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9Congrats to the Winners of the Work Out DVD!

Okay, you guys, honestly, this was by and far the hardest giveaway contest I’ve had to judge. You guys had some AMAZING responses, and a lot of you really wanted this DVD, and I really wish I had 20 of them to give away.

That said, the winners are the following:

Winner #1 is T.P.:

If I had half an hour alone with Greg Plitt to do whatever I wanted, I would chop him up into a million little pieces and toss him into my salad. Then I would tell all my friends that I started eating healthy.

Winner #2 is Jamie:

If I had half an hour alone with Greg Plitt to do whatever I wanted, I would take him swing dancing at my favorite swing club, because if you’ve never “swinged” with someone who has big muscles, you haven’t lived. They can throw you high in the air, fling you around their bodies and pull you out the other side. Just think dirty dancing but with more spunk and fun and heat. The best part is that you feel light as a bird. You can also flirt and touch and drive him wild with foreplay with your moves. God, it’s perfect. When we only had ten minutes left, the club would be closing, everyone would suddenly vanish, and our dancing slowed to something more sexual and rhythmic. Someone would wheel out a canopy beach bed with soft white sheets. Greg would sway his hips with mine, placing his strong hands on my ass, pressing me closer so I could feel his excitement. I’d look up into his face; he’d say, “I want you.” Our lips would intertwine to a deep, knee-wobbling kiss. He would lower me, dancer-style, to the bed. And for the last seven naughty minutes, we’d fuck like there was no tomorrow. Cumming at the same time, of course.

Flattery will get you everywhere, kids.

And Winner #3 is Lauren:

If I had half an hour alone with Greg Plitt to do whatever I wanted, I would give him to YOU (beet) because I want to win this dvd soo badly plus I’m a married woman so I don’t think my husband would like that very much. However you could dip him in a chocolate fountain or caramel if that’s why prefer, and top him with whipped cream, let’s not forget a scoop of ice cream! I imagine it would be an incredible night (or thirty minutes) of him flexing his muscles and you watching while taking a scoop of the delectable goodies that drips off his body. Not bad huh?

Thank you to everyone who submitted a response, and make sure to catch the season finale of Work Out on Bravo TONIGHT!

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7Happy Alanis Morrisette Album Release Day!

Flavors of Entanglement comes out today.

I’ve been listening to it this morning on Rhapsody. It’s pretty typical Alanis fare, but obviously a lot of it comes from her split with Ryan Reynolds. The track “Not as We” is a pretty gutwrenching take on a break-up.

I wonder if Ryan Reynolds is secretly going to listen to this album today. Or Scarlett Johansson?

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11Celebrity Rehab: Part Deux

The second season of Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab has begun filming in Pasadena, CA.

The new “cast” includes: Rodney King, Nikki McKibbin, Tawny Kitaen, Steven Adler and Sean Stewart.

Plus: Jeff Conaway is back for yet another round of rehabbin’ and Gary Busey will sign on in the Daniel Baldwin role, since Gary claims 13 years of sobriety.

By the way, yes, you read that right. Somehow or other, Rodney “Can We All Get Along?” King became a member of the Celebrity Rehab cast. Genius, genius, genius.

I continue to be disgusted by the fact that these people are willing to go through rehab for a national audience just for another shot at the spotlight. If there’s anything more potent to an addict than alcohol and drugs, it’s clearly fame. You cannot effectively treat the alcohol and drug problem while encouraging the most destructive symptoms of the fame addiction. The whole thing just appalls me.

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10We’re Married, Bitches!

Jason Biggs and his new wife Jenny Mollen hit up the opening of sushi joint SugarFish in Marina del Rey on Monday night.

I showed up at a friend’s house the other night, and he had the original American Pie on TV. It was the scene where Jason’s character prematurely ejaculates — twice – with Shannon Elizabeth, while the whole school is watching via webcam. I was glued to the screen. I’d forgotten how funny that shit was. But I have to admit, as I get older — and, consequently, the men I date get older — I have to admit that I’m a little impressed that he was at least able to prematurely ejaculate twice. Oh, to have sex with high-school boys again …

I’m kidding. Ew. But it’s totally true that youth is wasted on the young.

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My fabulous readers know how I feel about Tyson Beckford. I feel that he’s hot. Really, really hot. Not quite Greg Plitt hot, but HOT nonetheless.

So when EB readers Tiffany and Hailey met Tyson at a party in the Hamptons this weekend and got photos with him and sent them to me, I just HAD to run them. He looks amazing here. EDIBLE.

The party was a People magazine event at Surf Lodge, which is … wait for it … Top Chef also-ran Sam Talbot’s new restaurant in Montauk.

Sam is ANOTHER huge celeb crush of mine, but Tiffany says she couldn’t get a picture with him — he was too busy in the kitchen. She did, however, confirm that he is “really tall and really sexy.” Ohhhhhhh, Sam. I love you.

And Tiffany scored Tyson’s number and he texted her later that night to chat her up and ask her and her girlfriends to come to his hotel. She declined, because she has a boyfriend. I WOULD NOT HAVE DECLINED. I SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE. WHY OH WHY DID I EVER LEAVE NEW YORK CITY???

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14We’re in Love!

Tennis star and former Mandy Moore paramour Andy Roddick has dinner in London with his fiancee, model Brooklyn Decker.

Check out the bling Brooklyn’s sporting. She’s just barely 21. And a hugely successful model. She’s definitely ready to settle down with one man for the rest of her life. This will go smoothly.

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