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Thursday Music

Because let’s face it, we’re just that goddamn cool, here’s a Thursday video for you.

These guys sound a ton like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah but they are in fact The Spinto Band with a little ditty called “Oh Mandy.”

Girl Power!


I am so excited that the Spice Girls have taken time out of their busy baby making schedules to have a reunion!

They are planning on launching a world tour that will hit such hot spots as Vegas and London. I have to say that I bought all of their albums and really was quite the big fan of these ladies.

I actually have a friend who got a Spice Girls tattoo in 1997 and I was like “um, 10 years from now you are just going to think jesus…why did I do this to myself??” Now he can bear his tattoo loud and proud because the ladies are back!

Girl Power!

I’ll be keeping our readers updated of any new Spice Girls news!

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Paris Hates Lindsay

Paris and Lindsay are Over

I know we’re not talking about it… but did anyone catch the cold shoulder LL got from our gal?

Larry King asked about Lohan and Paris said curtly “I know her.” Then, Larry King asked if Paris would visit a friend in rehab and Paris responded “I don’t have any friends in rehab.” Yikes. You hate to see friendships sour. Luckily Paris still has much love for B-Spears.

Lastly, the funniest comment of the night was Larry King’s outro: “Thanks for joining us Paris. Tomorrow night, former Secretary of State Colin Powell is on the show.” Frankly, I don’t know how Larry made that transition without killing one of his producers.

Paris Hilton: I’ve Never Done Drugs

Paris Hilton Told Larry King She’d Never Done Drugs But Here’s a Photo of Her Smoking Weed

Honestly, after she said that, I stopped caring about this interview.

It’s not that I expect Larry King to play hardball with her, but that was just a blatant lie that I can’t believe Larry let her get away with.

She was asked several times by Larry if she’d ever done drugs. “No,” she responded. When pressed, Paris stuck to her story. She didn’t hesitate a bit.

Really, Paris? Never? You’re quite sure about that?

She also told Larry she rarely drinks, and blames her “social life” on the fact that she’s an Aquarius.

Paris Hilton Tells Larry King on CNN That She Doesn’t Do Drugs But Here’s a Picture of the Marijuana in Her Purse Paris Hilton Tells Larry King on CNN That She Doesn’t Do Drugs But Here’s a Picture of Her Smoking a Joint Paris Hilton Tells Larry King on CNN That She Doesn’t Do Drugs But Here’s a Photo of Her Smoking a Pipe in an Elevator

Wait a Second, There’s a War in Iraq Still?

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski put a prettier face on the point Rosie O’Donnell is trying to make: there are currently news stories that actually impact the lives of people whose last name isn’t Hilton. It’s just that no one is paying attention to them.

Ms. Brzezinski basically loses it in her morning newscast, refusing to lead with a story about Paris Hilton. At one point, she has to be stopped from lighting her paper copy of the story on fire. I love it. Now that’s a newsworthy story: MSNBC studio burns to the ground; Paris Hilton to blame.