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Grammy Grammy Grammy

The Grammy nods are out, and there are no surprises.

Kanye West and Amy Winehouse led the pack with 8 and 6 nods respectively. Here are some of the highlights:

Best Male Pop Vocal Perfomance:

Michael Buble – Everything
John Mayer – Belief
Paul McCartney – Dance Tonight
Seal – Amazing
Justin Timberlake – What Goes Around Comes Around

Female Pop Vocal Performance:
Christina Aguilera – Candy Man
Feist – One Two Three Four
Fergie – Big Girls Don’t Cry
Nelly Furtado – Say It Right
Amy Winehouse – Rehab

Song of the Year:
Before he Cheats, Carrie Underwood
Hey there Delilah, Plain White Ts
Like a Star, Corinne Baily Rae
Rehab, Amy Winehouse
Umbrella, Rihanna

Album of the Year:

Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace — Foo Fighters
These Days — Vince Gill
River: The Joni Letters — Herbie Hancock
Graduation — Kanye West
Back To Black — Amy Winehouse

For a full list of nominees, jump in.

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All the Good Ones Are Gay or, Well, Gay: Jack from ProjRun is Dating Dale from Top Chef

Jack from Project Runway and Dale from Top Chef are dating

It’s a Bravo love connection!

Says total hottie Jack from Project Runway:

It’s very baby steps. I really like him a lot. And geography is a bit of an issue, but we’ll see where it goes. I like him a lot. I assume he likes me a lot. Unless he’s lying…(laughter)… He’s adorable. I like keeping it incestuous, keep it in the Bravo family.

And Dale’s response:

Yeah, we randomly met over Myspace. And then we bumped into each other at the OUT100 party and clicked. He’s hilarious. We’re just gonna roll with it and see what happens. And he’s cute as %&#@. We have the same sense of humor. We giggle a lot, and you know, anytime you end up going through the Bravo-reality-show…we just looked at each other and said, ‘yeah…’

Awwww … this is so ridiculously cute I wanna vomit. I mean, think of the dinner parties!

Can Bravo do a reality series about this?

Vanessa Hudgens Has the Most Boring Legal Problems Ever

Vanessa Hudgens Being Sued by Lawyer

Come on, V. Where’s the DUI? Where are the assault charges? You’re disappointing me, sweetheart.

A lawyer who claims “High School Musical” lead Vanessa Hudgens owes him $150,000 in legal fees can proceed with his lawsuit against the teen star, a judge ruled Wednesday.

Superior Court Judge Tricia Ann Bigelow said she or a jury should decide whether the actress acted within a reasonable period of time when she waited two years to repudiate a contract she signed when she was 16.

Attorney Brian Schall filed a breach-of-contract lawsuit in September that said Hudgens agreed in October 2005 to pay him 5 percent of her earnings in exchange for his legal representation.

Dude, I don’t even really know what this means. I think it means she didn’t pay her lawyer, but she’s arguing that that’s okay since she was underage when she signed the contract with him.


Your Tits Sure Go Great with Those Keds, Mischa

Mischa Barton at Keds Spring 2008 Ad Campaign Party Pictures

The dress?

Not so much.

Mischa Barton’s still shilling for Keds, but I guess I should stop giving her shit about it. I mean, her film career may have culminated in an unwatchable flick about teenage lesbians, but homegirl landed herself on the list of the 20 Richest Stars Under 25, and I think this little Keds gig has a lot to do with it.

Hint: You can see the top of her push-up bra in some of these pics.

Mischa Barton at Keds Spring 2008 Ad Campaign Party Pictures Mischa Barton at Keds Spring 2008 Ad Campaign Party Pictures Mischa Barton at Keds Spring 2008 Ad Campaign Party Pictures mischa_keds_box4.jpg

Putting on a Brave Face

Brooke Hogan Signs Autographs on Robertson

In the midst of her parents’ increasingly nasty divorce, Brooke Hogan still manages to find the presence of mind to go shopping on Robertson and sign some autographs.

I’m sorry, but who the hell is asking for Brooke Hogan’s autograph??

Clearly I am very out of touch.

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