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5Indy Does NYC

Indiana Jones
premiered in New York today, and all the familiar faces were there — Harrison Ford, Calista Flockhart, Shia LeBuuuuoexxyf.

But Michelle Williams — the Destiny’s Child one, not the Heath Ledger one — was there, too, along with Ashanti. I have no idea what they were doing there, but it’s good to see them. You don’t see enough of these two, probably because they’re way too busy being positive role models and not getting DUIs and stuff.

Oh, yeah, and talk about positive role models: I didn’t smoke today, bitches! Woot woot!

May 20, 2008 at 7:32 pm by Evil Beet
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5Being Britney Spears’ Father Is a Full-Time Job

New court papers confirm that Jamie Spears gave up his catering practice to be the full-time Senior Account Manager of the Keep Britney Spears Alive and Out of Jail Foundation.

As such, the court awarded him $10,000 in back pay, and he has been paid $2500 a week since March.

That’s probably more than he was making as a caterer in Louisiana!!

May 20, 2008 at 7:26 pm by Evil Beet
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2,153Does Anyone Else Watch Jon & Kate Plus Eight?

This is the new show that I’m a little bit obsessed with, and I desperately need someone to talk to about it and none of my real-life friends watch it. So I’m gonna try with you guys.

It’s a reality show on TLC, on Monday nights, but reruns show up all the time.

Here’s the basics: Jon & Kate got married. Jon & Kate had twin girls, Cara and Madelyn. And then they decided to try for just one more, and ended up with sextuplets, three girls and three boys. So now Jon & Kate have eight children. The twin girls are seven years old and the babies are 3 1/2. And the show is about their life.

At first I started watching it because I was like “Awww, babies! Babies are cute!” And the babies are cute, and it’s fascinating to watch how intelligent and aware and communicative children are at just 3 years old, but what got me hooked is the relationship between Kate and Jon.

I mean, is it just me, or does Jon absolutely hate Kate? I mean, Kate, while doing her very best to be a good mother, is totally neurotic and overbearing and controlling and just plain old mean to Jon. She corrects his grammar constantly, tells him how stupid and inconsiderate he is, and at one point even yells at him for breathing too loud. And Jon kind of takes it in stride because he loves his kids, but I think somewhere deep down he really just wants to murder Kate and dump her body in a river, and frankly I don’t blame him. But it’s hilarious to watch.

Is anyone else picking this up, or is this just how all married couples with children interact? If so, maybe marriage and children are overrated …

UPDATE: You can find all J&K discussion on this website by clicking here for the list of our J&K posts. We especially welcome your opinions on the new lady in Bellflower who has now given birth to octuplets! If you have new J&K news you’d like us to report on, please email Thanks!

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4Score One for Michael Lohan

No one seems to know where or when this video was made, but I think we can all agree that Michael Lohan does a stellar impression of his ex-wife.

Can I have an amen?

May 20, 2008 at 2:01 pm by Evil Beet
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17Sooo Gorgeous!

No one can take their eyes off Brad and Angelina at Cannes!

They’re sooooo beautiful!

It’s disgusting!

Here they are at the premiere of The Changeling. Other arrivals included Dita Von Teese, with a rare fashion miss; Sharon Stone, with a predictable fashion miss; and Diddy, with this season’s hottest accessory: a 12-year-old white girl. I’m sure there’s a really good explanation behind this, but it’s just funny to me no matter what.

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21All Grown Up!

Look who’s not a baby anymore!

Celine Dion hangs out with her son, Rene-Charles, in Paris today. Her husband was there, too, but he’s boring and he started dating her when she was like 12 so we don’t like to talk about him.

Rene-Charles is seven years old already!

And apparently he’s growing more punk-rock by the day.

And what is it with celebrities being unwilling to cut their sons’ hair? Celine, why does your seven-year-old son look like he belongs in Metallica?

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