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13Terry Semel to Buy IMG?


A chance for Courtenay Semel to be famous for something other than Filthy Rich Cattle Drive and a brief fling with Lindsay Lohan!

Yahoo CEO Terry Semel (who’s Courtenay’s dad), is reportedly in talks to buy talent agency IMG for around $2 or $3 billion. Because that’s about what it’s gonna cost to get Courtenay’s beat-with-an-ugly-stick face cast in a film.

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11Angie Talking to Papa Voight Again!

Says Angie in a recent interview:

“I think sometimes you have to distance yourself from relationships you feel are unhealthy for you. But we have spoken recently and we are going to try to get to know each other and maybe try not to be this daddy and daughter, but to be there for each other as friends in the coming years.”

I don’t know why this makes me so happy, but it does. Family forgiveness is awesome. And it’s great that those kids might have another granddaddy in their lives. Granddaddies rule. My grandpa, who is as passionate about reading the newspaper as he is about his health, called me up the other day to tell me that he’d read in the paper that studies show people have more luck quitting smoking if they have a quitting buddy. So he said he would be my quitting buddy (even though he’s never smoked), and he mailed me a little packet of quit-smoking tips. My grandpa is adorable and amazing. And, for all of you who have asked, the quitting smoking has been on and off — good days and bad days — but hopefully with my new quitting buddy, I’ll be able to kick the habit for good.

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19Another Smile!

Little Ashley Olsen is looking fantastic lately!

A smile on her face!

Curls in her hair!

A healthy weight!

I’m loving it!

A possible reason for Ashley’s newfound happiness: her burgeoning relationship with National Treasure hottie Justin Bartha, who’s Lydia Hearst’s ex. Seriously, why do these girls always recycle each other’s guys? There are like three billion men on the planet. Do you all have to date the same fifty of them over and over again? I’ve actually managed to go my entire life without ever dating a guy who used to date one of my friends. Like, I think it happened once in high school, but that doesn’t count. Your dating pool is really, really small in high school. But we’re all big kids now, with access to a big world that’s just chock-full of men. Find a fresh one!

[Image via Splash]

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7So Happy Together!

Matthew McConaughey takes his future baby mama, Camila Alves, out for lunch in Malibu.

[Image via Splash]

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27Where’s the Kid, Christina???

Christina Aguilera seems to be enjoying her post-pregnancy tits a lot more than her post-pregnancy child.

It seems like homegirl’s out on the town damn near every night. Contrast that with Nicole Richie, who’s just barely been on the scene at all since she gave birth on the same day. I guess motherhood works differently for everyone. I mean, I can’t talk, because I’ve never had a human child, but I’ll tell you that, even now, I really hate going anywhere that I can’t bring Leo. And he’s a freaking dog! But I just feel that he’s so young, and he should be with me all the time, so that he feels safe and protected and bonds with me. Plus I miss him terribly when he’s not with me! I don’t understand how Christina’s out and about so often without her kiddo.

Here’s Christina and hubby Jordan Bratman hosting an event at LAX in Vegas this weekend.

Oh, and speaking of Leo, there won’t be pictures of him for awhile, because he ate the cord that connects the camera to the computer. I found it on the living room floor today, little silver wires sticking every which way. I was like “DON’T YOU WANT TO BE FAMOUS, YOU UNGRATEFUL LITTLE PRICK???” No, no. I didn’t say that. Dina Lohan did.

Anyway, I ordered a new one, but it’ll take a week or so to get here. So those of you who detest the Leo photos can let down your guards for a bit. :) Plus, I’m in the process of launching a new website dedicated to me and Leo, so that the people who like the Leo stuff can read it and the people who don’t won’t have to see it, and everyone can be happy. Oh, who am I kidding. I’ll never make everyone around here happy. But it sure is fun to try!

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11OK! Magazine Offered Lindsay Lohan $1M to Say She’s Gay

Being gay in Hollywood is finally profitable.

Lindsay Lohan was reportedly offered $1M by OK! magazine for a cover story proclaiming her lady-loving ways.

Says Lohan’s rep: “They sent offers and we passed.”

Says OK!: “We don’t comment on future editorial.”

Note that Lohan’s rep didn’t say “we passed because Lindsay’s not getting all lover-style with SamRo.”

Sources say that the talks are, in fact, still in progress, and that Lindsay wants it to happen, mostly because she needs the cash.

This story is gonna get written at some point, with Lindsay’s seal of approval, mark my words. She’s too addicted to fame to pass it up.

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