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Lane Garrison Gets 40 Months in Prison


I guess that’s the going rate for killing a 17-year-old kid while driving on a coked-up bender.

“I’m sick of my own behavior that night,” Garrison said in court. “This remorse is genuine. I feel it every day.”

I’d say the message here is don’t drive drunk, but you kids should already know that.

So the other message is, please, don’t get in a car with a drunk-ass D-list celebrity. If you’re gonna risk your life, at least find a damn B-lister.

Listen to Britney’s KIIS-FM Interview with Ryan Seacrest


Britney’s trainwreck of a promotional tour — beginning and ending, she says, with this Ryan Seacrest interview — is now available for your listening pleasure. Click here.

God, I feel bad for Ryan. This thing was such a nightmare. I only got through 2 1/2 minutes, and then it hurt too bad. I’m not a very thorough journalist. Please let me know if anything less painful happened in the remaining 20 minutes.

Britney Spears’ album is expected to be #1 on the charts this week.

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Britney Spears Tells Ryan Seacrest She Doesn’t Know Who Tony Romo Is


Britney Spears, when Ryan Seacrest asked her during a phone interview this morning if she was having a romance with Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo.

Britney reportedly had to be woken up for the 9:30 am interview, and sounded groggy and out-of-it throughout the entire thing.

Ryan himself reported Britney giving Tony a lap dance at an LA club last weekend.

Daniel Craig Will Stay on as Bond

Daniel Craig as James Bond in a Hot Speedo

I’ll admit, I was really skeptical when Daniel Craig was first cast as James Bond — I just didn’t find him all that impressive — but then I saw the film, and I quickly changed my mind. Mostly I changed my mind during that Speedo scene. Yeah. That’s where most of the mind-changing happened.

Daniel Craig — and his enormous package — have signed on to do four more Bond films. I hope he’s in that damn Speedo for the entirety of all four of them. Listen, MGM, we’ve seen Bond in a tux more times than we need to. That’s been done. Just keep him in a Speedo. That’ll be fine.

Another Failed Rehab Attempt

Hania Barton is On Drugs Again

No, it’s not Lindsay — she’s still sober, as best I can tell — it’s Mischa Barton’s kid sister, Hania, who went to rehab in February of this year.

MISCHA Barton’s younger sister, Hania, showed up at a Hollywood fashion show so wasted last weekend, designer Daniel Darhan told her she couldn’t walk the runway. Web site also reports she was so “out of it” at the Troy Kingdom fashion show at club Area, she could “barely stand up. Her legs were like jelly. She was literally chewing on her lower lip.” When someone tried to snap a shot of her, Hania – who already has one trip to rehab under her belt – said, “No pictures, this [bleep] always ends up in the tabloids.” Her rep did not return calls.

Looks like Hania may have one or two more trips to Promises in her future. I’d do drugs, too, if my sister were Mischa Barton and I looked like this.