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Gretchen Mol Has Pretty Much Assured Her Son Will Not Have a Drug Problem. Or Friends.

Gretchen Mol Named Her Baby Son Ptolemy

So one of my best friends has an older brother named Adam. When we were in high school, Adam used to get into all sorts of trouble with his friends, and his dad would be like, “You know, this never would have happened if I’d named you Orson.”

Gretchen Mol has embraced that line of thinking, naming her month-old son Ptolemy, ostensibly after the Greek intellectual about whom little is known beyond his written work. So, you know, he may have been a raging pedophile.

The “p” is silent, but little kids won’t know that.

I bet this kid gets called “Pot” for short.

Your plan has backfired, Gretchen!!! Mwah-hahahahahaha!!!

Debbie Gibson and Constantine Maroulis?

Is Constantine Maroulis Dating Debbie Gibson? Probably Not.

From Us Magazine:

Are Deborah Gibson and American Idol alum Constantine Maroulis making sweet music together? spotted the pair walking hand in hand in NYC October 23.

Maroulis, 32, says he and Gibson, 37, began hanging out after meeting at the Broadway revival of Grease in August.

“She’s a sweetheart,” he tells Us. “She’s classy, has built a nice career and doesn’t drink or do drugs. We’re close, and it’s cool.”

You know what this sounds like to me?

This sounds like one of those hare-brained schemes Kathy Griffin would come up with on My Life on the D-List. Like, “How can I get the paparazzi to take my picture and get in the tabloids? Who do I need to date? Call his publicist!” And the end result is her walking down the street with Ron Jeremy. That’s the only possible explanation for Constantine Maroulis/Debbie Gibson.


This will fuck your shit up if you’re tripping right now. (Also, please, stop doing expense reports.)

This is the trailer for Paris Hilton’s new movie, Repo! The Genetic Opera.

It looks like it sucks, but it looks like it sucks in that amazing, campy sort of way, like it’s the perfect thing to have on in the background while you’re playing quarters chandelier and doing shots in between your turns because you’re not good enough at quarters to get as drunk as you wanna get. Not that I have any personal experience with that. Anyway, if that’s what the director was going for, Paris Hilton was an ideal casting choice.