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This TOTALLY Looks Like a Man Who Should be Driving

photo of drunk mel gibson driving pictures photos

The idea of Mel Gibson looking like this and getting behind the wheel of his car is really frigging frightening. But perhaps even more frightening (if that’s at all possible) is the gnarly zombie hand that he’s got going on in most of these photos. What is that? Is he in the process of suffering a stroke? Is that why he’s lurching about, eager to get into the car? So that he can drive himself to the nearest hospital to seek immediate medical attention?

No, he’s just leaving a bar. Late, late at night. That always ends well. The zombie hand though? Totally can’t explain that one, sorry.

Rob Lowe Worked Nine Hours to Look This Horrible

Hot or not? Rob Lowe as Drew Peterson

Image courtesy NBC Chicago

Entertainment Weekly demands to know, “Why, Rob Lowe? Why?!” and I can only echo this headline’s horror.

In mid-June I warned you that hot, hot Rob Lowe had been cast as then-55-year-old wife-killer Drew Peterson, who is comparatively, unsexily swollen. (I also accurately anticipated what Rob Lowe might look like in the role, and it wasn’t pretty.)

And here he is now, in 9 hours’ makeup, for his part in the upcoming made-for-TV movie Untouchable. Oh, my beloved Rob Lowe! Why? Why are you denigrating your own talent and good looks—especially your good looks—for Lifetime? Yes, Lifetime.

I said it in June, but I must reiterate: I cannot understand why they cast anybody but Dennis Farina as this mustachioed Chicagoland villain. AM I THE ONLY SANE PERSON LEFT?