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5Jodie & Cody!

The new parents stopped by the Project Pink buffet in LA, to paint pink ducks in order to raise funds and awareness to fight breast cancer.

Cody looks like the long-lost Madden brother.

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34Everything Is Just Fine

Oh, look, another crazy Amy Winehouse photo.

After getting stuck in traffic in London, Amy hopped out of her car, went car-to-car on the street asking people if they had a cigarette she could bum, and then ran around in the woods.


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25My Mother’s Day Gift

The conversation I’ve been having, almost daily, with my mother for the past three weeks:

Me: Mom, what do you want for Mother’s Day?
Mom: Oh, I don’t know sweetie, I just can’t decide.
Me: Well, can you please put some thought into it?
Mom: I suppose. I guess I do need a new pair of reading glasses …
Me: Jesus, Mom, can I get you anything for fun?
Mom: You know, it would make me happiest if you’d just save your money for your retirement.
Me: Mother, I save plenty. I’m not a child anymore. I run a successful business today. I can get you something nice. Please tell me what you want.
Mom: Can I just tell you tomorrow?
Me: Sigh.

So, Mom, I’m getting you the fucking reading glasses.

Mom, thank you for reading my blog every day. Thank you for encouraging me, always, to pursue the things I am passionate about, even when those things lead me into a line of work you’re vaguely embarrassed to tell your friends about. Thank you for telling me, for as long as I can remember, that I can achieve anything I put my mind to. Thank you for reading to me daily as a child. Thank you for allowing me to be independent. Thank you for loving me unconditionally, when I insisted on dying my hair black and sporting lipstick to match, when I insisted on wearing boys underwear, when I insisted on moving out of the house, for good, when I was sixteen. Thank you for loving me when I told you how much I hated you. Thank you for sending letters and emails when I refused to contact you for weeks. Thank you for loving me when I dropped out of high school. Thank you for loving me when I dropped out of college. Thank you, Mom, for refusing to buy me Nintendos and trampolines and Rollerblades in exchange for good grades. Thank you for teaching me to value education for its own sake. Thank you for teaching me to embrace my feelings and my sexuality and my words and my thoughts and my dreams. Thank you for never censoring me. Thank you for validating everything about me, no matter what. Thank you for insisting that I didn’t know my own strength. Thank you for teaching me faith. Thank you, Mom, for never giving up on me, for your relentless cheerleading, during the times I had given up, completely, on myself.

I love you, Mom.

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8Still a Mommy!

Just days after announcing her separation from her husband, Liv Tyler takes her son, Milo, to a Mother’s Day lunch in New York City.

Aw, Liv looks like she’s been crying a lot lately.

Poor girl.

[Image via Splash]

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4Whatever Happened to Courtenay Semel?

Remember late last year, when bratty socialite Courtenay Semel was, like, attached to Lindsay Lohan at the hip?

And then she just completely disappeared?

She decloaked last night at the launch party for Right Gin in LA. She’s pictured here with Brittny Gastineau.

I feel bad for Courtenay. Not only is her name spelled ridiculously, she’s also terribly unattractive. Like, uniquely ugly. It must be really hard to hang out with all these beautiful girls all the time and know that, no matter how much money your father has, you can’t seem to avoid looking like you got a serious beat-down by the ugly stick.

And Brittny’s lipstick warrants its own novella. I’ll skip that for now.

I wonder what happened with Courtenay and Lindsay … they were reported to be more than friends, if you know what I mean. I wonder if she got her ass dumped for SamRo.

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5The Return of the Drunkst!

Kirsten Dunst recently spent some time at the Cirque Lodge in Utah, but it appears rehab didn’t take.

She was spotted partying hard for her 26th birthday at an NYC rock bar, and she stumbled out into the street in the early morning hours, with her girlfriends gripping her arms to hold her upright.

That must have been some strong Red Bull.

How long until Kiki checks back into treatment?

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