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Clay Aiken to Appear in Broadway’s “Spamalot,” Still Inexplicably Not Out of the Closet



You’re doing Broadway.

You said the following:

“I really couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful group of people to work with. Let’s not lie, the chance to work with legendary creative minds like Mike Nichols and Eric Idle is, on its own, a reason to jump at this opportunity.”

Seriously, buddy? Why didn’t you just say:

“I really couldn’t be any gayer. Let’s not lie, I know who Mike Nichols and Eric Idle are, and that makes me so unbelievably gay. Like, they may as well call it Spankalot. Or, like, Analpenetrationalot. I’m that gay.”

Clay kicks off his Broadway run on January 18, playing one of the play’s leads, Sir Robin.

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Yay! Our First Real Item of Gossip Girl Gossip!

Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl Dating Carrie Underwood?

From Page Six:

“GOSSIP Girl” stud Chance Crawford (who plays leading man Nate Archibald) found a girl in real life he could charm with bubbly and fancy parties. “American Idol” Carrie Underwood was on Crawford’s arm Friday and Saturday nights. The twosome were spotted getting cozy at Marquee over champagne and strutting around a party at the Soho Grand, where a source said “she was being rude and nasty.”

I thought Carrie was with Tony Romo, who’s definitely a hottie, but Chace Crawford? (Page Six was wrong, his name is “Chace” — Chance Crawford is a football player.)


Also, there’s no way that’s his real name.

The Next Generation

Kendall and Kylie Jenner at Viewing Party for Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Kendall and Kylie Jenner at Viewing Party for Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Kim Kardashian’s little sisters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, at the viewing party for Keeping Up With the Kardashians in Los Angeles on Sunday night.

How cute are these girls?

And how cute is it going to be when they hit the club scene and start sucking on carrots?

Perhaps on film?

My job will never get dull.

kim_kourtney.jpg kim_kardashian.jpg ryan_kim.jpg kardashian_sisters1.jpg

Drew Carey Engaged!

Drew Carey and Kate Walsh at Godzilla Premiere

No, that’s not a picture of his fiancee — “recent culinary school graduate” Nicole Jaracz (I guess if you’re gonna marry Drew Carey you gotta know how to cook) — but it is a photo of Drew and none other than Kate Walsh! These photos are from 1998, when she accompanied him to the premiere of Godzilla. Craziness, right?

I couldn’t find a pic of Nicole, but Drew proposed October 9. This will be the first marriage for both.

Things are going just splendidly for Drew and Kate these days! Drew has a new fiancee, and a starring gig on The Price is Right, and Kate has a new husband and a starring gig on her very own prime-time show.

Maybe I should dye my hair red …

Kate Walsh and Drew Carey at Godzilla Premiere in 1998 Kate Walsh with Drew Carey at Godzilla premiere in 1998, Pictures, Photos