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Looks Like Lindsay Won’t Have Any Movie Roles to Distract Her from Her Sobriety

Production of Lindsay Lohan Film Poor Things Cancelled, Lindsay’s Trip to Vegas Blamed

Well, Lindsay, I hope you’re loving sobriety, because it looks like you’ll have plenty of time to focus on it.

La Lohan’s next slated role, in the Shirley MacLaine-starring Poor Things, was supposed to begin filming when she got out of rehab. Production had been halted to give Ms. Lohan some time to get that whole addictive binge drinking thing under control, but it looks like they needn’t have bothered; production’s been shut down entirely.

According to a Page Six source, “Ms. Lohan’s antics in Las Vegas over the weekend have scared the bond companies and all of the funding has been pulled.”

Seriously? What antics? Look, I’m as harsh a Lohan critic as the next blogger, but there was a shocking dearth of antics in Las Vegas. She showed up at PURE. She posed with some Red Bull. She danced. She was being watched like a hawk out there, and there were no antics. If there were antics, they would have been written about right here on this blog, by yours truly. No such antics occurred.

A Lohan friend retorts that:

She had nothing to do with that movie shutting down. It was a mess to begin with. They randomly fired Channing Tatum for Giovanni Ribisi, and then financing fell through because producers spent money like water. It was only supposed to cost $4 million – Lindsay was being paid nothing for that role.

Lindsay is proving to everyone that she is – and will remain – sober by voluntarily wearing the ankle bracelet and taking drug tests. This is not about her work. It’s about her being able to live her life and go out with her friends without people writing nasty items about her.

I very rarely side with any quoted “friend” of Lindsay, but I agree here. It sounds like the production end is trying to blame Lohan for their own financial missteps. Lindsay’s made nothing but responsible decisions since her Memorial Day accident — she checked into rehab, and stayed for longer than the requisite 28 days required before the press will take it seriously, she’s voluntarily wearing an alcohol detection anklet, she turned herself into the police for her Memorial Day antics, and seems generally to be keeping herself out of trouble. I disagree with the assertion that she shouldn’t have been in Vegas — why does sobriety have to be about hiding out in your room between AA meetings? Why shouldn’t she be able to celebrate turning 21 in the same place everyone else does? If Lindsay had gotten fucked up in Vegas, you would have read about it. She didn’t. I think, if anything, she’s setting a positive example right now, and, for now, she’s got my support.

This is Kind of Like Charity Work, Right?

Paris Hilton with Ford Escape Hybrid, Pictures Photos Pics

P-Hilt attended BPM Magazine’s 11th Anniversary GREEN Celebration, sponsored by the Ford Escape Hybrid. Drawing celebrity attention to a good cause? Taking five minutes out of your day to pretend like hybrid cars are cool? This is new! This is good!

Although, I have to say I much prefer the photos of Entourage‘s Rex Lee with the car.

Rex Lee from Entouage with Ford Escape Hybrid, Pictures Pics and Photos Rex Lee from Entourage with Ford Escape Hybrid, Pictures Pics and Photos

Did He Just?…

So I am not one to get all hot and bothered over “is he or isn’t he gay” Perez Hilton style but I am quite intrigued by the case of Anderson Cooper. He is gay without really being out but still leads a lifestyle that isn’t super closeted in New York. My hair guy…who I trust fully…knows his boyfriend and made a passing comment about how he sometimes worries when Anderson goes off to cover wars, disasters etc… How cute is that?

I think it is a joke that Anderson really plays on everyone. Sort of a “obviously I’m gay but I’m not going to placate you by saying anything.” Perez, however, came up with quite the little video here.

If you watch it to the end see how Anderson reacts when the female anchor makes an innuendo that her husband would be jealous of the two. It is classic to see her reaction as all of Anderson’s colleagues know about his lifestyle.

Still, in the hope for me that lingers, if you are straight Anderson, I love travel…long walks on the beach and fuzzy white dogs. Call me.