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Of Course There Are Photos of Kim Kardashian’s Bachelorette Party

photo of kim and kourtney kardashian at bachelorette pool party pictures photos hot pics

What else would you expect from the Kardashians, something private, low-key, and kept out of the public eye? Surely you jest!

The Kardashian girls were photographed this past weekend at the party held in Kim’s honor, which took place at a hotel in Las Vegas. Just judging by the photos, it seems that the Las Vegas sunshine must be quite different than that of LA or NYC or – anywhere but Seaside Heights, New Jersey - because everyone in attendance had some kind of weird, radioactive orange glow.

Don’t get me wrong, the girls look good – and so do Khloe and Kourtney – but orange? Unless that’s the color of the bridesmaid dresses or something, I’m not quite sure that’s the look we should be going for, what with this big expensive wedding coming up so soon and all.

Are you guys stoked about the nuptials being televised?

Check out photos of Kim’s dance party and the rest of the pics taken poolside.

Mariah Carey Parties With Girlfriends in NYC

photo of mariah carey drunk partying in new york city pictures photos

Well this is a rare treat, isn’t it? We’ve hardly seen photos of Mariah Carey since she gave birth to her babies back in April, let alone photos of her cutting loose and hanging out with friends. Like, really ever. Since she and Nick Cannon were married, you’ve really only seen pictures of the two of them going to dinner, or going on vacation, or going off to some secret love room to make tons and tons of babies.  (I’m kidding about that last part; there are no photos documenting that kind of stuff – that I’m aware of, anyway.)

But I guess good old Nick has kind of served his purpose, anyway – I mean after all, she’s got dem babies now, doesn’t she?

Looking good, girl!

SDCC 2011: A ‘Family Guy’ Mystery, Finally Solved! Sorta

Stewie Griffin Untooned by PixelooI confess I don’t really watch Family Guy. In another place, another time, I would be happy to expound on why I avoid the FOX cartoon as I do herpes simplex.

But—also like herpes simplex—some contagions are difficult to avoid. Family Guy really is a cultural phenomenon, and since I pride myself on my cultural literacy, I do know a couple things about the show, thank you.

For instance, I know it stars a lovable schlub along with his nasal wife, their killer baby, and Birdo. I also know that all of the characters are inexplicably gifted with adult human voices.

About that. At the Comic-Con Family Guy panel, one logical fan asked a question about Stewie, and I, too, have always wrestled with this: WHO CAN HEAR STEWIE? Everyone? Nobody? Just the dog?

Perplexed Fan: “*Ahem*. In some episodes, only Brian can hear Stewie, but then in other episodes, other people can hear him, and I can’t [something something], too ’4:20′ to figure it out.”

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