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SDCC 2011: A ‘Family Guy’ Mystery, Finally Solved! Sorta

Stewie Griffin Untooned by PixelooI confess I don’t really watch Family Guy. In another place, another time, I would be happy to expound on why I avoid the FOX cartoon as I do herpes simplex.

But—also like herpes simplex—some contagions are difficult to avoid. Family Guy really is a cultural phenomenon, and since I pride myself on my cultural literacy, I do know a couple things about the show, thank you.

For instance, I know it stars a lovable schlub along with his nasal wife, their killer baby, and Birdo. I also know that all of the characters are inexplicably gifted with adult human voices.

About that. At the Comic-Con Family Guy panel, one logical fan asked a question about Stewie, and I, too, have always wrestled with this: WHO CAN HEAR STEWIE? Everyone? Nobody? Just the dog?

Perplexed Fan: “*Ahem*. In some episodes, only Brian can hear Stewie, but then in other episodes, other people can hear him, and I can’t [something something], too ’4:20′ to figure it out.”

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Russell Brand Remembers Amy Winehouse

Russell Brand with Amy Winehouse

Getty Images via Huffington Post

It never occurred to me that Amy Winehouse and Russell Brand were friends. In retrospect it makes sense, though, because Russell Brand is pals with comedian Noel Fielding, who also wears his hair in an occasional bouffant. (Yes, that must’ve been their social connection—the hair.)

Today, Russell Brand took to his weblog with something titled “For Amy,” striking a careful balance between eulogy and cautionary tale. It’s flowery, maybe, but undoubtedly sincere; it’s a tribute to Winehouse’s spirit and talent, but it is also a narrative about Brand’s own sense of helplessness.

Brand writes that he’d thought of his acquaintance as “just some twit in a pink satin jacket”—until, that is, he finally saw her perform:

From her oddly dainty presence, that voice, a voice that seemed not to come from her but from somewhere beyond even Billie and Ella, from the font of all greatness. A voice that was filled with such power and pain that it was at once entirely human yet laced with the divine. … Winehouse. Winehouse? Winehouse! That twerp, all eyeliner and lager dithering up Chalk Farm Road under a back-combed barnet, the lips that I’d only seen clenching a fishwife fag and dribbling curses now a portal for this holy sound. So now I knew. She wasn’t just some hapless wannabe … nor was she even a ten-a-penny-chanteuse enjoying her fifteen minutes. She was a f—-ing genius.

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SDCC 2011: Oh, Great, Now Rhys Ifans Hates America

Rhys Ifans in a nice charcoal suit, with a black V-neck tee

Oh, Rhys Ifans! Of course I was thrilled when I heard you were cast as Dr. Curt Connors in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man movie, because you are sure to plumb the nuances of that brilliant, tortured professor, who inadvertently contracts a degenerative lizard disease and transforms from a peaceful scholar into a villainous Super Lizard. (Don’t get me wrong! Dylan Baker would have also been great.)

But, my darling Rhys, what has fame done to you! You starred as an ill-socialized, feral man in one of my favorite movies, Human Nature, and now you really are behaving like a total ape.

Reports have emerged from San Diego that you were arrested at Comic-Con yesterday for shoving a security guard—a lady security guard—because she wouldn’t let you and your friends through on your way to the Amazing Spider-Man panel discussion. And you yelled at her! If all that weren’t ungentlemanly enough, a bystander later told press that you reeked of booze.

Don’t think that I don’t sympathize with you a little, Mr. Ifans. I love you, Mr. Ifans, and I know that it is easy to panic when you are late to a panel, and that it is frustrating when security guards glance down at your lanyard-badge and act like you aren’t a huge movie star. And it sure must have been humiliating when the guard reappeared after the Spider-Man panel and made a citizen’s arrest, right in front of everyone. Plus, it was the day after your birthday! Oh, no!

From the Wrap:

“He was aggressive and belligerent,” Lt. Andra Brown said of the Welsh actor. “He was… berating everyone from the security staff to the United States of America.”

“He was cited and released, which is a non-custodial misdemeanor arrest,” added Brown, who said that the San Diego City Attorney will now determine whether to pursue charges. Ifans could be required to pay a fine, or could contest the case before a judge.

“But, according to him, the U.S. sucks and he doesn’t want to come back,” Brown said.

Oh, Rhys! I take back everything I said! We aren’t really mad at you. Come back to the United States, Mr. Ifans! Come back!