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Because I Want You to Lose Your Lunch: Jersey Shore‘s Deena Cortese and her Bum Crack

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Deena Cortese was photographed wearing something very tight and very white with a very obvious lack of panties. And all that? Wasn’t even the bad part. It was when she bent over and offered us a full view of her bunghole.. That’s probably the part that cuts the deepest.

I know, I know. I’m going to hell for posting this. But I figured if I’m going to hell, there’s probably a lot of fun people out there who are going to come with me for jumping in and viewing the uncensored version.

If you peeked, leave a comment and let me know. I’d like to start mailing the RSVPs on our behalf. Bring your skimpiest clothes. I hear it’s pretty warm there this time of year.

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The Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For: The Leaked Breaking Dawn Honeymoon Scene

Ooh man, is someone gonna get in trouble for this one. Apparently, some dude (by the sound of the hooting, anyway) snuck a camera into Comic Con and filmed a really crappy cell video of the Breaking Dawn honeymoon scene. It’s almost as good quality as the sex scene you guys saw last week (that is to say, hardly any at all), but I have no doubts that the Twihards will be rubbing one out – furiously – to this clip, which is an entire three-and-a-half minutes. Can you last that long?

The Happy Feet 2 Trailer is Here!

Are you guys excited about this? I thought the first one was good, and I didn’t even really know they were making a second, but it doesn’t look nearly as good – or have nearly as good a soundtrack – as the first. I do think I hear some Robin Williams in there, though, and if that’s the movie’s only redeeming factor? Then I guess I’ll have to see it. You know, sometime after it’s out on DVD for a year or so.