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We Will Talk About Dannielynn Because There Are Really Cute Pictures

Dannielynn Larry Birkhead Baby Pictures Photos

In general I’m trying to stay away from the Larry Birkhead-ness in the news, because I don’t know that any of this shit deserves publicity. But Larry showed up on Entertainment Tonight with some really cute pics of little Dannielynn, so I’ll write about it. Just this once.

“Every day she does something new, and now she’s sharing her bottle with me,” says Larry. “So if I say, ‘Give daddy a drink,’ she’ll toss it over her shoulder. It’s cool being a dad.”

Sharing her bottle? So she doesn’t take after her mother, I guess.

Little Dannielynn turns one in September, so what’s Larry planning for the celebration?

“I’m thinking big,” he says. “Her mom called her princess, so [I'm thinking of doing] something kind of Disney princess, or Hello Kitty — something real cool, so she can look back on it and say, ‘What a cool party.’”

I hope that when you say “look back on it,” Larry, what you mean is “look at the pictures on WireImage and the video from Entertainment Tonight,” because I don’t know if anyone mentioned this to you, but you don’t really form lasting memories at age one. Which is probably in Dannielynn’s best interest.

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Kelly Rowland Thinks Brown is Beautiful

Kelly Rowland Interview with Essence: Brown is Beuatiful

Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland talks in the upcoming issue of Essence about a time when she didn’t feel comfortable in her skin. “It’s said that brown-skinned girls don’t sell magazines and that’s so sad,” she tells the magazine. “I remember wishing I was more fair-skinned, but Tina Knowles, Beyoncé’s mom, would say, ‘Don’t you know how beautiful you are?’ She made me come into my brown beauty. I didn’t get it, but now I do. I am chocolate and beautiful and loving it.”

Meanwhile, her former bandmate Beyonce is recovering from a tumble she took at a show earlier in the week. During her sold out Orlando show, Beyonce fell down some stairs, landing on her face. “If you taped that, please don’t put it on YouTube,” said the singer after finishing the show. But within hours the clip was on YouTube. Unfortunately, most of those videos appear to have been pulled for copyright violations by now, otherwise I’d put it up. If anyone has a copy saved to a hard drive, drop me a line and I’ll upload it here.

Lindsay’s Side of the Story

A Lohan family friend, Gina Glockman, recently gave this account of events to Entertainment Tonight:

Lindsay was having a get-together at her home. Several people say she wasn’t drinking, that she didn’t even have a drink, but at a certain point in the night, apparently, she fell off the wagon and did start drinking.

When assistant TARIN GRAHAM walked into the house and looked disheveled with teary red eyes, Lindsay was concerned that something happened to her.

There was some sort of altercation. Tarin either quit or Lindsay fired her. Tarin left and Lindsay followed her.

There were definitely two people in the car with Lindsay that night.

Tarin’s mother apparently made a police call because she was afraid someone was chasing her.

Right now, we don’t know who may have been chasing her. It could have been paparazzi.

When the cops arrived, there were so many people in the parking lot that they automatically zoomed in on Lindsay. Apparently the altercation took place at about 1:30 a.m.

Lindsay was strong-armed into taking a breathalyzer test. They say the cocaine was not Lindsay’s; she was wearing someone else’s pants.

Dina got a call from Lindsay at about 5 a.m. and she was talking so fast Dina couldn’t even understand what she was saying … she was just like, ‘Mommy, mommy, mommy,’ and very upset in the conversation.

For the past two years, Dina’s been trying to get Lindsay to leave L.A. and come to N.Y. so she can be with all of her children.

Obviously she’s been going through a tough time and it would be best for her to come to N.Y., to be with her family right now, take some time off, get into a rehab center and bascially give herself a chance to be healthy right now.

They say her life is at risk. Lindsay suffers an addiction. It’s not about Lindsay’s career right now. It’s about saving her life.

Dina and Lindsay have been talking every hour. They’re texting constantly, they’re on the phone.

Not only does Dina have to deal with Lindsay’s crisis right now, but she also has to appear in court this Friday and Monday because she’s in a custody battle for all four of her children.

Lindsay could be traveling from L.A. to N.Y. right now to possibly be admitted into rehab.

On a programming note, I’m at home visiting my family right now, so posting may be slower than usual. And, with any luck, we’ll get some very special posts from my mom and sister before the week is over, which should be funny because neither of them knows or cares about celebrities. My sister the oceanographer wants to know if she can blog about phytoplankton. I told her that as long as it ties into Lindsay Lohan, she sure can. So we’ll see how that goes.

This Makes Me Sad

I’ve been a bit despondent with all of this news of Brit Brit’s total collapse. I knew she was always a crazy person but I had a faint hope that she was on an upswing after the past few years.

I found this commercial that was made at the height of her popularity. Remember the hot Pepsi ad that made you want Britney’s body. Well here it is. All we can do is remember the good times…

Jessica Alba is SINGLE!

Jessica Alba Dumps Boyfriend Cash Warren

Jessica Alba is back on the market and ready to be slutty!

The Fantastic Four star has dumped her longtime boyfriend, Cash Warren, reportedly telling him on the phone, “I’m not in love with you anymore.”

A source close to Cash says that it “happened…almost out of nowhere. [Cash] thinks it’s for another guy but doesn’t know….he’s totally devastated. But it was all her.”

Alba, as you may recall, made headlines back in June for professing a laid-back attitude about sex: “I feel like a lot of women try to make it into more,” she said, “so they don’t feel so bad about just wanting to have sex. I don’t really have a problem with just wanting sex. Never have.”

I think I speak for all the men in America when I say: Bring it on, Jess!

I wonder who she’ll end up dating. I think I’d love it if she stole Justin Timberlake away from Jessica Biel. My money’s on that.

Lindsay’s SCRAM Device Went Off Two Hours Before Her Arrest!

Lindsay Lohan’s SCRAM Ankle Bracelet Went Off Two Hours Before Her Arrest

For those of you who were wondering what the hell good was that alcohol-detecting ankle strap Lindsay was wearing prior to her DUI — it looks like it worked, but it needs to come with GPS.

The device did sound — two hours before Lindsay’s arrest — and her lawyer, Blair Berk, was notified. Berk, like the rest of us, knows what happens when alcohol enters Lindsay’s system, so she was desperately, but unsuccessfully, trying to find the starlet in those two hours.

Unfortunately, Lindsay was in custody just two hours later. Once Lindsay consumes alcohol, it doesn’t take long for her to end up in trouble. Linds, that’s why you can’t drink, ever!

What Do People See in Cisco Adler?

Cisco Adler Was Making Out with Paris Hilton at Karaoke Night

This guy must have one hell of a personality, because he’s totally fug, he’s not exactly packing (unless you count his balls — you could pack for a week-long vacation in those things), and yet his band’s fan base seems to start and end with Hollywood It girls. Honestly, does anyone you actually know in real life listen to Whitestarr?

Cisco Adler, the rocker who’s been linked to Mischa Barton and Kim Stewart, finally jumped on the Paris Hilton train this week.

The scariest scene at Guy’s karaoke night on Tuesday wasn’t Paris “singing,” it was her make-out session with ballsy Cisco Adler!

A TMZ spy spotted Hilton and Mischa Barton’s grungy ex-boyfriend kissing all over each other at the club last night, with Paris going so far as to give Adler a little lap dance. Careful of the boys!

When she wasn’t getting randy in the crowd, Paris graced the stage with a rendition of “Bette Davis Eyes,” followed by a medley of her hit “Stars are Blind.”