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13Sex and the Surgery

Page Six is reporting that, soon after the SatC movie premiered in NYC, both Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon had a little work done.

“Cynthia had a breast augmentation and soon after, Kristin had the varicose veins on her legs removed,” said an insider. “They both made sure they did it on the quietest day of the week.”

The folks at Page Six point out that Kristin Davis usually does wear long hems.

Nixon’s rep denied the surgery, and Davis’ rep had no comment.

June 19, 2008 at 2:49 am by Evil Beet

20Stephen and the Amazing Technicolor Spice Girls Tattoo

I have been looking for an excuse to run the photo of Stephen’s full-color Spice Girls tattoo on this blog forever. There were two problems: I didn’t have an excuse, and I didn’t have a photo.

I now have a photo.

So I’m making up an excuse.

Tonight, for the first time since my “vacation” started, I actually had a chance to go out and party with my friends. I met up with Stephen and Rebecca, two of my best friends from high school, at Zen 32, our old sushi hangout. Stephen — if you hadn’t already surmised from the fact that he has a full-color Spice Girls tattoo on his hip — is of the gay persuasion, and, even back in high school, was so far out of the closet he was practically in the front yard. In fact, my clearest memory of Stephen from high school is that if you got a box of milk from the cafeteria and gave it to him, he would do an incredible impression of an ejaculating penis in the school quad. (His clearest memory of me, it turns out, also involves a white-ish substance, but that’s a story for a blog my grandfather doesn’t read.) Rebecca is straight, but I wish she were gay, because I would totally go gay for her. She’s that awesome. Rebecca may be the funniest person on the planet. Everyone agrees that she’s Kathy Griffin in training.

Anyway, we’re sitting around the table and Stephen’s like, “Could you please post on your blog how much Chris Crocker sucks?” And I’m like “Actually, Stephen, I love Chris Crocker.” And Stephen’s like “Dude, he represents every untrue negative stereotype about gay men.” And I’m like, “Um … says the boy with the full-color Spice Girls tattoo?” And he’s like “Whatever. I think we should drag him out to the end of the Santa Monica Pier and throw him off. You need to post on your blog that a respectable gay man thinks that we should drown Chris Crocker.” And I was about to reiterate the whole thing about the Spice Girls tattoo when Rebecca chimes in like, “Um, you realize that’s homophobia?” And I’m like “Yeah, that would pretty clearly be a hate crime.” And Stephen’s like “Well I do hate him!” So there you have it, folks: an alternate perspective on Chris Crocker. And people say this blog is one-sided …

Then we headed over to BS West, the hottest gay club in Scottsdale, which was totally packed and awesome. I mean, where else can you hear the dance mix of Britney Spears’ “Piece of Me”? Nowhere else, that’s where. There were soooo many gorgeous men, all perfectly dressed and coiffed. I got my ass and tits grabbed by more hot men in twenty minutes than in the entirety of my dating life combined. I was like, “This is so unfair. All these beautiful men and none of them will have sex with me.”

This way hot guy standing next to me overheard me. He looks at me sympathetically and says, “They won’t have sex with me either. I’m a top.”

And I’m one of those people — if you hadn’t guessed — who’s used to getting what she wants, and doesn’t respond well to any variant outcome. So when I spotted a tall, blond, built, gorgeous man in the corner (who I wanted) I turned to Rebecca like “Do you think he’s gay?” And Rebecca’s like, “Yes, he’s gay, I saw him with his boyfriend earlier.” And of course I’m like, “Do you think it’s worth maybe asking?” And Rebecca’s like “No. No it is not.” But then he walked right past me and I just had to ask. I was like, “Look, I’ll be the easiest lay ever. Please?” He smiled and was like, “Sweetie, my mom would be a much happier woman if I could be into you, but I’m just not,” and I was like, “We can leave your mom out of it. I’m just talking, like, you and me, in the bathroom,” but he wasn’t having it. Sad face. I got no ass at the gay club.

Then we went back to my car, got my camera, and did a little photo shoot with Leo. The pics from that are adorable, but unfortunately I still don’t have the cord for the camera so those’ll have to get posted later.

Anyway, the whole point of this was to have an excuse to run a photo of Stephen’s Spice Girls tattoo, which I absolutely adore. So there you have it. Tell your friends.

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35Ali Lohan Is a Troll

Lindsay’s Mini-Me is reportedly the director’s top choice for the lead role in a remake of 1986′s Troll.

“She was great [in her audition],” says the director, John Carl Buechler. “The camera loves her. She’s a really good actress … I am personally going to fight for her.”

You know, it’s actually kind of cool to watch this all happen. Gossip has been really slow lately, and I blame that in part on the upcoming U.S. election, but I think we’re also just seeing a little lull while gossip’s cast members change shifts. Paris and Britney and Lindsay and Nicole seem to be retiring voluntarily from their days as tabloid queens, and we’re watching a new generation step up to take their place: Ali Lohan, Miley Cyrus, Dakota Fanning, Selena Gomez, The Jonas Brothers, Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Efron, Ashley Tisdale, Demi Lovato, etc.

I mean, Britney and Lindsay and Paris really ushered in a new era of celebrity gossip and helped the industry to change and explode (and helped me into a job!). In its current form, celebrity gossip is a really young industry, so we’ve never really seen anything like this happen before. There’s going to be some load-time delay as the rookies get positioned for their turn on the tabloid stage. But I assure you it’ll be worth the wait. I’m so excited.

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24Oh Dear God Is Victoria Beckham Okay?

Posh was spotted wearing baggy jeans and flip-flops at Disneyland.

This apparently warrants an entire article in The Daily Mail.

I actually like this look on Posh. I think she’s adorable. And she’s walking around freakin’ Disneyland with her kids. She doesn’t have to wear a mini-skirt and six-inch heels, for chrissake.

June 18, 2008 at 8:31 pm by Evil Beet

24But Some of My Best Friends Are Black!

After Denise Richards “leaked” some voicemail messages from Charlie Sheen, including one where he calls her the N-word (the transcript is after the jump), Sheen has released this apology:

“I deeply apologize by my choice of words to all I have obviously offended; especially to Tony Todd, an African-American, who was my best man at my first two weddings.”

Sheen added, however, that “three and one-half years later, the reasons that caused the anger and frustration displayed on that voice mail continue to be manifested on a daily basis” because “my children did not show up today for a custodial visit without explanation.”


I think they both kind of suck (I’m definitely always annoyed by anyone who uses the “some of my best friends are black” defense against using racial slurs in a hateful manner, although I don’t think Charlie Sheen is racist), but I still think Denise sucks harder.

Transcript of the voicemail from Sheen is after the jump. Warning: it’s offensive.


June 18, 2008 at 5:39 pm by Evil Beet

24Well Look Who’s Gonna Get Fat Again

Charlotte Church, age 22, is expecting her second child with Gavin Henson. From her blog:

Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson are delighted to announce that they are expecting another baby. The couple are thrilled, as are their immediate families.

Meanwhile, Charlotte has confirmed that she will fulfill her commitment to Channel 4 to present the third series of The Charlotte Church Show in July and August of this year.

I like that she says their “immediate families” are thrilled. As though Gavin’s second cousin is really fucking pissed about the whole thing.

Regardless, congrats Charlotte and Gavin!

June 18, 2008 at 5:31 pm by Evil Beet
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