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20Will Someone Please Shoot Rumer Willis in the Head?

Rumer Willis New Black Cropped Haircut, Pictures, Photos

Just tell the cops you were aiming at her new haircut. They’ll understand.

March 14, 2008 at 12:12 am by Evil Beet
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7Paris Is Still Dragging Benji Around with Her



Paris did a little press conference tonight for her new reality show, My New BFF, where I guess she’ll be on the hunt for young women who want to be her friend because they care about who she really is deep down inside, and obviously the best pool from which to choose such a person is the group of girls who volunteer to be on her ridiculous reality TV show. If Paris wants a friend who cares about who she really is, she needs to, like, go to Antarctica and befriend a penguin. Because no one else on earth is going to see her as anything but Paris Hilton Incorporated.

And speaking of people who know Paris deep down inside, she’s still tugging around little Benji Madden, and sporting that dumbass ring with his initials on it.

This is a stupid Paris Hilton romance. I like it better when she plucks super-hot nobodies out of obscurity and we can all just marvel at their toolishness and hotness for awhile, until she dumps them. Speaking of which, whatever happened to that Pizza Boy? Isn’t it about time he sells a tell-all? And then reports directly to my bedroom? I think yes.

March 14, 2008 at 12:05 am by Evil Beet

14A Rare Event

Ashley Olsen Smiling, Pictures, Photos

Who is this darling young celeb?

She’s barely recognizable without her trademark grimace, but it’s none other than Ashley Olsen. Smiling! For the paparazzi!

This is so weird.

Next thing you know Lindsay Lohan will be appointed Drug Czar.

March 13, 2008 at 11:54 pm by Evil Beet
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6Is That a Baby Bump?

Jennie Garth Baby Bump at National Kidney Foundation’s “KEEP it Hollywood” event, pictures, photos

Jennie Garth showed up to lend some celeb support to the National Kidney Foundation’s “KEEP It Hollywood” event, and she’s either sporting a baby bump or an unfortunate tank top. In fairness, she’s had three kids with husband Peter Facinelli, so I’ll cut her some slack.

Either way, she’s such a cutie. I really like her.

March 13, 2008 at 11:47 pm by Evil Beet
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3Now Here’s an Idea


Sean “I Am the American Dream” Combs (aka “Diddy”) has announced his latest business venture: he’s launching a car service for inebriated A-listers.

“After partnering with Ciroc vodka, he wants to make sure everyone’s partying responsibly,” his rep says.

And Diddy’s goal? “Making sure nobody gets arrested!” he says.

This is good for the drivers of Los Angeles, but potentially deadly for celeb gossip.

Diddy, if you’re going to do this, at least put a hidden camera in the cars and sell us the footage!

March 13, 2008 at 11:42 pm by Evil Beet
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24Surprise! Steve-O’s in the Psych Ward!


Wow. I totally did not see this one coming.


After emailing a suicide note to several friends and making this video, it seems our good friend Steve-O has landed himself in the Cedars-Sinai psych ward, Britney’s alma mater.

Psych wards are totally the new rehab!!!

According to an insider, he was taken to the emergency room on Sunday afternoon. After drug tests, he was checked into the Thalians Mental Health Center — known for doing crisis intervention — where he was put on a 72-hour hold. That has since been extended to 14 days, Star has learned.

“Steve is stabilized on meds at this point,” the source told Star. “He was also treated for burns on his skin as if he had been putting cigarettes out on his own body.”

Friends and family have become increasingly concerned about the star’s mental state, especially following his March 3 arrest following a dispute with a neighbor. Days after, a close family member told Star that Steve-O — real name Stephen Glover — suffers from untreated bipolar disorder.

“Right now he’s in his extreme mania,” the family member said. “His concerned friends and family are hoping he’ll seek treatment. He doesn’t need jail, he needs therapy. We’re just really hoping that this will be the wake-up call that gets him back to himself.”

But the situation escalated over the weekend when Steve-O, 33, e-mailed suicide notes to several friends, blaming a broken romance. Eventually a woman friend and his bodyguard took him to the hospital around 2pm on Sunday. But he caused a major scene in the hospital, says one insider.

“Steve started flipping out. He told doctors he wanted to hurt himself badly. He wanted to break every bone in his body one by one.”

Yeah, Steve-O needs meds. Meds and AA!!!

Get some help, kiddo.

March 13, 2008 at 2:56 pm by Evil Beet
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