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Hogans Have Been on the Outs for Awhile


If you’re anything like me, you spent most of the holiday weekend pacing your room and wondering what on earth could possibly have gone wrong with Hulk Hogan’s marriage. A pro wrestler? His same-age wife? Their fucking retarded son who basically just killed a man and will probably serve some hard time for it? Their failed-singer daughter? Her pants? How could this perfect union possibly fail?

Apparently, folks, we were the last to know.

According to a TMZ source, the couple have been separated for some time now. In fact, portions of the last season of Hogan Knows Best were filmed while the couple was separated. This was a source of problems for production, because they had to play nice while filming scenes together. You don’t say?

The show has not been picked up for next season, which is very sad, because their lives were finally starting to get interesting.

Oh, and I’ve chosen to run a new picture of Brooke Hogan here instead of one of Hulk and Linda, because her slutty ass is way more interesting.

Hawthorne Heights Guitarist Dies

Casey Calvert from Hawthorne Heights Dies

This is so sad. I really love this band. I mean, it’s always sad when young people die, but it sucks extra when they’re a member of a totally kick-ass band you love.

Casey Calvert, 26, the guitarist for Hawthorne Heights, died on their tour bus on Saturday night. Cause of death is unknown.

The band posted this on their website:

Today is probably the worst day ever. Its with our deepest regrets that we have to write this. Casey Calvert passed away in his sleep last night. We found out this afternoon before sound-check. We’ve spent the entire day trying to come to grips with this and figure out as much as possible. At this time we’re not sure what exactly happened. Just last night he was joking around with everyone before he went to bed. We can say with absolute certainty that he was not doing anything illegal. Please, out of respect to Casey and his family, don’t contribute or succumb to any gossip you may hear. We don’t want his memory to be tainted in the least. Casey was our best friend. He was quirky and awesome and there will truly be no others like him! His loss is unexplainable. As soon as we know more we will let you know.


Hawthorne Heights

Eron, JT, Micah and Matt

R.I.P., Casey.

Suri Cruise Rocks Out to the Spice Girls

From the Spice Girls official website:

The Spice Girls had some surprise visitors at rehearsals in LA recently when Hollywood stars Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes along with baby Suri stopped by to wish them luck for the forthcoming tour.

Tom and Katie enjoyed an impromptu audience with the girls and were treated to an exclusive performance, while Suri danced along to the music.

“David and I are great friends with Tom and Katie,” Victoria told us afterwards “It was lovely of them to come down to rehearsals, a really nice surprise. Katie has told me before that she used to be a big Spice fan so it was great for her to meet the other girls.”

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Tara Reid Drinks Kind of a Lot


How have we not seen a DUI out of this girl yet? It’s almost impressive. From R&M:

Don’t look for Tara Reid on another episode of “Scrubs.” Appearing at the New York Comedy Festival, show creator Bill Lawrence said Reid was his least favorite guest star – “not because she wasn’t a nice person,” but because she allegedly stank of booze and smokes.

She stank of booze on set?

So here’s the question: was she drinking on set? Or was she just still stank from the night before? Either way, very sad.