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Oceans 13 Hollywood Premiere

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at Oceans 13 Hollywood Premiere

What could possibly be a bigger deal than the Oceans 13 Cannes premiere? Well, nothing, really, but they held a Hollywood premiere anyway. Brad and Angie were there, of course, looking stunning and happy and successful and in love, and making the onerous futility of your own existence crystal fucking clear. Matt Damon was there with his wife, Luciana Barroso. Look, Matt, I am so much hotter than your wife. I’m sure she’s a very nice girl, but, fuck, dude, give it a shot with me for a week or so, okay? Tara Reid showed up — not that she’s in the film or anything — and actually looked quite nice. Cindy Crawford and Randeeeee Gerber were there (honestly, who the hell spells it “Rande”?), as well as Al Pacino. George Clooney brought his mom as his date. That is like the cutest thing ever. Keep me in mind next time, Georgie. I’m younger and tighter, but I’ll admit I don’t have the same number of hours logged in the bedroom.

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OMG Brooke Hogan is So Ridiculously Tragic

Brooke Hogan Trashy

Brooke Hogan is like our nation’s self-appointed ambassador of White Trash.

Think this all the way through with me people. This either went one of two ways:

1) Someone took the time to stencil and cut out pants that look like that. Then, Brooke Hogan saw them and was like, “I would like to be seen in those pants, preferably in front of an enormous number of my fellow human beings.”


2) Brooke Hogan was like, “You know what I need for my show? Jeans, but without the entire top. Like, I want everything below the knees to be there, but for the top part I would just like to be wearing underwear. Then I will go on stage in front of lots of people and make sounds come out of my mouth while wearing them and behave as though there is absolutely nothing wrong with the way I am dressed. Can someone make that happen for me?” And THEN someone was like, “Yes. I will participate in such a monstrosity.”

Either way. Fucking kill me now.

Brooke Hogan Ripped Jeans oh sweet jesus brooke hogan is so fucking trashy

Turns Out Jail Kinda Sucks

Paris Hilton Says Jail is Cold

Our pals over at TMZ have taken it upon themselves to acquire a variety of “sources” over at Lynwood, and mostly I just wish I’d been in the room for the brainstorming session that resulted in the acquisition of those sources. How exactly does one go about collecting sources in a prison? Are they just talking to guards/wardens, or do they have actual prisoners on their payroll these days? If so, how did they get in touch with them? I mean, were they just swinging by during visiting hours to see who wanted to negotiate? Or were they looking through public records a month ago to find people who were going to be in jail around the same time as Paris? What if her location had changed at the last minute? Did they have back-up sources at nearby jails? This whole process fascinates me.

Regardless, all of TMZ’s sources agree that jail fucking sucks for Paris right now.

Paris has been crying on the phone, saying she’s not sleeping or eating. Paris says her cell is “freezing cold.” She has three little blankets and no pillow. She’s using one of the blankets as a pillow. The room is bright and jail noise echoes through her space.

Sleep isn’t the only problem. Paris says she has no appetite and has eaten almost nothing.

Inmates actually struck up a chant when Paris went back to her cell earlier today. As she walked by they struck up a chorus, “Paris! Paris! Paris!” We’re told she smiled and waved. Some inmates have been coming up to her cell door, mostly to say hi. One inmate said, “You don’t deserve to be here.” Another made an origami butterfly from a magazine page and slipped it under her door. Another slipped a drawing book under her door. The guards, Paris says, have all been nice.

It’s freezing cold in her tiny cell and she has to use a blanket as a pillow because there are no fucking pillows anywhere? Dude, I lived in Tokyo for a brief period of time, and that pretty much describes it. Anyway, welcome to the huddled masses, Paris.

Charlotte Church is VERY Pregnant


You know how your boobs get big when you get pregnant? Charlotte Church, who already had some big boobs to begin with, has some serious pregnancy boobs going on.

She is currently pregnant with Gavin Henson‘s baby. The baby is due in September. I gotta say I love the Char and she really does look happy to be with child.

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Kate and Owen…Dunzo


For those who still care Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson are no more. I actually forgot that they were dating. They were a match made in SoCal heaven but I don’t really think Owen is a “relationship” kind of guy.

They called it quits, apparently, right before Memorial Day Weekend. Even though recently they have been seen more in public neither of them seem ready to settle down. I’ll bet they get back together and break up a few more times in the future.

Guess Who?

I usually have a really good read on these blind items but today I’ve got nothing. In the spirit of getting our lovely readers commenting away I want you to leave your guesses in the comments.

I’ll post the best guess at the end of the day. Fame and fortune will be yours…well really just a shout out on The Beet.

Which married actress in a hit prime-time show has been propositioning her boyish co-star? She recently texted him while he was on vacation in Mexico, saying: “We have chemistry – I really think we could make it work.”