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Well I Guess Jeri Ryan’s Pregnant

Jeri Ryan Pregnant Baby Bump at Bee Movie Westwood Premiere, Pictures Photos

How amazing does she look?

Absolutely radiant!

Jeri made an appearance at the Westwood premiere of Bee Movie on Sunday night, and she’s just glowing!

Jeri divorced politico Jack Ryan in 1999. (Remember that whole scandal? When the divorce papers were unsealed in 2004, they ruined Jack’s reputation — Jeri accused him of forcing her to perform sex acts in public and at strip clubs — and killed his Illinois Senate bid, which Barack Obama went on to win. The rest is history. So, basically, if America ends up electing its first black president in 2008, Jeri Ryan’s the one who deserves the thanks.)

She married Chef Christophe Émé in June of this year. She’s due in March 2008.

Congrats, Jeri!

Jeri Ryan Pregnant Baby Bump at Bee Movie Westwood Premiere, Pictures Photos Jeri Ryan Smiling and Pregnant Baby Bump at Bee Movie Westwood Premiere, Pictures Photos Jeri Ryan Pregnant Baby Bump at Bee Movie Westwood at Mann Village Theater Premiere, Pictures Photos Jeri Ryan Pregnant Baby Bump at Bee Movie Westwood Premiere, Pictures Photos

More Britney Drama, Still Naked


Oh, Britney.

Your new album rocks.

You don’t.

It does not appear that Brit-Brit will be touring to support Blackout, as her, you know, raging drug and alcohol problem precludes that at this point. So the new goal is to get some killer music videos made to help sell the albums. Anything better than that Gimme More video. But discussions for the new videos didn’t exactly go as planned. From Ted Casablancas:

Picture it: A most hip ‘n’ glam production crew was set up to begin discussions with [Britney]. Dates, times and official big-comeback powwow location confirmed. Then, right before scheduled creative meeting time…ring, ring!
It’s Britney’s latest assistant saying her boss can’t make it the few lousy miles into town, and would they mind, terribly, coming out to Malibu for the meeting?

They did, but said the opposite, see, as this is, after all, the infamous legend in the making that is Britney. So, the production types hauled out to the beach. Only to be greeted by the same assistant, only slightly sheepishly (but not really) delivering the following shocker: “Uh,” the Spears helper began, like she was eight, on Santa’s knee and beginning her very lengthy Christmas list. “Britney,” the Spears-ite continued, rather haltingly. “She’s not really feeling it today.”

And before the crew could even begin to drop their jaws in absolute disgust meets horror meets total ef you time, they heard yelling and screaming coming from an upstairs window. So, they all looked up. And even though they couldn’t see at whom she was aiming her tirade (Lynne or some poor schmuck from Malibu Wigs, is our guess), they could see Ms. Es clearly feeling something. Best part? The expletive-filled rantfest was not only panties free, on Britney’s part, it was everything free. You’d think that broad could pull down the friggin’ shades, along with her career, huh?

Britney. Get it together, girl.

So What Did Britney Spears Do After the Custody Hearing on Friday?

Britney Spears and Alli Sims Met up with Tony Romo After Custody Hearing

What any normal person would do:

She found a professional football player and hit the club!

After the custody hearing, Britney and Alli Sims went to Ketchup, where Tony Romo (who’s been linked recently to Sophia Bush and Carrie Underwood) was having dinner.

The threesome later headed to Les Deux, where they chilled in the VIP room.

Tony Romo is the new Matt Leinart!

Look for Paris Hilton to be all over this dude in the coming weeks.

I’m Just Gonna Say It: The New Britney Album is Pretty Damn Awesome


Fuck it.

It is.

I listened to it once, and I was like, “Dude, this doesn’t suck as much as everyone said it did.” But I figured I must just be way high, so I listened to it again. And again. And now I’ve been listening to it all damn weekend, and you know what, motherfuckers?

It rocks.

I’m hooked.

It’s a good. Fucking. Album.

Like, damn near every song is awesome. Basically every song could be a single. “Toy Soldier” is my favorite, but they’re all solid.

And I couldn’t be happier. I was really, really wanting this album to be good, and Britney (well, Britney’s producers) pulled it off.

Rock on, Britster.

Thank you.

Paris Hilton Launches New Fragrance, Can-Can


Proceeds from the sales of another totally unnecessary celebrity perfume will go to the Los Angeles Unified School District, to be directed toward the development of free after-school tutoring programs and expanded computer labs, with the goal of increasing the dismal high-school graduation rates of these promising youngsters, who are all too often doomed to a future of illiteracy, addiction and jail recidivism.

Except that’s totally not true.

But she is definitely adding a floor to her Malibu beach pad.