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Trouble in paradise! Posh is no longer returning Katie Holmes’ phone calls. [Cele|bitchy]

Maroon 5′s Adam Levine is sick and tired of being compared to Paris Hilton. WTF? [Celebrity Smack]

Janice Dickinson is such an attention whore. Or, you know, just a whore. [Celebslam]

Apparently Anakin Skywalker has borderline personality disorder. Fascinating. [Bree]

Wow. Victoria Silvstedt is a name I haven’t heard in awhile. And only now because she is apparently feuding with Mischa Barton. I love it. [Derek Hail]

Ginger Spice wants to look more like Posh. [popbytes]

Ugh. Anna Nicole’s sister Donna Hogan continues her quest to celebrate Anna’s life in only the most classy and appropriate ways. [Agent Bedhead]

Keira Knightley missed the Pirates premiere to play with elephants in Africa for a Vogue shoot. Hey, I hear ya, Keira. I think I’d rather be running from hungry cheetahs in Africa than be associated with that film. [Gabby Babble]

Jessica Simpson has kind of gone off the deep end. [A Socialite's Life]



“I picked Jordin Sparks at the top 24 as the ‘American Idol’ winner. I was actually going to try to wear a ‘Vote for Jordin Sparks’ T-shirt last night but they wouldn’t let me do it.”

Blake Lewis, after the American Idol finale last night

Britney Spears Hooked Up with Ryan Phillippe!

Ryan Phillippe Hooked Up with Britney Spears

In her ongoing quest to out-Paris Paris Hilton, Britney Spears is reportedly preying on not-quite-divorced-yet men. This time, it’s Ryan Phillippe. According to the National Enquirer, the two of them met up in the bathroom of Les Deux in Hollywood on May 16. Says a source: “Britney was in the club’s lounge when Ryan came over to say hi. Both of them had drinks and it wasn’t long before Britney had her arms around him … They went from saying hello to groping and kissing each other in record time.”

Continues the source: “After several of Ryan’s buddies joined them at Britney’s table, Ryan excused himself and went into the nearby men’s room. On the spur of the moment, Britney followed. Alarmed, Britney’s bodyguards began pounding and screaming on the door. With no response from her, they went ballistic. After calling out to Britney several more times asking if she was OK, they busted in the door and found Britney and Ryan groping and kissing each other.”

Reps for both Spears and Phillippe deny the session, but the Enquirer, per usual, is sticking to its story. Honestly, I’d expect Ryan Phillippe to have slightly higher standards, but I guess after a few shots of tequila even Britney Spears could look good.

Lohan Stripping

Lindsay Lohan Stripping

Some of the stripping footage from Sony’s I Know Who Killed Me movie has been made available. They’re being pretty careful about not showing much, but here are a few of the better shots of Linds and a stripper pole.

So shocking that they would use this as a marketing tool! I’m sure she couldn’t have seen that coming.

Lindsay Lohan Naked Almost Lindsay Lohan Stripper stripper1-copy.jpg Lindsay Lohan Almost Naked

I Still Think Anne Heche is Crazy


Here’s some fun with other people’s straightforward reporting.

Firing back in her divorce case, Anne Heche asks for full custody of her son and claims her ex-husband, Coley Laffoon, craves porn, poker and money.

My joke palate is salivating right now.

Heche says in court papers that although Laffoon claims to be a stay-at-home dad, he actually leaves their 5-year-old son Homer “with nannies and babysitters while he plays ping-pong, backgammon and poker and views pornography online.

Wait a second, this dude PLAYS ping-pong?? Your honor, I respectfully ask that Mr. Laffoon be committed. And if we find out any foozball is involved I’d recommend shock therapy. Also, how many guys do you think have never “viewed pornography online?” Put your hand up. Now make a fist. There, you’ve got your number.

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