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Introducing the Trailer for ‘Battleship’

Battleship board game by Milton Bradley

When I heard they were making a movie based on the board game Battleship, I was thrilled.

The way I envisioned it, the movie opens on a suburban, single dad and his 9-year-old son: they’re in the middle of some kind of spat, maybe having to do with Absent Mom. Anyway, now the 9-year old is giving Dad the cold shoulder.

So Dad sets up the board game in the living room, a sort of invitation for Son to work through his anger issues. From there, maybe it could be like Zathura crossed with The Fall, where Son’s idea of war, as projected onto the game board, is really innocent, all blue skies and little green army men. Dad, in the meantime, is some kind of history buff or academic, so his imagined version of war is all facts and data and dehumanization and Spielberg fog.

And both versions of “war” are very inadequate and naive, at least at the beginning. But maybe, as they play on—finally broaching what really happened to Mom and Dad’s relationship, say—the Son’s idea of the world-at-war slowly becomes less plastic, grittier and more nuanced, while Dad’s version, gradually populated with people and real casualties, becomes more human and sensitive. Something eventually happens to cause neither Dad nor Son to win (a tipped coffee table, perhaps?), but you can count on a touching emotional resolution by movie’s end.

But—ha, ha!—I was wrong. That isn’t how the movie goes at all! Alas, we got this instead (via WSJ):

Terry Richardson Made Ke$ha All Pretty and Clean-Looking

photo of ke$ha terry richardson hot pictures photos

All petty snark aside, Ke$ha seriously looks gorgeous in these photos. One hundred percent beautiful – no question about it. And there’s not even an innuendo of oral sex involved. That, my friends? Is a sign of true talent. That’s some good picture-taking right there.

You can also check out some of Terry’s other stuff on his website, Terry’s Diary. There are some pretty nice photos of Amy Winehouse circa 2007 that’ll tug at your heartstrings if these photos of Ke$ha looking as soft as a newborn kitten didn’t do it for you.

So, When Did Pete Wentz Get Hot?

photo of pete wentz pictures photos

Pete Wentz, for one, was never one that came up on my radar as anything but weird and … weird. I never got the Fall Out Boy thing (except for ‘Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down’ – what a great song, right?), never got the whole ‘attracted to Ashlee Simpson‘ thing, nor did I get the weird hairstyles and all the sappy emo brooding.

That being said, holy hell on these photos of Pete Wentz looking HOT.

Is this what divorcing Ashlee Simpson does to a person? Because if it is, heck. I want in.

Images courtesy of I’m Not Obsessed