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Breaking: Lindsay Lohan has large breasts. [Drunken Stepfather]

Emma Watson hits the town. [INO]

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I don’t know who Dorismar is, but she sure does look good naked. [FListed]

Usher’s little brother gets into the business. [Bossip]

Amy Winehouse spits at photogs, and someone gets a pic of the actual spit leaving her mouth. That’s hot. [Ninja Dude]

Oh, Piper Perabo, we missed you. [The Blemish]

Britney’s found Jesus. Or at least a picture of Jesus. [SOW]

Britney’s Threatening to Release Lesbian Footage of Paris


I doubt there’s any truth to this story, but I feel obliged to bring it to you anyway.

Britney Spears is threatening to release video footage of one-time friend Paris Hilton in a lesbian romp with a mutual pal – if the socialite doesn’t start treating her better.

London’s Daily Mail newspaper has been alerted to a letter Spears’ camp has sent to Hilton, demanding The Simple Life star stops being rude to Britney and members of her entourage.

They reportedly threatened to leak the footage, which shows Hilton in a compromising position with another woman, unless her attitude changes.

A source says, “The letter warns Paris that if she continues being rude to people, the footage will be leaked online.”

You know why I don’t think this is true?

If that footage existed, Paris would have leaked it herself by now. She doesn’t care if Britney leaks it, either. Hell, she has a perfume to sell, and Paris certainly knows that any publicity is good publicity.

Image via Splash

Lindsay’s Trying to Quit Smoking, Ariva’s Got Some Marketing Superstars


Props to quit-smoking lozenge Ariva, who first managed to land a Paris Hilton-related item in Page Six and now scored Lohan with their product. Now that’s a good PR agency. Someone give those kids an award. Or get them to work for me.

Lindsay Lohan isn’t quite ready to quit smoking — she’s just getting sneaky about it!

TMZ caught La Smokehan at Koi, proudly displaying a box of Ariva lozenges on the dashboard of her ride. At first glance, they look like something to help someone quit smoking, but the mint flavored product is actually “dissolvable tobacco.”

I mean, really, who keeps their anti-smoking lozenges on their dashboard? You better believe she was paid to have them there.

But if you are trying to quit smoking, Linds, way to go.