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Welcome to the Mugshot Club, Britney


No, that’s not her mugshot, it’s just a pic of her goofing around on Monday. We should have the mugshot by Tuesday morning.

Britney Spears turned herself in to the Van Nuys jail today, where she has an outstanding warrant for her hit and run earlier this summer.

According to LAPD:

“At approximately 9:25 PM Miss Britney Spears checked into the Van Nuys County Jail for a court ordered booking. She was put through standard booking procedures which included booking photographs, fingerprinting and collection of information. Britney was at all time cooperative in the process. She was there approximately 45 minutes.”

The four mugshots of the apocalypse have all arrived.

Lindsay, Paris, Nicole and Britney.

Dakota Fanning, darling, we’re waiting for you. And we’re bloggers; we have nothing better to do. We can wait as long as it takes, dear.

Kendra Wilkinson for Stash Collection

Kendra Wilkinson For Stash Collections in Scottsdale

Kendra showed up at the much-anticipated opening of Stash Collection at Scottsdale Fashion Square. I’m especially excited about this because Scottsdale’s totally my old barrio. Ah, I remember the good old days of romping around Fashion Square wearing the clothes we hid in our backpacks because our parents wouldn’t let us leave the house in them, hassling the girls in the Catholic school uniforms, napping in the mattress store and occasionally shoplifting small pieces of jewelry. Man, we were so cool.

I’m pretty sure Kendra’s on a different sort of girlfriend contract than Bridget and Holly. She’s always out hosting events like this, and Bridget and Holly never get to leave LA without Hef. And, if they do, they can only be gone for less than 24 hours. I really think she threatened to leave awhile back, but they need her, because she’s half the reason Girls Next Door is so good, so she got some more flexibility in her contract. I think beneath that ditzy exterior is a very shrewd little businesswoman.

kendra_stash3.jpg Kendra Wilkinson at Scottsdale Fashion Square kendra_stash1.jpg

Thank Goodness Owen Wilson Didn’t Attempt Suicide for Nothing!


Looks like his little self-inflicted brush with death may win him Kate Hudson back!

The ‘Almost Famous’ actress is said to be desperate to woo back Owen – who was hospitalised in August after a failed suicide bid – after realising she still loves him.

A source said: “It was working out between her and Dax, but it’s a clean break.

“After Owen’s suicide attempt, she realised how much she loved him, and broke up with Dax.”

Hooray! Suicide does work, after all!

Yeah, right. Owen Wilson needs a girlfriend right now like he needs a hole in the head.

Owen: Get sober again. Get healthy again. Focus on you.

Kate: Leave him alone!



“The only time I’m reminded that there is something different about him – that he has some deviation of what is perceived to be normal – is when I see him with other 4-year-olds. Then I go, ‘Oh yeah,’ and it comes back to me. But from day one I felt that he’s the way he’s meant to be … I have never thought of my son as being someone with a disability.”

Colin Farrell, whose 4-year-old son is diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome, a neuro-genetic disorder characterized by developmental delay, speech impairment, movement or balance disorder, excessive laughter and even seizures.

Blind Items!

We’ve got two great ones for you today:

WHICH reality star turned rocker recently had major work done after a minor weight loss? Following in the footsteps of her plastic surgery-addict mother, the young starlet got her tummy tightened and her breasts lifted.


WHICH pint-sized cable hit actor has major depression issues? “He has to speak to his mommy every morning because nobody on his show likes him,” said our tipster.

Let’s hear your guesses!!!


Happy Birthday, Lourdes!

Madonna with Daughter Lourdes in Santa Monica on her 11th birthday

Madonna’s first-born celebrated her 11th birthday on Sunday by spending the day getting pampered at a Santa Monica spa with her mom.

Lourdes is turning into quite the cutie. Can’t wait for her to hit the club scene!