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11Madonna Officially Adopts David Banda

Nearly a year and a half after adoption proceedings began, a judge in Malawi gave Madonna final approval to officially adopt little David Banda.

OMG, you guys, this totally reminded me of a dream I had last night that I’d completely forgotten. Madonna had died! And they thought it had something to do with food poisoning but no one was sure. And so all of a sudden Perez Hilton and I were on this TV show hosted by Joy Behar, of all people, and they stuck in front of us all the scientific data they’d collected about Madonna’s death, and we were supposed to figure out exactly how she’d died. And it was live! And I was trying to sort through all this data, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how sad this was for those kids. Dreams are so weird.

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Samantha Ronson was at the Sex and the City after party last night, but apparently after that finished up she and Lindsay headed over to the apartment of … Drea de Matteo?

Go figure.

When they left, Lindsay took a new and fascinating approach to hiding her face from the paps.

Cool shoes, though.

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9Cindy Margolis Is Single

Once upon a time, in the innocent years before Britney and Lindsay and Paris, Cindy Margolis was the most searched-for name on the Internet. The queen of soft-core Internet porn has since grown up a little — she married nightclub owner Guy Starkman nine years ago, and the couple have two young children. Unfortunately, they no longer have a marriage. Cindy confirmed that the couple have split.

“The end of any marriage is very sad. However, I feel blessed that Guy and I remain very close, we are truly the best of friends and the most devoted parents,” said Cindy in a statement.

But she’ll have no trouble finding new suitors — Cindy will appear on an upcoming cover of Playboy, at the age of 42.

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32Jessica Simpson’s Country Track: First Listen!

Click here to listen to the first single off Jessica Simpson’s upcoming country album.

It’s called “Come on Over,” and it’s not half bad for a country tune.

Eh, I really want to see Jessica succeed. She’s been through so much. She deserves a fucking break.

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4Patrick Swayze Says He’s Still Responding Well to Treatment

Although the star was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer earlier this year, he reports that he’s doing well under the circumstances.

Says Patrick: “I am continuing treatment at Stanford [University Medical Center] and the great news is I continue to respond well.”

All our thoughts are with you, Patrick.

Note: This is an old picture of Patrick, from 2007. The new ones make me sad.

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17Sex and the City: The NYC Premiere!

After the jump, you’ll find a gazillion pics of the SatC NYC premiere and after party. There are actually one gazillion. I counted.

But did producers totally fuck over the NYC fans? Gawker has this email from a ticketholder:

So my friend and I had tickets to the SATC premiere tonight. We left work early and booked it over there. When we got there, there was a line spanning from 50th and 6th to 50th and 5th around to 51st between 5th and 6th. We realized there probably wasn’t much of a chance everyone would fit but it was Radio City sooo lots of seats. Some photographers took pics of the line and once that was done they told EVERYONE to go home. Not one ticket holder entered the theater. There were probably a couple of thousand people all decked out having travels from who knows where to get there holding their tickets and told to leave. There was a near riot of Louboutin clicking girls to the security windows in the front. I had gotten the tickets recently so I wasn’t as emotionally invested but I thought it was really wrong. Some were in near tears waving their tickets and yelling into their cells. There were some people who had been there for hours and had missed work. They told us later that they didn’t open the mezzanine so basically the tickets were for show. Just mean – all for a PR shots…

Dude, that sucks.


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