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Shia LaBeouf Beefs Up, Gets Hairy

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We just had a post about Megan Fox, so what would be the natural progression of things? Shia LaBeouf, blowing everything out of the water with something crazy.

In this case, it’s his hair.

Can someone do me a solid and explain this? I’ve also thought Shia to be kind of pretty, in that almost-forgettable on-the-fringe kind of way, but I hardly think that this hair is the direction boyfriend should be going if he wants to remain a sex symbol.

I know letting the cat out of the bag on sleeping with Megan Fox bolstered his efforts for awhile, but let’s not get too bold here, jeez.

Love It or Leave It: Megan Fox Does Elle China

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Hey look, Megan Fox has finally got some work that doesn’t have to do with Armani! I’m afraid, however, that regional magazines are up to their old tricks of pretending their cover subject is of the particular nationality or ethnicity in which the shoot is taking place. Do you guys love this shoot or what? And don’t give me the whole “Who paints their nails in the bathtub?” as if you never have.

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