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Can You Spot the Baby in Christina Aguilera’s Tummy?

Christina Aguilera Pregnant Baby Bump Pictures

Page Six assures you that it’s in there.

RUMORS that Christina Aguilera is expecting a baby “are definitely true,” according to a well-placed Page Six source. “She’s been telling friends,” said one snitch, who revealed, “she has to be three months now, because she’s announcing it.” This would be the first for Aguilera and her husband, Jordan Bratman.

These pictures were taken today/yesterday/Wednesday/whenever June 20 was in Tokyo on her “Back to Basics” Tour. She’s definitely gained a few pounds over the past few months, but are they baby pounds? Is Christina Aguilera pregnant?

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Lindsay Lohan Would Prefer Not to Share Her Released-From-Captivity Week with Paris Hilton

Lindsay Lohan Will Stay in Rehab Longer Than a Month

At least I figure that’s the explanation for these rumors that Lindsay will be staying in rehab longer than originally planned. No one knows exactly when Paris will be released from the slammer, but it will probably be sometime early next week, and LiLo was supposed to leave Promises at the end of this week. But apparently she’s changed her plans.

“She is staying in Promises for longer than a month,” says a source close to Lindsay. “We don’t know how much longer because of her work schedule, but she is taking rehab very seriously this time and not messing around.”

Now, the humanitarian buried deep within my cold, evil heart wants to believe that this is true — that it has occurred to Lindsay that perhaps 28 days in rehab is not nearly long enough to untangle 20 years of fuck-upedness, and that experience would suggest that catapulting her back into the real world after such a short time period will inevitably result in her inability to stay sober, and that she really, truly wants to put her life in order this time around.

But, you know, my experience suggests otherwise.

I’ve gotta admit, though, with Paris in jail and Lindsay in rehab and Britney friendly with her family again, it’s been a really, really slow news week. Traffic’s been lagging. And, try as she might, Tara Reid just can’t hold down Camp Trainwreck by herself these days. This rehabilitation bullshit is costing me money, people. It’s not that I don’t want you to get sober, Lindsay, it’s just that I’d prefer it if you were sober while leaving Hyde in some manner of LA-tastic outfit with a D-list British model and calling Paris Hilton a cunt to X17. Is that really so unfair of me?

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Everyone’s saying that Katie Holmes is pregnant again. I don’t think that’s likely, seeing as how she’s suddenly 48 years old. [Celebslam]

Shar Jackson’s all like, “Look, I know you people don’t think very highly of me, but I didn’t go back to the dude who dumped me for Britney Spears and get pregnant with another one of his kids. I may have agreed to do Moesha, but, in general, I have standards.” [Cele|bitchy]

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Now that The Sopranos is over, I guess we have to start caring about those Gotti kids again. [Celebrity Smack]

I never watched X Files. I never cared about David Duchovny. But I remember he was on a talk show once, and the host asked him how his wife felt about the fact that some chick had written a song called “David Duchovny, Why Won’t You Love Me?” and he was all like, “Well, I wrote my own song. It’s called ‘Tea Leoni, Why Won’t You Blow Me,’ so we’re okay now.” And I love him for that. Anyway, he’s got a new series coming out. [popbytes]

Did Beyonce get liposuction? [Cityrag]

Joss Stone thinks she might have to turn lesbian. Amen, sister. [Fatback & Collards]

Jessica Simpson hits the gym. [Drunken Stepfather]

Matt Dillon has really bad B.O. [SOW]

Jessica Alba’s all like, “Thank God I don’t have to feel connected to my Mexican heritage, because those people are trashy.” This from the girl who admits she prefers to sleep around. [Gabby]

Tuesday Night Music

Monday Morning Music will be returning thanks to my lovely Beet giving me editing privilages. Hahahaha!!! All of the crazy things that I can do now. Thankfully the T is more into dishing on celebs rather than any heavy computing.

So to bring back my love of girlie folk music here is a song by the lovely and super talented Leigh Nash. Leigh Nash was the former lead singer of the band Sixpence None the Richer.
They were the band that gave Rachel Leigh Cook a song to walk down stairs to in “She’s All That.”

Her new music is lovely and was featured in a recent episode of “Army Wives.” Her new album Blue on Blue is quite lovely from the first to the last track and really is a great addition to your iPod for any summer travels.

Here are two of my favorites from Blue on Blue “My Idea of Heaven” (which has an adorable music video) and “Ocean Sized Love” (no video yet, just this weird fantasy thing…but you can hear this beautiful track)

Gisele Bundchen Does the Cover of W Magazine

Gisele Bunchen Cover of W Magazine Photo

Funny story. So I get this email with the subject line: “John Travolta in W Magazine’s JULY Issue.” Okay. So I open the email, and it has this image attached. Gmail, of course, just shows the thumbnail of the image. So I’m looking at the thumbnail of this thing, like, “Jesus Christ, that’s John Travolta? Is that from Hairspray?”

Anyway. It was Gisele. Not John Travolta. (If you care about that piece — please say you don’t — you can read an excerpt here.) But Gisele looks good, so I’m posting this picture, instead of talking about John Travolta, who is doing enough damn talking for the both of us these days.

Gisele Bunchen Cover of W Magazine Close-Up Picture

Brittny Gastineau’s Tits: Real or Fake?

Brittany Gastineau Boob Job Tits Fake Real Pictures

It’s a slow news day, so we’re gonna talk about breasts around here for a little while, and I just ran across these pics of Brittny Gastineau from last night.

They’ve been that size for awhile — I was just looking through old photos from Gastineau Girls and they’re about that large, but I can’t decide if they’re real or if she had a boob job. What do you guys think?

Brittny Gastineau Kim Kardashian the N Five Years Party Pictures Gastineau Kim Kardashian the N Five Years Photo Real Tits Fake Boobs Britney Gastino Real Tits Fake Boob Job Breast Picture