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Love It or Leave It: Ryan Reynolds at The Green Lantern Premiere

A photo of Ryan Reynolds

A new era is dawning, friends. An era where we can judge men’s fashion just as readily and with as much passion as we do with the ladies. There’s a change in the air – can you feel it?

Ok, I have ulterior motives with this, to be perfectly honest. See, my boyfriend and I have been in a spirited debate for the past few weeks over Ryan Reynolds. He thinks that Ryan is a handsome man who’s done a couple good movies and that he deserves some respect. And I think he looks like a total douchebag.

It’s just his stupid face, ok? I know next to nothing about the man, but just from seeing pictures of his stupid face, he looks like a total dick. He looks like a smarmy, ridiculous douche canoe and I want no part of it.

Where do you guys stand on Ryan Reynolds? And hey, how about that suit?

Learn How to Look Just Like Megan Fox!

A photo of Megan Fox

I know you guys, and I know a lot of you were just salivating over the Megan Fox photos from Elle China that Sarah posted earlier today. So now, while you’re all hot and bothered for this girl, I’m going to share with you Megan’s sacred beauty rules. Can you handle it?

1. My beauty philosophy is ‘less is more’, so my daily routine consists of washing my face thoroughly and moisturising with La Roche-Posay sunscreen. I drink lots of water and think it’s important to get lots of sleep.

2. I always wanted to be blonde when I was little, like Barbie and Pamela Anderson, but it would really damage my hair. It was exotic to me, as my entire family has dark hair. If I did it, I would go white- blonde- really platinum.

3. I always carry Armani Code fragrance as it reminds me of growing up in Florida, as well as Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers and a hand sanitiser. I also keep a lot of moisturisers with me when I travel as the climate changes can dry out my skin.

4. My definition of beauty is simplicity, elegance and sensuality. Ava Gardner is my beauty icon. I think that when a woman is in harmony with herself and remains true to her values, she will glow naturally. Fememininity doesn’t depend on what you wear or how you look. It’s an attitude.

5. Sport gives me positive energy so I exercise everyday with my trainer, Harley Pasternak. Each circuit is 45 minutes long and I lift weights but never do cardio.

6. I eat five times a day and don’t diet, but I do eat healthily- mostly raw and vegan food, with no dairy. It’s not always possible with travel and filming, but I try. I also take supplements like silica and fish oil religiously.

7. I try to keep my make-up fresh, clean and pretty on the red carpet. My signature look is red lipstick worn with plain eyes, so I apply a light foundation, then on my cheeks I use blush or sometimes the same lipstick that I’m wearing. Giorgio Armani Rouge d’Armani Lipstick in 400 contrasts well with my pale complexion and dark hair.

8. Even when I’m working I don’t like wearing too much make-up, but when I’m on my own I go bare-faced as I like to give my skin a rest.

9. For a date night I go for beachy, natural bed hair. Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray gives my hair that wavy, thick texture.

10. I have to wash my face every 12 hours and then moisturise. I only take showers as I don’t like sitting in bath water. After my shower I moisturise with Grapeseed Oil from Whole foods. It’s a great moisturiser and lighter than olive oil.

Um, except where is the plastic surgery rule? How are we supposed to know how much Botox to get and how often? Argh! Your magnificent beauty is still so unattainable, Megan!

Selma Blair Is Too Pregnant

A photo of Selma Blair

We haven’t really covered Selma Blair and her pregnancy too much over here because it’s not like it’s 2001 anymore and I don’t have room in my heart to care about a post-Legally Blonde Selma Blair. Personally, I was going to let her and her baby ride by without commenting (unless she gave the kid a stupid name, then it would just be careless not to), but not anymore. Because Selma’s about to bust and there are pictures.

It turns out that Selma’s baby was due on July 4th. Which, you know, was a couple weeks back. What’s that baby doing in there? Not to be mean, but like, what reason would you have to have an extended stay in Selma Blair’s womb? Angelina Jolie, sure, that makes sense, why WOULDN’T you want to linger in there, but come on, Selma? Again, it’s not 2001, baby. There’s a whole wide world of magic and relevance out here for you to experience.