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Paris Hilton: Now With More Herb

Of course after Paris Hilton lied to Larry King and told him that she has never done drugs nor has a drinking problem (which is when both the Beet and I gave up on caring about her interview) various websites have come up with photos and videos of the formerly jailed heiress doing many illegal drugs.

Paris. When something is on the internet it kind of gets around. Sort of like you.

The Smoking Gun is on the case and boy to they have some awesome video.

* Paris Hilton saying that she is smoking weed and eating old burgers

* Paris Hilton trying to score “ludes” off some lovely man named Jose who Paris says is “like a pharmacy.”

* Paris outside the Mushroom Gallery of Amsterdam buying and eating shrooms with her former boyfriend Jason Shaw.

* Paris once again in Amsterdam smoking hash from a pipe in Amsterdam and attempting to figure out how to get quality weed back to the US.

* Nicky actually saying to her sister “Do you have herb?” and then going outside with Hilton and friends to toke up. I’m sorry but in all of the times I was around weed nobody called it herb except for serious stoners.

* Paris once again in Amsterdam taking hits off a bong.

I have to say that I “heart” The Smoking Gun. They were one of my first websites to waste time with when I was at my part time office job in college. Simply put…Paris you dumbass don’t say you don’t or haven’t done drugs when you have taped yourself doing them.

For videos of Paris doing drugs click [here]


Lindsay Lohan Cocaine in DUI Case

SHOCKER! The toxicology report from the night she drove her Mercedes off the street and into the sidewalk indicates she was at twice the California legal driving limit and showed traces of cocaine. Because Lindsay was under 21 at the time of the accident, the true California driving limit for her was zero.

But Lindsay, unlike Paris Hilton, has been open about her struggles with drug and alcohol addiction, and recently opted to stay in rehab for an extended period of time.

Paris Hilton on Larry King: The Transcript

Paris Hilton Larry King CNN Transcript

The transcript of Paris on Larry is now available. I’ve selected my favorite part to share with you all:

KING: Have you ever been addicted to drugs?


KING: Taken drugs.


KING: Never taken drugs?


KING: Do you know that the organization MADD has had a tough time with you, Mothers Against Drunk Driving?


KING: Feeling that you’ve set a kind of bad example. What are your feelings toward them? Do you plan to work with them?

HILTON: Yeah, I’d love to work with them and I think me, by doing my sentence and doing my time, I have served as a bit of an example and I want to continue to do so.

KING: Do you have a drinking problem?

HILTON: No. Not at all.

KING: You must have had — just this one drink this one time?

HILTON: I’m just — I’m not a big drinker. I’m not really into it. I think socially people do sometimes when they go out but it’s not something that I really care about.

Full transcript after the jump.

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Thursday Music

Because let’s face it, we’re just that goddamn cool, here’s a Thursday video for you.

These guys sound a ton like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah but they are in fact The Spinto Band with a little ditty called “Oh Mandy.”

Girl Power!


I am so excited that the Spice Girls have taken time out of their busy baby making schedules to have a reunion!

They are planning on launching a world tour that will hit such hot spots as Vegas and London. I have to say that I bought all of their albums and really was quite the big fan of these ladies.

I actually have a friend who got a Spice Girls tattoo in 1997 and I was like “um, 10 years from now you are just going to think jesus…why did I do this to myself??” Now he can bear his tattoo loud and proud because the ladies are back!

Girl Power!

I’ll be keeping our readers updated of any new Spice Girls news!