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Sasha Cohen, Because It’s Cool That She Can Do That Thing with Her Leg

Sasha Cohen Skates at The Rink at Rockefeller Center, November 2, Pictures, Photos

The Olympic medalist showed her stuff off at The Rink at Rockefeller Center on Friday.

I just think she’s so adorable. And I wish I could do that with my leg. I bet I’d get asked out more often. I have double-jointed knuckles, but it just doesn’t create the same effect with men. Instead of “Oooooh,” it’s usually more like “Ewwww.” I need to stop trying to impress people that way.

Lashley Watch: Still Going Strong


This is three nights in a row!

Ashley Olsen and Lance Armstrong were spotted partying at NYC’s The Box on Wednesday night, while “celebrity” chef Rocco DiSpirito couldn’t get in for half an hour. “The doorman kept ignoring him and pretending he wasn’t there. It was actually really sad. He kept watching celeb after celeb being walked in.”

Three nights in a row is a big deal among the Hollywood set, people!

I guess Ashley is convenient for Lance. I mean, he can just hang a basket on his bike and keep her in that.

It’s Official: Dog’s Son Sold Him Out

Tucker Chapman Sold Tape of Dog on Racist Rant to National Enquirer

Dog’s lawyer today announced that, as we’d suspected, Dog’s son sold the tape of his father going on a racist rant to the National Enquirer for “a lot of money.”

“I guess because of whatever level of anger he had of his father, he felt the need to express it in that manner,” the lawyer said.

Damn. Why would the lawyer make that statement? Is Dog trying to make his son look bad now??

That’s sure how it seems!!!

His son Tucker could not be reached for comment.

Britney’s Not a Very Good Investor


If you can believe it, Britney Spears doesn’t manager her money particularly well. I know, I know. I thought that was weird, too. I guess she’s just too busy taking meetings with her lawyer and, you know, doing cocaine to spend any time with her money manager.

Court papers released Thursday in Britney Spears’ custody dispute with Kevin Federline show she spends lavishly on clothes and entertainment, and doesn’t save or invest any of her roughly $737,000 monthly income.

Spears’ monthly expenses include $49,267 in mortgage for two houses, $16,000 for clothes and $102,000 on entertainment, gifts and vacation, according to her financial declaration.

Although she’s often photographed eating fast food, Spears declares she spends about $4,758 per month dining out. Meanwhile, she spends zero on education, savings and investments and gives $500 a month in charitable contributions, the documents said.

$500 a month in charitable contributions! How sweet of her.

Nick Cannon and Miss USA?? (No Not That Miss USA)

Nick Cannon Wants to Date Miss USA Rachel Smith

Rumor has it that Nick Cannon — who recently split from model Selita Ebanks — has his eyes set on the reigning Miss USA, Rachel Smith.

“Last week, he sent her several dozen roses, chocolates and balloons,” said a source. “When she opened her apartment door, the hallway was flooded with stuff, and on each item was a different hand-written note from Nick to her.”

The two haven’t actually been on a date yet.

This sounds like something a publicist planted. I just wonder whose publicist.