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“Playing yourself on reality television isn’t to our reader the level of accomplishment that you need to have on the cover of Cosmo.”

Kate White, editor of Cosmo, when asked whether they’d consider having Lauren Conrad on the cover.


The Wall Street Journal — yeah, that Wall Street Journal — has an interesting article about Lauren and her “branding strategy” today. Read it here.

March 21, 2008 at 11:49 am by Evil Beet
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Since it’s the slowest news day ever, here’s Ice-T’s wife, CoCo, shaking her ass at her birthday party in NYC.

We only bring out CoCo in case of emergencies.

I don’t understand this relationship. CoCo seems like the kind of girl you bang and then kick out the door. But she’s been married to Ice-T for nearly four years. In Hollywood, you have to admit that’s pretty impressive.

March 21, 2008 at 11:40 am by Evil Beet
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25Does Anyone Know the Story Behind the Ugly Korean High School Girls YouTube Video?

I have a very busy RSS reader. One of the things it looks for is the most popular videos on YouTube, so that I can keep up with what the cool kids are watching these days. Nah, usually I ignore the videos, but this one had the following headline:

Korean highschool girls. Very ugly.

And I was like “OMG, what the hell is this?”

So I watched it, and I was just mesmerized. I don’t know which is more fascinating, the Korean girls or the music. But I’m like “Who made this video? And how did it become so popular on YouTube?” It is just like 10 full minutes of photos of unattractive high-school girls in Korea with weird music in the background. Seriously, if you’re gonna watch this video, you’ve gotta do it with sound.

Does anyone know the full story behind this?

March 20, 2008 at 10:03 pm by Evil Beet
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10Eeee HEE HEE Ashley Dupre Was Underage When She Posed for Girls Gone Wild!


So earlier in the week, Joe Francis made a big fucking deal of offering Ashley Alexandra Dupre, the hooker at the center of the Elliott Spitzer scandal, a million dollar pay-out to pose for Girls Gone Wild.

He rescinded the offer after GGW apparently found they already had footage of her in their archives.

Now, I think that story’s bullshit. Joe Francis may be one of the biggest assholes on the planet, but he’s a smart little fucker. And you’d better believe that sonofabitch checked the GGW archives for that girl before he offered her shit. This was all a publicity stunt on his part. He made a fool of Ashley, and now she’s out for blood.

The AP is reporting that her lawyer’s come forward saying she was only 17 when the footage was taken.

In an e-mail to one of Francis’ publicists — forwarded by Buchwald [Dupre's lawyer] to the AP — the attorney said he was “informed by Ashley that the video was in fact taken when she was underage (that is 17).”

Buchwald added in the e-mail that Francis was aware of Dupre’s age during the filming.

Francis said he bought Dupre a Greyhound bus ticket back home to North Carolina in 2003. Dupre returned home after she spent a week on the “Girls Gone Wild” bus in Miami and filmed seven full-length tapes, which included nudity, after signing legal papers, the company said.

“It was because she was underage that he sent her home on a Greyhound bus back to North Carolina. It would be outrageous at the very least to play the video of an underage female on the Internet,” Buchwald said in the e-mail.

GGW has postponed the release of their videos of Ashley until this is all resolved.

How many underage girls do you think this dude has filmed naked???

Put him back in jail!

March 20, 2008 at 9:20 pm by Evil Beet

26Rick Fox Is So Bizarrely Hot

Rick Fox at Angela Bassett’s Hollywood Star Walk of Fame, Pictures, PHotos

This man is neither black nor white. He is bronzed.

He’s seriously, like, statuesque. I just adore him.

Anyway, he showed up to watch Angela Bassett take her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Angela Basset got old. I mean, she’s still beautiful, but she’s old. This scares me. If Angela Bassett can get old, so can I. That’s worrisome.

Angela Bassett Gets Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame, Pictures, Photos Angela Bassett Gets Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame, Crying Pictures, Photos

March 20, 2008 at 8:43 pm by Evil Beet
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6I Guess Lisa Marie Presley’s Having Twins

Her MILF of a mom, Priscilla “62 Fucking Years Old” Presley, accidentally confirmed it to a photog.

You know, when they showed that close-up of LMP in this video, I was like “Lisa Marie? That looks like Britney Spears!”

God, this woman just bores me to death.

But Priscilla?

I love Priscilla. I want to be just like her when I grow up.

March 20, 2008 at 8:32 pm by Evil Beet