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Top Chef Host Padma Lakshmi Slices Salman

Top Chef Host Padma Lakshmi Divorces Salman Rushdie

Padma Lakshmi, perhaps best known on the Top Chef set as the resident herb enthusiast, is divorcing her much older husband, controversial author Salman Rushdie. A rep for Rushdie stated today that “Salman Rushdie has agreed to divorce his wife, Padma Lakshmi, because of her desire to end their marriage.”

The New York Post seemed to catch a whiff of trouble before the news officially broke. On June 29, they noted that “Lakshmi was spotted hanging out into the wee hours at the Rose Bar at the Gramercy Park Hotel with a well-known chef who was there without his spouse.” The kids at Gawker have decided this means Padma’s having an affair with Anthony Bourdain. All together now: Ew.

Here’s something funny: the permalink for this story on TMZ is the following:

This is, of course, hilarious, but the story actually ran on the site with the headline: “Padma to Rushdie: Pack Your Knives and Go,” which is less hilarious. I wonder why they changed the original headline.

Padma’s not the only Top Chef host to be married to a much older man; Billy Joel’s child bride, Katie Joel, hosted the first season, and we’re been hearing murmurings of trouble in their marriage over the past few months. Is there a Top Chef curse? Or is there just, you know, a Marrying a Much, Much Older Man Until You’re Famous and Wealthy in Your Own Right curse?

A Beautiful Tribute

As an add-on to my previous post about the Princes’ concert for their mom, Diana, here is a video that aired at the end of the concert. For the people in the crowd and watching at home they aired never before seen home movie footage of Diana.

Monday Morning Music

Well yes it isn’t the morning…but I really haven’t been up for very long today so it counts in my mind.

I have to say I love iTunes free music downloads. It has given me some great music including miss Sara Bareilles. I just bought myself a ipod Shuffle and I kept having this song, “Love Song” come up and every time I was just thrilled.

It is bouncy, fun and perfect for summer. She has an awesome voice and I am a new fan. I usually hate posting live videos of songs because they rarely are better than their recorded versions. She rocks this out and is going to be a big star very soon. Enjoy “Love Song” by Sara Bareilles.

Nick and Vanessa: Hardcore Sex Pictures for Sale?

Nick Lachey Vanessa Minnillo Nude Photos on Vacation

Just last night, I was wondering when the uncensored photos of Nick and Vanessa vacationing nude would hit the Internet, but today it seems the couple has more to worry about than the photos of their naughty bits. Rumor has it that a much dirtier set of pictures were taken that day, of Nick and Vanessa having some hardcore sex in a hot tub, in a variety of positions. Says a source: “These pics make the Vanessa and Lindsay photos look tame!” While it’s unlikely a U.S. tab would run these pictures, even censored, they could possibly be sold to an adult magazine or website.

But Nick and Vanessa are not going down quietly … well, at least not in this context. They’ve hired hot-shot attorney Marty Singer to warn the tabs that if they run these photos, they’ll face one hell of a lawsuit. Singer tells TMZ that “the photos that were taken of our clients by a Mexican photographer violated Mexican law and were a clear invasion of privacy, and we have threatened to take legal action against third parties who publish the photos.”

Meanwhile, Nick and Vanessa have decided it’s time to go on record about all this. The couple will be giving an exclusive interview to OK! magazine for this week’s issue. They’ll talk about these photos, the photos with Lindsay and the knives, and Nick’s past and present relationship with Jessica Simpson. Ooh, I can’t wait!!

Kate Middleton…Back in the Circle of Trust?


There are many rumors circulating that Kate Middleton is back with Prince William. She attended the “Concert for Diana” and did sit in the Royal Box but in the back rows far away from Prince Harry, Chelsey Davy and William.

I don’t know what girl could sit behind her ex-boyfriend and not be a bit emotional when she sees his brother and his girlfriend being all lovey dovey.

Methinks that they have quietly gotten back together but didn’t want it to overshadow the concert.


Prince William and Harry Rock On to Celebrate Diana


I was thrilled when I heard that Prince William and Harry were going to get the chance to put on a concert to celebrate the life of their mother Princess Diana. Back in the day I was a huge Princess Diana fan. I admired her grace, beauty and the fact that she used her extreme celebrity to do good works all over the world. She was the first “Saint Angelina” and for a while made the British monarchy cool.

Harry and William are following in their mother’s footsteps and becoming true celebrities in their own right. They have stepped out of the shadows and seem to be really enjoying their higher profile media image. This concert, which was held on July 1st celebrated the 10th anniversary of her death.

I have to say that I used to be a William fan but he is looking a bit too much like his dad. Harry really has become the hot one. That Chelsey Davy is one lucky lady.

Here are photos of some of the great performers that celebrated Princess Diana’s life

Elton John

Royal National Ballet


Joss Stone

Lilly Allen