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16Hey, Denise, You Know Who HATES Red Carpet Events????

That’s right: YOUR DAUGHTER!

Samantha Sheen is never, ever, ever happy at this shit.


This weekend was no different, as Denise dragged poor Sam unwillingly into the spotlight at the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation fundraiser. She is smiling in none of the pictures from this event, just like she never, ever smiles at these events. Because she is miserable. Because you would be too if Denise Richards was your mother. Who keeps dragging you into the spotlight when you just want to sit at home and be normal.


[Image via Splash]

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36Your Daily Lohan

Lindsay Lohan hit up the Roosevelt Hotel on Sunday to meet up with Samantha Ronson, cigarette in hand.

What’s with the shoes?

Are we showing our support for the Native American hookers of this country, Lindsay?

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12Daddy’s Little Girl

What’s the best way to help the world forget about the fact that you were captured on tape singing about “gooks” and “nips”?

Make a very public appearance holding your daddy’s hand!

Amy Winehouse had dinner in London last night with her father Mitch.




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4Jessica Alba Has a Baby Girl

We told you guys that Jessica was spotted being wheeled into Cedars-Sinai this weekend, and now reports are confirming that the actress has welcomed a baby girl.

Congrats, Jessica and Cash!

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29What Baby Weight?

Nicole Richie is as thin as can be at an event supporting the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation in LA on Sunday.

Love, love, love her dress.

Hate that I could never pull it off.

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18BREAKING: Amy Winehouse Occasionally Participates in the Use of Illegal Drugs



Someone stole the camera of Amy’s incarcerated hubby, Blake Civil-Fielder, and sold their contents to News of the World. And there are drug paraphernalia!

The footage includes a tape of Amy and a friend singing a “racist” song. Frankly, the song isn’t really all that racist — I mean, it’s Amy singing a bunch of mild racial slurs — but it’s nothing compared to some of the shit we’ve caught on tape from, say, Paris Hilton or Dog the Bounty Hunter or Michael Richards. It’s definitely not flattering, but I don’t think it necessarily supports the conclusion that Amy is in any way a racist. The vid is here if you wanna watch it.

I think the photos are the most interesting. I’ve posted them all after the jump, but I really like the one shown above. It’s Amy, without the crazy make-up and the beehive and the meth face, and she looks, well, she looks like a normal human being. There’s a normal human being under all that, and she needs help.

The rest of the photos are after the jump.


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