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Zac Efron Isn’t a Teenager Anymore :(


Last week was very exciting for the scrumptious High School Musical star Zac Efron, as he turned 20 years old. More importantly however, it was a tough week for me and many other people. Since our starry eyed hunk is no longer a teenager he falls on the hotness scale from about a 8.75 to a measly 6. This SUCKS. Consider the Olsen twins, no one talks about how hot these identical twins are anymore. Why, you ask? It’s simple, once we all threw our countdown-to-legal calendars in the gutter, they lost out their excitement! It was no longer forbidden, it was smack-you-in-your-face LEGAL to fantasize about MK and A, and no one cared. Mr. Piece-of-ass-of-the-moment Efron held on as long as he could, and we commend him for this my friends, but time is no longer on his side. All we have to look forward to now are some incriminating photos of the boy-with-hair-so-soft-I-wanna-use-it-as-a-scarf turning 21 and drunkenly making out with some random girl (fingers crossed). On totally unrelated note, does anyone perchance happen to know where Zac might be spending his 21st birthday. I will reward you handsomely if any information leads to me being that drunken hook-up.

Fess Up, Guys. Who Told Paris Hilton That Toronto Was in Mexico?

Paris Hilton hosts at Guvernment in Toronto, canada


Par-Par showed up to host a night at Guvernment, a club in Toronto (where I believe she’s currently filming that Repo thing), dressed like a mariachi. Apparently they also let her name the club. “I want to call it Government!” she exclaimed. “G-U-V-E…”

Anyway, telling Paris Hilton that Toronto is in Mexico was a mean joke, you guys!

But if you’re going to play it, I hope you at least told her that “puta” means “beer” in Spanish.

Brittny Gastineau: Pro-Ana and Proud!

Is Brittny Gastineau Anorexic? Backstage at Heatherette Show

Is Brittny Gastineau Pro-Ana? Backstage at Heatherette Show

Kim Kardashian’s new BFF is starving herself and loving it!

FRIENDS of ex-reality star Brittny Gastineau are worried over her drastic weight loss. “She’s trying to get her modeling career off the ground, and she’s only 105 pounds now,” said a friend of the 5-foot-11 star of “Gastineau Girls.” When she walked in the Heatherette show in L.A. on the other night, “Everyone was commenting on how emaciated she looked.” Scarily, the bony brunette told Jay Leno’s “Ross the Intern” that “anorexia” is how she stayed thin.

Okay, I know the camera adds ten pounds, and I know this blog isn’t exactly an anti-anorexia crusade, but these are pics of Brittny taken at LA Fashion Week, on October 15. She doesn’t look emaciated to me. I also ran pics of her at the Kim Kardashian reality show screening a few days before that, and she didn’t look too thin there, either.

But we’re not pro-ana around here, so what can we do to fatten Brittny up a little?

Perhaps another ‘t’ in her name would help? Britttny? That has a little more weight to it, I think.

Celebs and Their Kids: Still Cute!

Christopher Meloni from Law & Order with His Son Dante and His Daughter Sophia at Children Affected by Aids Foundation’s Dream Halloween

James Gandolfini with his Wife Marcy and Son Michael at Children Affected by Aids Foundation’s Dream Halloween

Okay, so total hottie Chris Meloni (Evil T once grinded on his lap — long story, and I promise his wife’s okay with it) took his two kiddos to an event where he and his wife, Sherman, were honored, the Children Affected by Aids Foundation’s Dream Halloween. How cute are they???

James Gandolfini showed up with his wife, Marcy, and son Michael, who’s wearing about the cutest costume I’ve ever seen.

Plus we’ve got new shots of Kelly Ripa and her son Michael leaving a birthday party in NYC.

Christopher Meloni from Law & Order His Daughter Sophia at Children Affected by Aids Foundation’s Dream Halloween Christopher Meloni from Law & Order with His Wife Sherman and His Daughter Sophia at Children Affected by Aids Foundation’s Dream Halloween Kelly Ripa and Son Michael Leave a Birthday Party at Reebok Sports Club in New York City, Pictures, Photos Kelly Ripa and Son Michael Leave a Birthday Party at Reebok Sports Club in New York City, Pictures, Photos

Blind Items!

1) WHICH kinky fashion writer shocked guests recently when she asked her billionaire husband’s pre-teen daughter – in front of company – to rehash the time the girl walked in on the couple in a compromising bedroom position?

2) WHICH dimpled Hollywood mommy is betraying her “all-natural” image? Friends say the down-home actress is becoming addicted to lip collagen injections?

3) WHICH movie studio is desperately trying to hide its latest star’s homosexuality? They have made him pair up with his leading lady, whom he couldn’t care less about.

Let’s hear your guesses!!! (Particularly about #3)


Kid Rock Arreszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Kid Rock Arrested at a Fucking Waffle House in Atlanta, This Guy is a Genius, People

Oops, did I fall asleep writing that headline?

Sorry, it’s just that anything having to do with Kid Pebble is so unbelievably fucking boring to me.

He got arrested at a fucking Waffle House in Atlanta for getting into a fight with some people over what I’m sure is something retarded. Like they didn’t pass the syrup fast enough.

Kid Rock is such a tool. I want him to go away. I’m tired of covering his stupid bullshit.

I mean, seriously, a fist fight at a Waffle House? Why don’t ya’ll just take the car down off the cinderblocks and hit each other over the head with those?

The best part of this whole story is the fabulous graphic that David at Pretty on the Outside has drawn up to go along with the story.