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37Lil’ Bow Wow Scores Role on Entourage

How cute!

I’m sorry, but everything Bow Wow does is cute to me. He will eternally be 10 years old in my mind. Like if he ever gets a DUI I’ll probably be like “Lil’ Bow Wow thought he could drive drunk! Isn’t that just adorable?!”

Anyway, Bow Wow scored a recurring role on season five of Entourage, which, I’m pretty sure, is scheduled to air sometime in 2016. He’ll be playing a stand-up comic who E takes on as a client.

In fact, it seems like Bow Wow is going to be focusing more on acting all-around.

“After 16 years in the music industry and six successful albums, I’ve decided to shift my energy to something else I’m passionate about, acting,” he said. “I’m going to try to be the next Will Smith.”

Sixteen years in the music industry! He’s 21! Craziness.

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9Will Someone Please Water the Models?

CariDee English is the latest in an unending string of starlets to be taken to the hospital for “dehydration.”

Just hours after posing for this photo, the ANTM winner was taken by ambulance from Shrine, the new club at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods in Connecticut, to the hospital.

“CariDee did go to the hospital in the early hours of Sunday morning to be treated for dehydration,” her rep confirms. “She called to be taken to the hospital. She is fine and back to work in Los Angeles.”

Ugh. She called to be taken to the hospital? She totally freaked out and thought she was overdosing.

CariDee recently split from her longtime, non-famous boyfriend, and has since been linked to Tyson Beckford.

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16Tracey Edmonds Is Such a Starfucker

Seriously what is in this woman’s vagina? Cristal? I don’t get it. After being passed from Babyface to Eddie Murphy, P. Diddy’s taking sloppy thirds on this hooker. The two are reportedly dating.

At a party at Cannes (what is she doing at Cannes???) she said “Diddy is the funniest man I’ve ever met. I’m so lucky to find someone so soon after Eddie. It’s early days – we’ve only been on three or four dates – but he’s whisked me off my feet. I don’t know about wedding bells but he’s definitely the man for me.”

Oh, shut up.

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17Mary Carey!

Okay, you guys, so I totally missed Celebrity Rehab on VH1 when it aired originally, but they were doing a marathon last night and I watched the first couple of episodes. The show is both totally addicting and totally unwatchable. Like, if I have to listen to Daniel Baldwin’s holier-than-thou attitude one more time I’m going to smack him across the face with his Big Book. What the fuck are you even doing there, buddy? Inspiring another alcoholic, my ass. You’re there to rub your year and a half of sobriety into the faces of everyone who’s still struggling, so shut up. And what the hell kind of rehab detoxes 10 patients at once? That’s insanity. And Jeff Conway? Should have detoxed in a hospital for a few days first, then came to rehab. They just had him show up at the rehab for a few hours so that they could dramatically wisk him away to the hospital in an ambulance. It didn’t take a fucking “addictionologist” to see from minute one that that guy was gonna have to detox in a hospital. So shit like that pisses me off. Like we’re risking these people’s health for a little extra drama, and that’s nauseating.

I have, however, totally fallen in love with Mary Carey. She has a vulnerability and pureness about her that’s just so sweet. (I know, I know, she’s not exactly “pure” in the traditional sense, but she’s still kind of wide-eyed and open to life, and that’s attractive.) I love love LOVE that she brought her freakin’ dildos to rehab. And I love even more that they took them away! And Mary’s like “I can’t masturbate?? What if I get horny??” I just adore her and find myself totally rooting for her. Now, I’m not sure what happens later on in the series, or if she stays sober, but I sure was excited to see her looking great at the InTouch Weekly Summer Stars party in LA.

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7Okay I Promise I’m Not Going to Write About Lindsay Lohan for the Next Couple of Hours, But Here’s Her Appearance on Ugly Betty

Sorry, guys, everything’s coming up Lindsay this week. She’s just effortlessly fascinating.

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6In Case You Missed It

Check out Alanis Morissette performing her latest single, “Underneath,” on The Today Show.

Her eye makeup looks really good. Eat your heart out, Ryan Reynolds! You may get to put your penis in 23-year-old bombshell Scarlett Johansson every night, but I’m howling about something abstract on morning television with killer eyeliner.

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