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19Gretchen Wilson Gets Edumacated

Congrats to country star Gretchen Wilson, who has officially proved herself the academic equal of Jamie-Lynn Spears.

The 34-year-old, who dropped out of high school after ninth grade, passed the GED in April, and will graduate on May 15.

Gretchen says the reason she decided to get her GED was her seven-year-old daughter. “I certainly don’t want her to think you can be this successful without an education.”

It’s funny; I’ve always been a huge proponent of higher education, but, after twenty years of secondary, college and graduate education, I’ve settled happily into a job that doesn’t even require a high-school diploma. It’s ironic. But when I mention that, people are always quick to point out that, while my job currently doesn’t require much in the way of non-celeb education, I probably would have had a much harder time building this website and growing the audience without all that education. So, you know, stay in school, I guess. :)

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15International Sweetness …


Two Thai kids rescuing a puppy from a canal.


[via Gawker]

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11Iron Man Kicks Some Box Office Ass

Despite well-publicized concerns that its audience was going to be home playing the new Grand Theft Auto game rather than going to the movies, Iron Man killed it at the box office this weekend.

The film is expected to bring in around $104.3 million this weekend — not quite Aquaman numbers, but enough to put it in front of the openings of almost all other comic book films ever.

It’s the 10th biggest movie opening in history.

I guess you guys really liked Gwyneth Paltrow’s legs.

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52Who’s In Love with Emile Hirsch?

The nerdy heartthrob poses with Christina Ricci at the Tribeca screening of Speed Racer.

I, for one, don’t see the appeal here. There seems to be a huge trend of the new heartthrobs being these kind of nerdy boys. It just doesn’t work for me. I like the traditional leading man — tall, dark and handsome. Is that so wrong? Is crushing on classically hot dudes passe now?

And Christina Ricci is all of five feet tall. Granted, she’s wearing heels, but there’s just no way this guy is taller than 5’4″ or so. His stats, on assorted websites, say he’s either 5’6″ or 5’7″, but I am calling bullshit. There’s no way. Christina Ricci is a fucking midget, and he just barely stands taller than her. This guy is 5’4″.

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24Still Going Strong!

Despite the constant rumors — which seem to have reached a crescendo lately — that there is trouble a-brewin’ in Chez Cruise, Tom and Katie seem very much the happy couple as they leave a Broadway show this weekend.

I dunno, I kind of think I’m starting to go to the dark side: I’m beginning to think this relationship might be for real. Like, they might both be total loons, but I think for the most part they’re happily married loons. And Tom may still be gay as the day is long, but he’s stuck with Katie for a long-ass time now, so something about this is working for both of them. And, unlike most Hollywood couples, they seem to make a concerted effort to spend most of their time in the same city. I just don’t think you do that with two busy careers and a fake relationship, at least not two years in. Am I crazy?

[Image via Splash]

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26Lindsay Lohan Secures Guest Spot on Ugly Betty

I really had to hold myself back from titling this post “Things Get Ugly for Lindsay Lohan,” because a) that’s what everyone else is going to be doing and b) it would just make you guys think this was a post about Samantha Ronson.

Anyway, it’s apparently confirmed that Lindsay will be appearing on the Ugly Betty season finale, and may actually be signing on for a multi-episode guest arc — up to eight episodes. Producers there are no doubt looking at what Britney did for HIMYM, and hoping Linds will lend some much-needed ratings support to the series.

Lindsay had been slated to appear on the show last year, but then, ya know, drugs happened.

Congrats to Lindsers, and good luck with this!

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