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Jordin Sparks: YOUR American Idol


Congrats to Jordin Sparks America’s New Idol! It was pretty obvious that she was going to win for the past few weeks. I gotta give her snaps for being the first Idol winner from the great state of Arizona. It was a very long show filled with some pretty awesome performances and a very weird time-filler called the “Golden Idol Awards.” I, unlike the Evil Beet, never really wanted to have sex with Blake Lewis but tonight he really brought down the house with his duet with Doug E Fresh.

Sanjaya! Also performed with a wind machine. Jesus…just when I didn’t think this show could get any more bizzare. Taylor Hicks looks adorable now after losing some weight. I really also think that every C-lister in Hollywood was on hand for the Idol Finale. Jordin also performed with Ruben Studdard who thankfully, unlike Ryan, makes her look tiny.

17 year-old Jordin is the youngest winner in Idol history. I’m interested in seeing what her album will be like. The Idol machine will, I’m guessing, have her drop 30 pounds and she will be on the cover of People in a few months under the headline “How Jordin Got Healthy and Fit!” She will then say that a high protein diet and “the crazy schedule” of her Idols tour help her lose the weight.

Spencer Pratt is a Marketing Genius

Heidi and Spencer Are Engaged

With Jason Wahler busy getting arrested left and right, his regular court dates interrupted only by brief stints in rehab, and Heidi’s relationship with series star and Pratt nemesis Lauren Conrad essentially non-existent, what on earth is Spencer Pratt going to do to get some screen time in season three of The Hills? Oh, right. He can propose to Heidi Montag. So he did.

Spencer, 23, proposed to Montag, 12, at Bacara in Santa Barbara on Tuesday night. A source says that “she said ‘yes.’ She’s over the moon!”

He proposed with a diamond-encrusted platinum band with a pink stone, which he purchased on Monday in Brentwood. A witness at the store says that “she was trying on tons of them and they looked really happy!” What? You think Heidi would let someone else pick out her engagement ring?

Well, if nothing else, this most recent turn of events should help expedite their inevitable split.

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EvilT Likes Commercials and 90210

Sometimes I receive emails from lovely NYC girls. Not often, but every once in a blue moon.

Today was one of those days. Sadly, it was not to talk about me, it was to ask me to post something on her behalf. You see, the writer known as EvilT wants you to see this.

REMEMBER: I did not ask you to watch this. I’ll quote EvilT here:

“You might think this is stupid but 90210 is awesome.”

You can’t beat that people. Obey! PS- Thanks for writing EvilT. I miss our talks.

Let’s Take a Minute to Pretend I Care About What’s Going on with the Cast of Grey’s Anatomy


Ever since Isaiah Washington punched Patrick Dempsey on set and then called co-star T.R. Knight a “faggot” (and then did it again), there have been rumors that he would be leaving the show at the end of the season. Because he sucks and nobody wants to work with him. T.R. Knight and BFF Katherine Heigl have certainly been campaigning for his departure, with T.R. recounting his sob story to every magazine that will listen.

The season finale of Grey‘s basically left the door open for either of them to leave: Washington’s character walked out on his own wedding and moved out of the place he shares with Christina, and O’Malley failed his intern exam. (Sorry for the spoiler, but, really, if you haven’t watched it by now, you’re not going to.) So, in the immortal words of Tyra Banks, who goes home? The violent homophobe who appears to be generally detested by the entire cast? Or the gay guy?

Nobody seems to know.

When asked last night if he would be returning next season, T.R. said, “I literally don’t know. It would be nice to know if I’m supposed to report back soon.” Apparently the producers haven’t told him, lest he tell everyone else.

Meanwhile, Us Weekly’s got a source at ABC that says “[Isaiah] will not be back as a series regular. The cast – especially the women – just don’t like him.” Other sources back up this claim, saying that Washington has been taking meetings in NYC and LA for TV series that will film at the same time as Grey’s, implying that he knows he won’t be back.

Washington’s rep denies these accounts, saying that “Isaiah is not off the show. We do not have a contract yet, but we expect to.”

I still have my fingers crossed for some strange twist of fate in which Katherine Heigl gets the boot, and we can get through ten minutes of that show next season without hearing Izzie whine about anything and everything. That would sure be nice.