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Woe Is Me: Another Black Eyed Peas Hiatus!

A photo of the Black Eyed Peas

If you’re feeling even a little tenderhearted this morning, you might want to just skip this post altogether, for – can you handle this? – it contains word of the most phenomenal band this world has ever seen, the Black Eyed Peas, being ol’ dummies and putting their light under a bushel basket. That’s right, then masterful creators of such hits as “Boom Boom Pow” and “My Humps” are going to refuse the world the greatest gift of all: their music.

The news came at a recent concert in England when Fergie thought the time was appropriate to share this awful truth. She reportedly said “This isn’t going to be the last time you’ll see us,” but it seems like that’s so much not enough, doesn’t it?

Aww, you guys, you know I’m just joshin’ you! About being sad about this news, not about this news itself. The Black Eyed Peas really are going on hiatus, but instead of it being a tragedy, I think we should throw a little internet party to celebrate this well-needed reprieve from bad music. If some of you could get to posting some funny GIFs in the comments while I wrangle up some lucky chain letters, I’m sure we can get this place hopping by lunchtime.

Deathly Hallows Premiered in New York Last Night!

A photo of Rupert Grint, Daniel Radcliffe, and Emma Watson

From the looks of things, this premiere wasn’t nearly as emotional as the London one, and there weren’t nearly as many Harry Potter stars. But then again, Joey Fatone and Mr. Jay from America’s Next Top Model weren’t in London, so I guess everything evens out.

Check out the gallery so you can tell me what’s up with Daniel Radcliffe‘s hair and Emma Watson‘s dress, all right? Oh, and also check it out if you want to see Joey and Mr. Jay. You know that’s what you wanted.

Hey, Brooke Mueller, What Do You Have There?

A photo of Brooke Mueller

Is that a crack pipe I spy in your hand, Brooke? Why, I do believe it is! And here I was thinking that you just finished another trip to rehab. And aren’t you supposed to have custody of those kids you have with Charlie? Brooke, I’m usually not one to tell a girl how to live her life, but honey, once you get photographed looking like this with a sketchy old tin foil crack pipe in your hands? I think that’s a solid indicator, along with the fact that every single time I tried to type your name I put “Broke” instead of “Brooke,” that you need to take some time for reflection. And probably more rehab.

Images courtesy of TMZ