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OMG This Is So Sad

Guiliana DePandi at Biore Uncover Discover Event

When I saw the thumbnail of this picture on WireImage, I was like, “Oh, that’s so sweet. Guiliana DePandi’s walking the red carpet with a Downs Syndrome girl.”

Tragically, this is a Biore exec.

At the Biore Uncover Discover Event in NYC.

Poll: Ladies, Would You Go to a Male Brothel?

Would You Go to Heidi Fleiss’s Stud Farm Male Brothel?

As we reported earlier today, Heidi Fleiss will be opening The Stud Farm, a male brothel, in Nevada in less than two months. The brothel will only perform male-on-female services (sorry, gay dudes!) and Heidi’s hoping it’ll make her a killing.

Obviously women approach sex a little differently than men, and I have to wonder if chicks would actually go to this thing. So, sorry to be all exclusive here, but this poll is for the women who read this blog. (But I still love you, guys!!!)

Would you pay for services at a male brothel?
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Apparently the Spice Girls Are Writing Lullabies Now

That’s what this is, right? A lullaby? For the 8000 kids you have between the five of you? Because the next time I have insomnia after drinking 5 Red Bulls (not FDA recommended, people!) and staying up all night trying to make this blog awesome for you guys, I’m putting this shit on loop and going right to sleep.

I cannot believe this is their first single. This sucks.

Maybe this shit flies in the U.K.? Can the British folk please weigh in? asldifu8ru94hrwesljdnvj 98ew6t79w4eshkdjasidfu84uoae8fsdu78 dfuaoeifuds8ov7fijoesoijefoihasrey89DFFSDFSDjfdklsdinn../.,,.ji;h

Oh shit, did I fall asleep at my keyboard? I need to turn this song off.

Enjoy the new Spice Girls single: “Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)”


Joshua Jackson Will Guest Star on Grey’s Anatomy

Guess who’s coming to Seattle Grace?

Joshua Jackson!

The Dawson’s Creek star will do a guest arc on Grey’s Anatomy as a doctor, which’ll probably air in December or January, barring a possible writer’s strike. (You’re gonna start seeing that line a lot now, kids … “barring a possible writer’s strike.” Seriously, Hollywood, if all your writers strike, I AM AVAILABLE! Can you guys imagine if I got to write Grey’s Anatomy? Way more penis fish, guys.)

Kelly Slater: Rebound King

Kelly Slater Dating Bar Rafaeli After She Broke Up with Leonardo DiCaprio

So, if you haven’t heard by now, Leo DiCaprio and Bar Rafael are dunzo.

So who’s Bar banging now?

None other than pro surfer Kelly Slater. Who, many folks have pointed out, is also who Giselle Bundchen jumped into bed with after she split with the What’s Eating Gilbert Grape star. (Sorry, but everyone else is referring to him as the Titanic star when they write that sentence, and I wanted to be different.)

Isn’t this also the same dude Cameron Diaz ran to when she split with Justin Timberlake?

This guy has the rebound sex routine down pat. He should start teaching seminars.



“It’s funny that the man is always applauded for it. It’s like, ‘You change diapers?’ You’d better change diapers. We’re not in the ’50s, buddy!”

Jennifer Garner, whose husband, Ben Affleck, clearly changes diapers.

David Beckham Voted Top Man of 2007

David Beckham AskMen Top 49 Men of 2007

Congrats to David Beckham, who headed up’s list of Top 49 Men of 2007.

Global soccer icon David Beckham became the $250-million man when he (and wife Victoria) moved to Beverly Hills to play for the Los Angeles Galaxy of the MLS. Between his tremendous talent, English charm, stylish wardrobe, and slick haircuts, Becks is single-handedly making soccer relevant stateside.

Um, if David Beckham made soccer relevant stateside, someone forgot to send me the memo.

Did anyone else get it?

Maybe if they put it in Britney Spears’ vagina I’d see it.

To find out who else made the list, check out their site.