Today's Evil Beet Gossip

Ricki Looks Awesome!


Ricki Lake, who initially became famous due to the fact that she was a big girl, is now about half her former size. She says that she lost her weight in a healthy way and went from 250 to 123. She looks adorable and I’m interested to see what her next project is.

Nobody goes on the cover of US showing off their bod unless they are trying to sell something. Wonder what it is?


Cameron is Really Milking That “Cute” Thing

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz loves to be the cute fun-loving tomboy. She showed up to promote her new movie, “Shrek the Third” in this fun little denim number. I actually think this little outfit is cute but she is 34. At one point don’t you start rocking something a little more age appropriate?

Perhaps she is worried to let go of her 20s but I think she seems to be trying a bit hard these days to be cool and young. You can’t dance around in your underwear forever Cameron.

What do you think of Cameron’s little ensemble?

Tammy Faye Bakker Is My Hero


I love Tammy Faye Bakker (now Messner) — she has walked through so much turmoil with so much strength and dignity. Every time I hear her speak I feel inspired. Tammy has been struggling with lung cancer for years (despite never having been a smoker), and a recent note she left on her website states that the doctors have stopped trying to treat it. As usual, Tammy’s attitude is upbeat and full of faith.

The doctors have stopped trying to treat the cancer and so now it’s up to God and my faith. And that’s enough! But please continue to pray for the pain and sick stomach … To those of you who are suffering as I…..”don’t give up”!! Make up your mind you’re going to LIVE !! That is NOT EASY! The path gets so long. I look at young people and wish with all my heart for just one day of “feeling great”. You see, God gives out his promises, they do not lie, they do not fail. We do not have to BEG him for them, they are FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you, Tammy! You and your family are in my prayers. Thank you for the message of love you have always carried.

Wasting No Time …

Paris Hilton has just released a statement through her brand spankin’ new DUI attorney, Richard Hutton (emphasis mine):

“After reading the media’s coverage of my court hearing, I feel the need to correct what I believe are misperceptions about me. I absolutely realize how serious driving under the influence is. I could not live with myself if anyone was injured or killed while I was driving while impaired. Clearly, no one should — no matter how slightly.

I am ready to face the consequences of violating probation.

No one is above the law. I surely am not. I do not expect to be treated better than anyone else who violated probation. However, my hope is that I will not be treated worse.”

Um, Par-Par, are you saying you’re ready to go to jail? I call bullshit.

Also, can we look at the last several sentences of that first paragraph?

I absolutely realize how serious driving under the influence is. I could not live with myself if anyone was injured or killed while I was driving while impaired. Clearly, no one should — no matter how slightly.

If your new lawyer wrote this, you might want to go back to the old one. To what, exactly, does “no one should” refer? No one should be able to live with you, Paris? I agree. No one should realize how serious driving under the influence is? Oh, oh, do you mean that no one should be injured or killed while you’re driving impaired? Hm. You’re fucking this up already, Dick Hutton …



“There was no creative process at all. It was a very packaged thing, and people were wanting to capitalize on ‘The Sopranos.’ I take responsibility – I was part of it – but I hated every moment of it. I was faking it the whole time.”

Jamie-Lynn Sigler, on the crappiness of her 2001 album, Here to Heaven.

Paris Hires a New Lawyer


In a last-ditch attempt to keep her ass out of jail, Paris Hilton may be bringing yet another lawyer onto her team, celeb DUI lawyer Richard Hutton. Paris met with him yesterday, and was caught on video sobbing in a car as her mother tried to console her. This video is so, so staged. She’s an awful actress. This car has tinted windows. Why were they rolled all the way down? So that the paparazzi could get this video and everyone can see just how hard this is for Paris. Yeah, right.

Paris is so damn concerned about this DUI arrest that she is driving a car again. Please remember, people, her license is still suspended, and driving on a suspended license is why she’s sentenced to jail. And yet, inexplicably, she decided to take her Bentley out for a little spin yesterday. Argh. Whatever happened to public stonings? They fell out of fashion in the U.S. for some reason, and I think now is an appropriate time to bring them back. Who’s with me?