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David Hasselhoff is Waaaaay Off the Wagon

David Hasselhoff is Drinking Again

From the National Enquirer:

The 55-year-old actor has suffered a severe drinking relapse and was readmitted to a Los Angeles hospital to detox on Oct. 8, the NATIONAL ENQUIRER reports in its new issue.

“David does so well staying sober and then something kicks in and he’s back drinking,” a close source told the NATIONAL ENQUIRER.

Weak and trembling, David was readmitted to Cedar Sinai Medical Center, where doctors began the detox process.

“He looked awful when they brought him in,” said the source. “His color was ashen. He felt sick. It was just so sad.”

See, it’s sad because he’s probably going to die soon if this keeps up.

Lindsay Lohan, let this be a lesson to you!

Wanna Win a Copy of KT Tunstall’s New CD?

KT Tunstall Drastic Fantastic Album Cover

Once again, we’re playing nice with PR people … and YOU’RE the beneficiary!!!

We’re giving away a copy of KT’s new CD, Drastic Fantastic, to two lucky winners.

All you have to do is fill in the following sentence and email it to us at

I would like to see KT Tunstall make a sex tape with ____________________ because ________________________.

Entries should come in by 5 pm PST on Wednesday.

Congrats to Our Vanessa Carlton Contest Winners!


Congratulations to Tiffany and Crystal, the winners of our Vanessa Carlton CD contest.

Crystal says:

Vanessa Carlton is great because…

A) she is not: Britney Spears, Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan
B) she has not slept with: Britney Spears, Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan.

Tiffany says:

Vanessa Carlton is great because……she’s hot, plain and simple….and let’s face it, she’s got a different sound about her that I can’t help but adore.

Vanessa’s new CD, Heroes and Thieves, came out today. I’ve been listening to it on Rhapsody, and I must say, it’s really quite good.

Stay tuned, because we’ve got another contest coming up this afternoon!

Bret Michaels Will Do a Second Season of Rock of Love

Bret Michaels Will Do Season 2 of Rock of Love

Fresh from my inbox:

Over 3.9 million total viewers tuned into the “Rock of Love with Bret Michaels” reunion special this past Sunday night (10/7) to learn that Bret’s love match was a mismatch. VH1 will continue to help Bret find his ‘rose’ and announces today that a second season of the record-breaking series will premiere on VH1 in early 2008.

After handing in her VIP pass, Jes, the pink-haired beauty proved she was not fit to handle Bret Michaels’ rock-star lifestyle. But the tour continues on and the Poison frontman is searching again for someone to ‘rock his world.’ The second season will feature 20 new women pining for Bret’s heart.

BREAKING: Paris Hilton is Still Alive



Our favorite heiress has been staying out of trouble lately. Is it possible she’s growing up? She still managed to attract some photogs when she hit up Fred Segal in WeHo on Monday. Although these are WireImage photos — not typical stalkerazzi — which leads me to believe she invited the photogs, rather than was followed by them.

Britney Spears Did Something Right!

Britney Spears Passes Drug Test

Congrats to Britney, who actually passed her drug test this weekend.

Evil Beet Gossip has obtained an exclusive copy of the test in question. The questions were as follows:

1) True or false: A peeled banana can be used as a bong.

2) Which is the preferable way of snorting cocaine: a) with a straw b) with a rolled-up dollar bill c) off a pinky nail d) none of the above

3) True or false: Heroin is less fun when you snort it. Better to inject.

4) What is Samantha Ronson’s phone number?

Britney scored 95%!!! She lost a few points for leaving the area code off Samantha’s phone number, but, in general, homegirl knows her stuff!!!!