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Quotables: LeAnn Rimes is “Perfect”

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“I think she looks wonderful. She is very healthy, and to me — perfect.”

You know, that’s a really nice sentiment coming from a husband, about that whole perfect thing. I mean, I’ve been married to my husband for almost four years and I’ve never been told I’m perfect, but that’s OK, because we’re a realistic couple and I know I’m not; just as he knows he’s not. Do we love each other just the way we are?Absolutely. There’s no question about it. That being said: I wonder if LeAnn would still be considered “perfect” if she decided to, say, pack on fifty pounds? Would that still be OK with Eddie Cibrian then? I’d sure hope so.

Morning Wood

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Love Liza

Liza, having a ciggie, sipping Coca-Cola through a straw

Celeb fashion photographer Terry Richardson glammed up Liza Minnelli—the original Hot Mess, kiddies—for a new photo spread in Issue 6 of LOVE Magazine.

Miss Minnelli is 65 damn years old, but she’s still got the stems of Catherine Zeta-Jones, the clavicle of Lindsay Lohan, and the ferocity of Patti Smith. There’s aging gracefully, and then there’s aging LOUD. Do not go gentle!

P.S. I did not initially catch that, in the photo up top, Liza is gussied up as a weary-eyed Statue of Liberty! Genius.