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7Britney Spears to Do Another Episode of How I Met Your Mother


Despite Neil Patrick Harris’s objections (or non-objections, or whatever), sources are reporting that Britney Spears has signed on to do one more episode of How I Met Your Mother, where her appearance last month garnered the sitcom its highest ratings ever.

“The show is ecstatic and so is Britney,” the source said. “She had so much fun the first time around she really wanted to come back. It was a mutual decision to work together more.”

Fox studios would not confirm the information.

I drove down to Portland tonight, to do the Passover Seder with the family of a friend from LA (I still don’t know any Jewish people in Seattle), and, whenever anyone finds out what I do for a living, the first question is almost always, “So what the heck is up with Britney Spears?” Tonight was no exception. And I answer to the best of my ability, and then their next question is usually, “Do you think she can ever make a comeback?” And my answer is always, “Yes. Yes, she can, and I believe she will.” And it’s true, and it’s beginning to happen. Yay, Britney!!!

And people always continue to ask about a variety of celebrities. It usually goes in this order: Britney Spears, Brad & Angelina, Jennifer Aniston and Lindsay Lohan. It’s totally predictable by now. And then everyone has some random D-list celebrity that no one cares about who they’re, for some reason, really interested in. Tonight, this was Miss Jay, from ANTM, and the question was posed by a 30-something engineer, who was there with his wife and two young daughters. “What’s his deal?” he asked, and I was like, “Um … I think he’s gay?” Too funny.

Also: on my way down to Portland, I drove through my very first snowstorm!!! So exciting!! I was like, “What is this stuff hitting my windshield? It’s falling too slowly to be rain.” Ha ha. Then it occurred to me that it was snow, and then I called everyone I knew to tell them I was driving in the snow, and no one cared one bit. But it was HUGELY exciting for me.

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10I ::Heart:: Christina Ricci’s Outfit

Christina Ricci at Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix, Pictures, Photos

It’s really hard to pull of the whole tight black skirt with a tank top thing, but this is how you do it.

She looks gorgeous.

She’s at the Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix promoting Speed Racer. And there’s pretty much only one way to force me not to see a movie with Christina Ricci in it, and that’s to make the movie about racecars. Done and done.

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6Happy Passover, Yo


I’m going to spend the weekend doing Jew stuff.

Chag sameach!

Check in with you guys later.


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17Undercover Mother


Here’s Nicole Richie wandering through Midtown Manhattan. She’d be totally unrecognizable, except for the fact that no one else on the planet wears sunglasses that absurdly large. Like, seriously, Geordi La Forge is somewhere like, “Man, those glasses look ridiculous.”*

Where’s the baby, Nicole???

*Yeah, I made a Star Trek joke. What’re you gonna do about it?

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12Like Mother, Like Daughter

Lisa Bonet and Zoe Kravitz Nipples, Pictures, Photos

Left: Lisa Bonet, in 1987′s Angel Heart.

Right: Zoe Kravitz, in NYC on Thursday.


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Never, never, never, never, never!!

You know why I love Chris Crocker?

Because Chris Crocker is a self-made man.

No one came to his high school and offered him a part in a reality TV show. No, no. He did this all by himself. All by his crazy, dramatic, fame-whoring self. Nobody helped him. And that is what Hollywood is supposed to be made of.

And seriously the photo of him hanging out of a truck window massaging his nipples is probably the hardest I’ve laughed all week. I’d like to say I’ve never done the same thing, but I can at least say I’ve never done the same thing for a professional photographer. Just whoever happened to be on that tour bus passing by.

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