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The Sheriff Thinks Paris Should Be Out


News conference on MSNBC right now… a few of the high notes:

According to The Sheriff:

Paris should be out of custody, and any other person charged with her crimes would be out on house arrest already.

The judge asking for medical records (the judge wanted to understand why she’d been released on medical reasons) was illegal because Paris never gave written permission for the release of her medical records. She only gave verbal permission which led to some confusion.

The Sheriff has been in touch with psychologists, and that’s the “medical” advice he took into consideration when he released her to house arrest. No one was aware of Paris’ psychiatric problems when she was initially incarcerated.

If the Judge wants to make an example of her The Sheriff will follow that order.

The Sheriff believes the incarceration of Paris is completely out of bounds, due to jail overcrowding, and her psychological issues make her jail time a complete mismatch for her crime.

A couple of times Sheriff Lee said “The only special treatment she’s received is that she’s been kept in jail far longer than anyone else would.”

Basically it seems as though Sheriff Lee wants nothing to do with this. His opinion is that she should be out on house arrest due to both her mental state and overcrowding. He made both points over and over throughout the press conference.

One of the commentators wondered why the lawyers didn’t originally bring up the “medical” issues before she was put in jail in the first place.

And now Rev. Al Sharpton is on MSNBC championing Paris headed back to jail.

This story can’t get stranger.

Is Paris Hilton’s Medical Condition Claustrophobia?

Is Paris Hilton Claustrophobic? Have Claustrophobia?

A friend of Paris Hilton tells E! Online’s Planet Gossip Show cohost Tina Dirmann that the heiress considers herself claustrophobic and says her fear of enclosed spaces often throws her into a panic.

“It’s not surprising to me that she was melting down, because she was cooped up in a tiny cell 23 hours a day. When I heard that, I knew what would happen. I know her well enough to know she must have been flipping out. That’s what happens to her. She can’t breathe, her heart races and she feels like she’s going to pass out! I knew it would be bad for her.”

The friend said he was even on a shopping trip out with Paris about two years ago when she began melting down, the pal recalls.

“We were in the store, and she just started saying, ‘I’ve got to get out of here. I’m going to nose-dive!’ Her hands were shaking, and she said she felt dizzy, like she was going to black out or something.” That’s what happens when there’s a run on Prada. (Aw, Paris, we kid!)

Afterward, the friend said Paris told him she’s very afraid of enclosed spaces, and it sometimes causes her to “freak out” when she feels too closed in.

I dunno, for someone claustrophobic, she sure does spend a lot of time in airplanes and packed parties. But I guess she’s typically inebriated under those circumstances, so maybe that makes it easier for her to stomach. If this is true, I feel a little teeny tiny bit bad for her, because I suffer from panic attacks myself under some circumstances, and I know how awful they are, but, hey, don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time, right? Paris should have thought about how much jail would suck for her before she broke the law. Twice.


Speaking of Ann Coulter


Not only does her hair look good. She is DEFENDING Paris Hilton. I fly a little right of the radar, on the record I think she is a bit batty, but it is shocking that she would defend the celebutard.

She does make a point though. Why isn’t Nicole or Lindsay facing jail time?

“I think the judge has Judge Ito disease, he wanted to get his name in the paper and he succeeded. And everyone around her, everyone involved in this case -0- is not going to have a story to sell to inside edition. I think that No one disputes that anyone else … a normal citizen wouldn’t get 45 days in this case. Even Nicole Richie, who isn’t a normal citizen, didn’t get a sentence like this.”
-Ann Coulter

[source]…because I was too lazy to transcribe her ranting myself….

Paris Going Through Withdrawl as I Live-blog Fox News

I’m angry I didn’t think of this first but our friend Jonathan Jaxson over at JJ’s blog believes that Paris’s “medical condition” (she was seen shaking and sweating during her hearing) might actually be her going through withdrawl.

It would be rough to be thrown in jail and also go through withdrawl at the same time. Even somebody that normally drinks daily might go through a physical withdrawl symptoms.

News reports every where are reporting that Paris was shaking, twitching, sweating, crying, and limp like in the court room today. All this prior to being sentenced back to jail to serve out 40 more days of her original 45 day sentence.

Let me comment on this from a personal point of view. I have several celebrities, along with my own witnessing, that knows Paris Hilton was a frequent drug user. Her symptoms seem to resemble those of drug with draw. It wasn’t abnormal to see Paris smoking weed, doing a line of cocaine, getting drunk, smoking cigarettes, popping pills, or what ever else you could think of.

Greta Van Sustren is being interviewed on Fox News right now. She was in court with Paris and says that the heiress looked very ill. The pieces of the puzzle are coming together.

Paris right now has arrived at the Twin Towers Correctional Center. Also…in case anyone cares East Coast air traffic has pretty much shut down due to a glitch in Atlanta. The dow is also way up. I need to get away from my computer…I’m live-blogging Fox News. Anne Coulter’s hair looks great. When did I become Elizabeth Hasselback?

Oh, also Buzz Aldrin is talking about the fact that Paris Hilton is going to jail…as Astronauts head to space.

Yes…Those Were Probably Real Tears


Not only is Paris back in jail, but also she is quite unhappy about it. This is a very different Paris than the girl on MTV’s red carpet who said she wanted to serve out her sentence like anyone else. She said she didn’t want special treatment. Of course she did get special treatment since her “medical condition” was simply her being a bit out of sorts by the whole incarceration thing.

Paris finally lashed out and showed the world that after a few days in slammer she has realized that jail ain’t that hot.

A screaming, crying Paris Hilton was ordered back to jail on Friday to serve out the remainder of her 45-day sentence for a parole violation in a reckless driving case.

“It’s not right!” shouted the weeping Hilton. “Mom!” she called out to her mother in the audience.

A witness said Hilton was “physically escorted” out of the courtroom by a female deputy.

Hilton’s mother, Kathy Hilton, was later seen pacing the hallways, telling reporters, “I’m paralyzed right now.”

Hilton was dressed down for her court day. You know that she really isn’t doing so well when she wears grey sweatpants to her court hearing. Perhaps she was trying to look a little crazy so they felt bad for her. Lest she forget jail is full of crazy people close to a breakdown that don’t really want to be there.

The reality star came into the courtroom disheveled and weeping. Her hair was askew and she wore a gray fuzzy sweatshirt over slacks. She wore no makeup and she cried throughout the hearing.

Her body also shook constantly as she dabbed at her eyes. Several times she turned to her parents, seated behind her in the courtroom, and mouthed, “I love you.”

Yes Paris…jail is going to suck. That is why you need to obey the law next time.