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5Not Divorced Yet!

Mariah and Nick looked every bit the happy couple, as they arrived at Narita airport outside of Tokyo. Mariah’s in town to do the MTV Video Music Awards Japan later this month. I hope they make her say stuff in Japanese. That would be funny.

Awww … so cute!

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6Jessica and Tony: Spotted on a Date

I wonder how much Papa Joe paid him to do this.

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo were spotted at N9NE steakhouse in Dallas on Saturday.

“They were holding hands, in a good mood and happy,” says a source. “They looked like they were on a date together.”

They shared a corner booth and left together. Tony then dropped Jessica off and went to Papa Joe’s house, where he was slipped a manilla envelope full of hundred dollar bills.

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12Happy Memorial Day!

It’s super exciting to have the day off from work and all the varied stresses that come along with following Lindsay Lohan’s every Sapphic move — I’m on my way out to meet a friend for brunch and then watch the Jon & Kate Plus 8 marathon on my DVR for the remainder of the day — but let’s take a second and remember all the lives that were lost so that we could have a Monday off from work.

Seriously, though, while you’re out there getting wasted, or laying on the beach, or BBQ-ing, or watching TV, or shopping, or whatever, keep in mind what this holiday is about in the first place.

Thank you to all who risked and lost their lives in service to their country.

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14Well, Look Who’s Suddenly Hot Again

When he’s not wearing eight pounds of makeup and goth-wear, Jared Leto can sometimes remind a girl why she fell in love with Jordan Catalano.

Here’s Jared chillin’ with the bikers at Cross Creek in Malibu.

I used to date a guy who drove a Harley. On Sunday mornings, I’d come over to his house, get on his bike with him, and we’d drive up to Cross Creek. All the bikers meet up, eat breakfast at a local restaurant, and then head off to bike around the canyons. I know exactly where he’s standing — I’ve been there a ton of times. I was so that girl in the helmet.

There’s a hidden spot in the canyons called The Rock Store, where all the bikers stop for a little bit, show off their bikes, and chat, and you can spot any number of their celebs there on Sunday afternoons. It was seriously one of my favorite LA activities. I’d actually get really bored at The Rock Store, because the guy I was dating would always try to explain to me about all the motorcycles, why they were special, what this guy had done to his, etc, etc, and I really couldn’t care less. I just wanted to get back on the bike with him and ride. I’d never, ever buy my own motorcycle (too scared!!!) but it was so much fun to ride on the back with him. I’d forgotten how much fun that was, and how much I miss it.

I think the next guy I date should ride a motorcycle.

So that brings the current list of criteria to: gorgeous, hilarious, honest, kind, loving, great in bed, brilliant, interesting, driven, loyal AND rides a motorcycle.

Maybe I should put an ad on Craigslist?

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8Did Joey Kill Drea de Matteo’s Career?

The fabulous Drea, who we first met on The Sopranos and then later as the female lead on Joey, hasn’t really worked much since the Friends spin-off got canned. And apparently she thinks the show had something to do with it.

Says a source who overheard her talking in NYC: “She was saying ‘Joey’ completely ruined her career. She called it horrible and said she hasn’t been able to really work since then. She said she’s really been out of the business and is trying to get back in.”

Eh, I don’t think Joey ruined her career. I think the fact that she’s typecast herself is the problem. I mean, unless you want to do small guest spots on the Law & Order franchise for the rest of your career, there just aren’t that many roles for dubiously attractive, bossy, aggressive women with thick Staten Island accents. Like, you didn’t exactly storm onto the scene as the next Kate Hudson, sweetheart.

And I’m not even sure she actually said this. I also don’t care one way or another. I’m just scrounging for info to bring you guys on a very, very slow news weekend.

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9Have John and Jen Been Together Longer Than We Thought?

To the public, Jennifer Aniston’s romance with John Mayer began just earlier this month. But now sources are saying it’s been a lot longer than that.

“They’d been keeping it under wraps and hiding out together on their dates,” said the source. “Then Jen realized it wasn’t just a fling and decided to take it public.”

True? Maybe, maybe not, but I kind of believe it. Jen is notoriously private about her dating life since the Brangelina fiasco, and I did think that it was sort of weird that she was spotted making out with John right away.

Regardless, no woman can change John Mayer’s slutty ways. This won’t last.

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