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52Who’s In Love with Emile Hirsch?

The nerdy heartthrob poses with Christina Ricci at the Tribeca screening of Speed Racer.

I, for one, don’t see the appeal here. There seems to be a huge trend of the new heartthrobs being these kind of nerdy boys. It just doesn’t work for me. I like the traditional leading man — tall, dark and handsome. Is that so wrong? Is crushing on classically hot dudes passe now?

And Christina Ricci is all of five feet tall. Granted, she’s wearing heels, but there’s just no way this guy is taller than 5’4″ or so. His stats, on assorted websites, say he’s either 5’6″ or 5’7″, but I am calling bullshit. There’s no way. Christina Ricci is a fucking midget, and he just barely stands taller than her. This guy is 5’4″.

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24Still Going Strong!

Despite the constant rumors — which seem to have reached a crescendo lately — that there is trouble a-brewin’ in Chez Cruise, Tom and Katie seem very much the happy couple as they leave a Broadway show this weekend.

I dunno, I kind of think I’m starting to go to the dark side: I’m beginning to think this relationship might be for real. Like, they might both be total loons, but I think for the most part they’re happily married loons. And Tom may still be gay as the day is long, but he’s stuck with Katie for a long-ass time now, so something about this is working for both of them. And, unlike most Hollywood couples, they seem to make a concerted effort to spend most of their time in the same city. I just don’t think you do that with two busy careers and a fake relationship, at least not two years in. Am I crazy?

[Image via Splash]

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26Lindsay Lohan Secures Guest Spot on Ugly Betty

I really had to hold myself back from titling this post “Things Get Ugly for Lindsay Lohan,” because a) that’s what everyone else is going to be doing and b) it would just make you guys think this was a post about Samantha Ronson.

Anyway, it’s apparently confirmed that Lindsay will be appearing on the Ugly Betty season finale, and may actually be signing on for a multi-episode guest arc — up to eight episodes. Producers there are no doubt looking at what Britney did for HIMYM, and hoping Linds will lend some much-needed ratings support to the series.

Lindsay had been slated to appear on the show last year, but then, ya know, drugs happened.

Congrats to Lindsers, and good luck with this!

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12Get Down with Yo Bad Self!

I have renewed hope for Taylor Swift!

I love her music, but I HATE how damn boring and goody-goody she is.

Fortunately, Taylor showed off a little bit of her bad-girl side, rocking out at California’s Country Music Festival in Indio.

Unfortunately, this shot would have been an upskirt, but stupid Taylor had to go and wear nude undershorts. So we still have a LOT of room for improvement.

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13Kentucky Derby Pics!!!

Okay, as bummed out as I am that little Eight Belles had to be put down, and as much as I’m growing increasingly frustrated with the entire “sport” of thoroughbred horse racing, I have to admit, I love love love checking out what people wear to this event. The costumes are always so fabulous!

Here’s Chelsea Clinton looking quite glam at the derby.

Jump inside for more photos from this event, including Molly Sims, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, Adrian Grenier and some whore, Hugh Hefner and the Girls Next Door, Carson Daly, Gabrielle Union, Lee Ann Womack and Taylor Dayne.


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41This Is So Sad!

Little filly Eight Belles finished a close second in the Kentucky Derby race — then collapsed minutes later. She had broken both her front ankles, and they euthanized her on the spot.

For some reason, this makes me really angry. I don’t know anything about horses, but it seems silly to kill one just because she broke her ankles. Like, if Leo broke his ankles, we’d take him to the hospital and get him better. Hell, I have extra space in my apartment, I’d've taken the damn horse. Maybe she wasn’t going to race again, but they didn’t have to kill her! But maybe there’s something about horse injuries that I don’t understand.

If so, feel free to explain to me.

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