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Snoop Dogg Pleads Guilty to Weapons Charge

Snoop Dogg Pleads Guilty to Weapons Charge

Everyone’s favorite law-abiding citizen plead guilty to the charges stemming from last year’s weapons arrest, when a certain someone thought to smuggle a collapsible baton onto an airplane in a laptop case.

Snoop’s actually going to less jail time than Nicole Richie for this one — he’ll do 160 hours of community service and three years probation for the felony, which will be reduced to a misdemeanor if he manages not to break the law for an entire year. And the sonofabitch didn’t even have to get pregnant!

“Snoop’s goal is to make music, not make court appearances,” said his lawyer.

First Pics of Mary-Louise Parker and Her New Baby!!!

Mary-Louise Parker and Adopted African Baby Pictures, Photos

Mary-Louise, who already has one kid with Billy Crudup (who pulled a Tom Brady and ditched her for Claire Danes before the kid was born — or would it be more accurate to say Tom Brady pulled a Billy Crudup? Or who cares?), was spotted around New York with her newest African accessory: a child!

The Weeds actress took the new purse human being to the doctor and then chatted away on her cell phone.

No word yet on the little girl’s name.

Could Joan Rivers be Returning to the Red Carpet … via VH1???

Will Joan and Melissa Rivers be covering red carpet awards shows for VH1?

She was with E! for awhile, then she moved to TV Guide network, and, most recently, Joan Rivers has been critiquing the red carpet from … a blog?

Shit, I can do that.

What I can’t do is get VH1 to support my blogging efforts.

Their interest in Joan’s red-carpet commentary is leading some folks at the LA Times to wonder whether VH1′s getting into the red carpet business.

I have a hunch — and more than that — that Joan and Melissa are secretly planning a dramatic comeback to the red carpet.

What’s key about current circumstances is that Joan and Melissa did their Internet gig with VH1. That sure makes you wonder: Is the music channel planning to get into the red carpet biz? If so, why weren’t Joan and Melissa at the Emmys repping VH1? Currently, no rival network has an exclusive deal. The TV Guide Channel eventually busted that E! monopoly, opening up the carpet to other cable players.

When I recently asked Joan’s PR rep if the Rivers gals will work red carpets for VH1 in the future, she got noticeably nervous and replied: “No comment.”

The whole article is interesting and worth a read, by the way — lots of behind-the-scenes drama in there — but Joan and Melissa back on the red carpet? On VH1???

I love it.

Links Links Links

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Paris Hilton’s New Boy-Toy is Ridiculously Hot

Paris Hilton and new Boyfriend Alex Vaggo, Pictures, Photos

Paris and New Guy Alex Vaggo, Swedish Tourist, Pictures, Photos

Most of the time I’m far from jealous of this girl, but when she lands dudes like this, I get a little bit annoyed.

This guy is seriously hot.

His name’s Alex Vaggo, he’s — according to InTouch — a Swedish tourist, which kind of sounds like a kinky sex position. Like, “Look, I don’t want you to think I’m weird or anything, it’s just something I’ve always sorta wanted to try … will you do Swedish tourist with me?”

Anyway, Par-Par met him through mutual friends, and now I guess they’re bumping uglies. Or doing the Swedish tourist. Whatever the kids are calling it these days.

I have to take this moment to relay a conversation I had with my grandfather yesterday.

Grandpa: So you must be busy these days, with OJ Simpson and Britney’s meltdown.
Me: Yes, Grandpa, there are plenty of stories lately.
Grandpa: That Britney, she needs to get herself a good therapist.
Me: Yes, she certainly does.
Grandpa: Although I guess it’s good she’s going through so much drama, because Paris and Lindsay, they’re really behaving themselves these days.
Me: [laugh hysterically] Grandpa: Well it’s true, they’re both staying out of trouble.
Me: Grandpa, how do you know these things?
Grandpa: I read the paper, sweetie.

Anyway, enjoy these pics of Paris’s new man.