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Greasy Bear = Grossy Bear


Brandon Davis is so gross.

EVEN professional hairstylists won’t touch Brandon Davis’ hair. When “Greasy Bear” paid a visit late Saturday to the Frederic Fekkai Salon for a trim, stylists were so appalled by his oily grunginess they donned rubber gloves. “Even the shampoo person wore gloves,” said a source. “He [Davis] was really out of it, sweating profusely. His eyes were half shut and he was asking for carrot juice, even after they told him they only had orange juice.”


AP Pulls Paris Hilton and the Elephants Story!



Remember how I was all upset because I promised God that if the Paris Hilton and the drunken elephants quote was real I’d stop encouraging Lindsay Lohan to drink again and then it was real because the AP picked it up??

The AP has pulled it!!!

The quote is not real.

God loves me so much. He was just playing a funny game with me for a day there. Ha ha, God. You’re such a riot.

DRINK, LINDSAY!!!!!!!!!!

(Paris is back in the US now, running around promoting her Can Can fragrance.)

Hey, did I mention Lindsay Lohan should drink again? Because she’s BORING AS FUCK when she’s sober? Drink, bitch!

Thanks Brittiany!

Still Going Strong

Adrianne Curry and Christopher Knight Kiss at the Rock the Vote Event, Pictures, Photos

Adrianne Curry reminds us all that it’s important to write things about her, as she sucks face with her much older Brady husband, Chris Knight.

You know, it’s easy to talk shit about this relationship, but they’ve managed to keep it going strong even after the cameras stopped rolling, so props to them for that.

How Cute! Taylor Momsen Went to the Homecoming Dance!

Taylor Momsen Went to Homecoming Dance

Talk about not letting the fame go to your head.

14-year-old Taylor Momsen, who stars as Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl, recently attended her high school’s homecoming dance, even though she is not currently attending classes there.

She wore a black lace tunic (“way too short for a dress,” says a witness) and spent most of the night “huddled” with a gaggle of friends.

Tragically, the writer’s strike has shut down production on Gossip Girl, so it’s a good thing Momsen’s not being a snotty brat to these kids — she may be back in school with them soon enough.


Heidi Montag

“I’m just glad I don’t have to deal with all the drama. I mean, it’s fun to watch, but I’m glad it’s not my life. I’m actually a drama-free person.”

Heidi Montag, to Blender magazine.