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J Woww Fulfills Your Fantasies, Eats Pasta in Bed

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What, that’s not your fantasy? Pasta in bed? It’s definitely one of mine. I could eat pasta every damned day. And in bed, too. And I would, if I could do it without putting on, you know, fifty pounds because of it.

But alas, some bitches have all the luck. Like Jersey Shore‘s Jenni Farley, otherwise known as J Woww. (I can’t believe she’s still carrying around that stupid nickname. I mean, it’s ALMOST as stupid as Snooki.)

Anyway, Maxim photos of a scantily-clad J Woww eating pasta in bed. You’re welcome.

What’s your call: hot or trashy?

Sean Penn Has a New Girlfriend That Doesn’t Wear Stupid Toe Sneakers

photo of sean penn running with girlfriend stacey koplin pictures

Alright, since when is Sean Penn such an exercise freak? Did he realize that if it looks like he’s keeping up appearances and isn’t letting himself turn to mush that it’s more likely for him to get hot pieces of ass? Because this cigarette-smoking half-centurion is doing nothing but throwing up flashbombs as far as I’m concerned.

Here are some photos of Sean Penn‘s new girlfriend, Stacey Koplin, who is … I have no idea who she is. She doesn’t even have a Wiki page, ffs. I can’t even find a crapping LinkedIn profile, and you know that’s some bad business right there. The only thing I was able to dig up was a “Stacey Koplin” of Santa Monica, CA. The private MySpace profile says she’s thirty-seven years old, so this could very well be Penn’s new piece.

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