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Keifer Sutherland’s in Jail

Keifer Sutherland is Going to Jail

A judge today sentenced him to 48 days in jail for his second drunken-driving arrest in three years.

He surrendered immediately and was sent to jail in Glendale.

How is it that Nicole Richie gets 82 minutes for her second DUI, and Keifer’s doing 48 days?

Isn’t the legal system supposed to make sense?

It Wouldn’t Be a Photo of Katherine Heigl Without a Cigarette

Katherine Heigl Smoking a Cigarette and Shopping in Brentwood for Her Wedding

Look, kids, smoking is bad, mmkay, but I absolutely love that the paparazzi can’t seem to come within 100 feet of Katherine Heigl without her lighting up. Like, you’d think she’d put the cigarette down for the photos, but no. I love that she owns it. Like, “Yeah, motherfuckers, I smoke, what’s it to you? Go find your own role model.”

She’s also rocking a HUGE stone on her finger.

She was out with her mom in Brentwood (Smoking in front of her mom! Even better!), shopping for her upcoming wedding. She was choosing fabrics and shoes for her four bridesmaids.

Katherine Heigl Engagement Ring Close Up Picture

Image via Splash

New Server Is Up!

Hopefully this site will be running smoothly again.

Please let me know ASAP if you’re still experiencing problems gaining access to the site.

I love you guys!


HAPPY HANNUKAH!! J.R. Rotem is on JDATE!!!!

J.R. Rotem JDate Profile


Thanks to DListed for the tip on this one!

Apparently after things didn’t work out with Britney Spears, J.R. Rotem turned to JDATE!!

See? He’s a nice Jewish boy!

I actually have a subscription to the thing, thanks to my mom’s nagging (wanna date me? anyone? PLEASE?), so I signed on and sent him a flirt. We’ll see what happens. Maybe I’ll have a wild, sexy romance with J.R. Motherfucking Rotem and we can light the Hannukah candles together and then drip the hot wax all over each other and I’ll make him call me Britney while he slaps my ass. WOULD THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY, MOM?

Here’s what his profile says:

Hey girls… Congrats for stumbling onto my profile – you just hit the jackpot! I am Jonathan, an established music producer who is having a challenging time meeting a hot Jewish girl with good values. The success and visibility I have earned in the music industry keeps me surrounded by the wrong girls (golddiggers, cheap chicks, wannabe artists looking to use a guy like me for a music career, money, fame, etc) Some personality traits that seperate me from most of the people I know in Los Angeles is a high moral code of honesty and loyalty. I would never cheat or lie to anyone I’m with as I believe in treating others as you would want to be treated. I think that those values are the fundamental part of establishing a meaningful relationship. That, and intense physical attraction…

My perfect first date:
Let me take control – trust me, you will like it…

Rest of the profile is after the jump.

I will personally make out with anyone who can find him on

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Lindsay and Stavros: Back On?

Lindsay Lohan Back with Stavros Niarchos?

Oooooooooh, Paris is gonna be pissed!!!

Word on the street is that Lindsay is back with her ex-boyfriend (and Paris’s ex-boyfriend), Stavros Niarchos.

Lindsay Lohan is now spending time with her ex, Stavros Niarchos, after she dumped rehab buddy Riley Giles a week ago. Niarchos, who used to date both Lohan and her frenemy Paris Hilton, this time is sticking with the newly sober star. Hilton showed up to a party for the anti-smoking lozenge Ariva at Crimson in Hollywood the other night and tried to hook up with Niarchos – who, spies said, “wanted nothing to do with her and seemed so annoyed by her, he left the party” to go hang with Lohan. Hilton, unaware she had irked Niarchos, was then seen wandering around “asking where Stavros had gone.”

Does anyone else think the funniest part of this is that Paris was at a party for an anti-smoking lozenge? Jesus, this girl will hawk anything. It’s really just a matter of time before she’s walking the red carpet at the Viagra launch party (heh, “launch” is funny in that context) and sipping martinis at a Valtrex bash.