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Michael Bay “Recycles”

a shot-by-shot comparison of 'Transformers 3' and 'The Island'

You’ve heard of limited animation, right? Like in old Hanna-Barbera cartoons, when Scooby-Doo and the gang run in terror past the same tree five times? (To be fair, Filmation did this a lot, too.)

Guess who else has been reusing old frames!

Don’t really guess; I’ll just tell you. It’s our old pal, MTV Movie Award-winning director Michael Bay!

Man. I’ve always had this sneaking suspicion I’m being tricked into watching the same movie over and over.

On the one hand it’s a little surprising that Michael Bay would employ a traditional cost-cutting technique, considering Transformers: Dark of the Moon‘s budget of $195 million. On the other, it explains how Bay pumps blockbusters out so quickly, and anyway, once Michael Bay is in love with an explosion, maybe he doesn’t want to mess with perfection? Maybe he said to himself, “This scene from The Island could really only be improved with robots.”

I mean, at least he’s just cribbing from himself.

Pop Quiz! Who’s the King of Late Night?

Guess who’s King of Late-Night Talk!

Actually, let me narrow it down a little. Guess who is King of Adult Viewers Between the Ages of 18 and 49! That’s the most valuable demographic to advertisers, FYI.

Who could it be? Is it Conan O’Brien, buoyed to first place by Team Coco? Or Craig Ferguson, puppeteering his way into his audience’s hearts? Is it Letterman? Leno? What about Kimmel or Fallon or Chelsea Handler, in a sudden and surprising victory?

Find out after the cut!

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Aaron Carter Denies MJ Cocaine Quotes, Journalist Retaliates with Audio Clip from Interview

Aaron Carter and journalist Daphne Barak
Photo via Daphne Barak

Well, well.

I was wondering when Aaron Carter‘s spokesperson would blast that scummy article from OK! Magazine. Turns out it was sooner rather than later.

Yesterday, a representative for Aaron Carter denied that Carter gave certain quotes to OK! AustraliaOK! had alleged that Michael Jackson gave a then-15-year-old Aaron Carter alcohol and cocaine. The spokesperson also told TMZ to go check YouTube for interview footage. (I hope Carter’s rep meant my YouTube video! That ‘ish took 287 minutes to upload! Not kidding.)

But late last night, slightly-noteworthy tabloid journalist Daphne Barak—she’s the one who interviewed Carter and presumably wrote the article for OK! Australia in the first place—retaliated by publishing still more audio from her interview with Aaron Carter. This time, she selected a much more salacious snippet about Carter’s childhood friendship with Michael Jackson.

And for this new clip, Ms. Barak evidently emptied her iPhoto library of every candid shot she had of herself physically clinging to Aaron Carter, just in case you needed proof that portions of the interview occurred between friends, or were likely said in confidence.

It’s nigh impossible to make out a word of what Ms. Barak says, so here’s Aaron Carter’s half of the first part of their conversation, without Barak’s interjections/egging-on:

…He wanted me to stay in his room. So he got a cot—a bed—and, uh, and I stayed on a cot. In his room. And it must’ve been, like, 5 o’clock in the morning, and—5 o’clock in the morning. He’s on my bed. He’s on the foot of my bed. And I wake up. And I’m like, gasp! What are you doing! Like, you know. I’m 15 years old! You know? Like, what are you doing? “Oh, my God, I didn’t know, I didn’t know.” And he went in his bed, and y’know, I’m like, Okaaaaaaayy.

Here’s the audio itself, and you’re welcome. (I stripped out the photos of Daphne Barak posing with Aaron Carter, because, puh-leeeease, right? Right.)

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