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Pink’s Marriage on the Rocks?

Pink May Be Getting a Divorce from Carey Hart

From the NY Daily News:

Well-placed sources tell us that pop star Pink’s marriage is on its last legs. Apparently, when the singer married her biker beau, Carey Hart, she took a “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy and agreed to let him have his fun when she’s away on tour. But she’s changed her mind now that her biological clock has started ticking. “Divorce is just around the corner,” says our mole. “Carey has this one blond in particular that he takes everywhere, even public appearances. But Pink knew what she was getting into!” Stupid girl, indeed.

Look, girls, repeat after me:

I am not okay with the man I love having sex with other women. I am not demonstrating my love for him by allowing him to sleep with other women. I am simply demonstrating my disrespect for myself, and this is unattractive.

Chicks are so stupid.

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Rachel Bilson and Kristen Bell, Shoes at Saks Fifth Avenue Christian Louboutin bash

“We realized we were wearing the same shoes! I did a one-two switcheroo and put on my other favorite pair!”

Rachel Bilson, who showed up at a Christian Louboutin bash in LA wearing the same pair of shoes as Kristen Bell. She changed into the red pumps shown above.


Zac Efron Isn’t a Teenager Anymore :(


Last week was very exciting for the scrumptious High School Musical star Zac Efron, as he turned 20 years old. More importantly however, it was a tough week for me and many other people. Since our starry eyed hunk is no longer a teenager he falls on the hotness scale from about a 8.75 to a measly 6. This SUCKS. Consider the Olsen twins, no one talks about how hot these identical twins are anymore. Why, you ask? It’s simple, once we all threw our countdown-to-legal calendars in the gutter, they lost out their excitement! It was no longer forbidden, it was smack-you-in-your-face LEGAL to fantasize about MK and A, and no one cared. Mr. Piece-of-ass-of-the-moment Efron held on as long as he could, and we commend him for this my friends, but time is no longer on his side. All we have to look forward to now are some incriminating photos of the boy-with-hair-so-soft-I-wanna-use-it-as-a-scarf turning 21 and drunkenly making out with some random girl (fingers crossed). On totally unrelated note, does anyone perchance happen to know where Zac might be spending his 21st birthday. I will reward you handsomely if any information leads to me being that drunken hook-up.

Fess Up, Guys. Who Told Paris Hilton That Toronto Was in Mexico?

Paris Hilton hosts at Guvernment in Toronto, canada


Par-Par showed up to host a night at Guvernment, a club in Toronto (where I believe she’s currently filming that Repo thing), dressed like a mariachi. Apparently they also let her name the club. “I want to call it Government!” she exclaimed. “G-U-V-E…”

Anyway, telling Paris Hilton that Toronto is in Mexico was a mean joke, you guys!

But if you’re going to play it, I hope you at least told her that “puta” means “beer” in Spanish.