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Emma Stone Astounds in The Advocate, Natch

A photo of Emma Stone

Oh, I’m sorry, you thought I was going to say a single negative word about the young adult ginger lady love of my life, Emma Stone? You thought you were going to be able to go a few more weeks without listening to me gush about how wonderful she is? Well, you thought wrong, you old crazies!

Here are some lovely highlights from her interview with The Advocate:

When did you become aware of your gay following?
When The House Bunny came out, and it was incredibly exciting. That support is profoundly important and moving to me, because you guys are the best. I grew up with a ton of gay friends and witnessed their struggles. One of the most wonderful things about doing Easy A was that we got to tackle issues that many gay teenagers face.

Did you anticipate the extent to which Easy A would resonate with the gay audience?
Our writer, Bert V. Royal, is gay, and these were issues that he had actually experienced growing up, so we knew that would resonate. But when the movie came out last summer, media coverage of gay teen suicides was everywhere. Because the movie came out right in the eye of that storm, the timing ended up being more relevant and poignant than we anticipated.

Who’s the most important gay person in your life?
I did a lot of theater growing up, and I was lucky to be raised in a family that was very accepting, so someone being gay was never odd or off-putting to me. I have a lot of wonderful gay friends, but one of the most formative men in my life is Max, who’s been my best friend since I was 11 years old. He’s the funniest human being on the planet, and he single-handedly taught me how to do improv. He also taught me what friendship is and what it is to truly know someone. Now we both live in New York, so we’ve been able to stay close for our whole lives.

In the Crazy, Stupid, Love. trailer, your character admires Ryan Gosling’s shirtless torso and says, “It’s like you’re photoshopped!” Since you got closer to all that than most of us ever will, what else can you share?
Well, I got to touch it too, so I can confirm that he isn’t photoshopped at all. He put in all the hard work, and it will not disappoint you.

Instead of boy-crazy girly girls, you often play these strong, independent women with an edgy tomboy quality, which has certainly endeared you to lesbian fans.
Really? Oh, I’m so flattered. The tomboy quality is probably coincidental just due to the fact that my voice hits male octaves most of the time. I don’t really think about it — I just respond to what I read — but I must be subconsciously drawn to women who, even if they don’t necessarily have their shit together, are secure within themselves and don’t need a man to fix them.

Are you a tomboy or a girly girl in real life?
It depends on the day. I’m a solid party mix of both.

A lesbian role seems like a logical next step for you.
Right? Send me over a good script. That sounds amazing.

Which gay star would you play in a biopic?
Can I play a man? Anthony Perkins would be interesting, because it was kind of a secret thing.

You also seem guarded when it comes to your personal life. But as you become more and more famous, people naturally want to know more about you and whom you’re dating. How do you navigate that?
I’ve tried to figure out how to be honest and totally myself while not giving away those things that are most sacred to me. I’m afraid that if I ever expose those parts of my life, it will just open up a floodgate of more speculation. So I don’t ever want to talk about relationships or family in interviews. That would be like meeting a stranger for the first time and telling them all that stuff.

When you guested on Chelsea Lately, Chelsea Handler asked if you had a girlfriend when you evaded her question about having a boyfriend. You responded sarcastically, but I got excited for a second.
No, I don’t have a girlfriend. But who knows? You love who you love.

Do you have a girl crush?

Christina Hendricks. It’s a no-brainer. Everything about her does it for me. That’s my kind of woman.

Between Emma’s precious heart and the images of her fondling my beloved Ryan Gosling and crushing on my girl, Christina Hendricks, and playing Anthony Perkins in a biopic, I’m pretty much spent for the day. See you guys back here in the AM, all right?

Octomom: “Why Don’t You Grow A Baby And Get A Life!”

A photo of Nadya Suleman

Ever since Nadya “Octomom” Suleman made that comment that she hated her zillion babies and then unconvincingly denied it, I’ve been keeping an eye out for this lady. I just knew that laying low for a few months after those weird fetish photos came out simply would not do, and that she was going to have to do something soon to stay in the spotlight. And let me just tell you, I am so glad that I did.

Remember 3rd Rock from the Sun?  Now remember Kristen Johnson, the woman who played Sally? Ok, now picture these two ladies getting into a little fight because Kristen is a reasonable human being and gets a little on edge by listening to eight babies screaming in a tight space. Got it?  Love it? Good.

Here’s the story from TMZ:

Nadya Suleman was flying back from New York City last night and her and the brood took up most of the business class section of the plane. The flight was delayed for more than two hours and Nadya tried to silence the kids — to no avail.

The crying babies annoyed the “3rd Rock from the Sun” star so much, she marched over to Nadya and told her keep it down.

Nadya’s rep tells TMZ Nadya fired back, “How would you like me to keep eight 2-year-olds quiet?” To which Kristen allegedly responded, “Get more help!”

The rep says Nadya shouted back, “Why don’t you grow a baby and get a life!”

Eventually Kristen returned to her seat, but according to Nadya’s rep … Kristen got off the plane and never returned.

And now, thanks to Octomom, I never need to experience that awkward moment when I get into an argument and can’t come up with a good insult.  No, now whenever my roommate calls me the C word or some trashy girl at the mall blatantly hits on my boyfriend, I’ll skip right past the stuttered “suck it” and jump right on ahead to “why don’t you grow a baby and get a life!”

Love you, girl!  Appreciate you!

Just Because: Some Beautiful Toddlers and Tiaras Magic

We’ve all seen Toddlers and Tiaras, right? I mean, I feel like it’s about three years too late to ask that question, seeing as how I started watching it after our very own Sasha called it her new favorite show back in 2009, but I reckon it’s still valid. And even if you haven’t seen it, I’m sure you can appreciate this hilarious clip anyway. Happy Saturday, you know?

On this delightful day, why don’t you take a moment to share with us one of your favorite YouTube videos? Things are a little chill right now, a little relaxed, I think we can all take some time to add a little sprinkle of hilarity into our lives.