusted? Emit sparks? Does she have super horny and share-y twin sisters hidden somewhere?

Girl, you need to EXPLAIN YOURSELF.

I’ve Got Some Pretty Serious Amber Rose Nudes for You

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WHOA, Amber Rose. Just WHOA. I came across some of your photos today, girl, and you are NASTY. There’s “leaked nudes,” and then there’s “NASTY leaked nudes.” You, my friend? Fall into the second category for sure.

If you guys were all excited to see Blake Lively’s peach-fuzz-like butt, you’ll really get a kick out of seeing Amber Rose’s third brown eye, laws yes.

I’m warning you right now – like, right here, watch: WARNING!!!!! – these photos are way way explicit and are in no way, shape, or form suitable for work, public places, or even some of your private homes. This shit is THAT NASTY.

Jump in to partake in the nastiness, you nasty-ass.

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Afternoon Delight

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