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12Diddy: Cheating on Ciroc?

You know, I’d hate to endorse anything as a celebrity. Because then, if you’re caught using anything even remotely resembling a competitor of that product, it ends up in Page Six.

SEAN Combs has been Ciroc vodka’s celebrity endorser since last year, but it’s not always his drink. During a party at club Home the other night, the hip-hop mogul had waitresses set up a bottle of the vodka at his table along with mixers. He even had a full glass of Ciroc sitting in front of him. “He sat there like he was drinking it, but had waitresses fetch him Malibu rum and pineapple cocktails all night instead,” our tipster claims. A rep for Combs said, “He loves the vodka and did not order anything else that night.”

You know, if I were his rep, I’d be all like, “Listen, assholes, it’s not like he was sitting there swigging Grey Goose all night. He wanted a goddamn rum and pineapple. Are you gonna freak out if he drinks a Budweiser, too? You know what? Come to think of it, he had a Sprite earlier. And, when he’s at the gym, sometimes he sets down the vodka for a minute and drinks water. Do we have all the skeletons out of the closet now, fucktards?”


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“I was a little surprised by her affair with the married man. Barbara is a pretty smart cookie, how did that happen? I didn’t think intelligent women did that.”

Christie Brinkley, to The Insider, regarding Barbara Walters’ admitted affair with married senator Edward Brooke.

Christie, you’ll recall, has been on the wrong side of marital infidelity in the recent past.

What do you guys think?

Does intelligence have anything to do with a woman’s willingness to sleep with a married man? Or to cheat in a committed relationship?

Additionally: Is Christie equating a lack of intelligence with low morals? Is she implying that this truism holds only for women?


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37Um, I Just Found Some More Pictures of Greg Plitt I’d Like to Share

Coming up next week on Work Out … Greg hooks up with hooker Trainer Renessa, and also he may be an alcoholic!


Oh, please, please, please let him be an alcoholic!

Then I can get him wasted and make him marry me!

And by “marry” I of course mean “have sex with.”

Okay, sorry, I’ll get over this crush soon enough and write about things that other people care about, I promise. I’m just very “Crushville, Population: Me” right now.

I hope the show comes up with some reason to put him in a fireman outfit.

No, no, that would probably kill me, actually.

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34Janet Jackson’s Dress: Love It or Leave It?

At the Alexander McQueen store opening in LA.

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Marcia Cross takes her twin daughters, Eden and Savannah, to a park in Brentwood.

Awww, they’re so cute.

I bet Greg and I will have twins. Twins with killer abs. Seriously they’ll just pop out of my vagina with six-packs. I’ll have to make them stop doing push-ups so the doctor can cut the umbilical cord. I’m so excited for my babies with Greg.

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15An Important Message for Chloe Sevigny

Never, ever, ever stand next to Jessica Stam again.

Here’s Chloe at an event for Women’s Health in NYC. Chloe really needs to find out when there will be an event for Women’s Mental Health and show up there instead.

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