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35Stars: They’re Just Like Us!

They sleep at crappy hotels!!!

Ivanka Trump flew commercial last weekend to the Aspen Food & Wine Classic, but her plane was delayed overnight in Salt Lake City due to storms. Ever the commoner, Ivanka crashed at the Quality Inn and ate Little Caesars for dinner with the $18 stipend from the airline.

You know, I used to think there was really not much difference between fancy hotels and standard motels. In my book, as long as I have an Internet connection, TV and a bed, I’m a happy camper. In fact, in my experience, the cheap motels offer free breakfast and free WiFi, whereas the expensive hotels want you to pay $17/day for Internet and $25 for breakfast. I think that’s dumb and I’ve always preferred motels. However, that was before I woke up at the Best Western in Twin Falls with seventeen bug bites. They are still there, by the way, and several of them are expanding and leaving very large, dark bruises on my arms and legs. I took pictures. (Side note: In thumbnail form, the bites totally look like nipples and they appear inappropriate. I assure you, though, that there are no naughty bits of me in these photos, so don’t bother hunting.)

This can’t be healthy. I can’t help thinking that this wouldn’t have happened if I’d stayed at a fancy hotel. Not that fancy hotels exist in Twin Falls, but still. I now officially have a fear of motels, and I’m worried about what I’m going to do about the drive back to Seattle. I seriously had a little panic attack tonight. I’m not sure if it’s the Arizona heat (it is 157 degrees here right now) or the fact that I met with a CPA to file my 2007 taxes today (yes, in June 2008) or being plucked out of my little Seattle routine (I actually miss going to my trainer) or the growing concern that I can’t properly give love to both my three cats and my dog (I am taking tips from Jon & Kate and plan to give them each “special days” with me) or the fear that I’m going to have to stay in motels again soon and possibly get new bedbug bites, but I am a walking, talking embodiment of generalized anxiety disorder tonight. I’m just a freakin’ mess right now. Vacations are supposed to be relaxing, but I really can’t wait to get back to Seattle and get back to my life and my routine. Unstructured environments are not good for me.

What the hell was I talking about?

Oh, right Ivanka.

She may have stayed at the Quality Inn, but I guaran-fucking-tee you that chick did not eat Little Caesars. Unless you consider a bottled water to be food.

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15Kids Come First

Will Smith’s new film Hancock opens the same day as his daughter Willow’s flick, Kitt Ketteridge: An American Girl, where she stars opposite Abigail Breslin. So will there be tension in the household? Of course not. It’s the Smiths. They’re perfect. In fact, Will is cutting short his promotional duties for Hancock tomorrow so that he can join Willow at her film’s premiere in LA.

I also have to say that Willow, who’s seven, is already strikingly beautiful. She totally got the best of both parents (unlike some people … coughRUMERcough). She is gonna be one hot little teenager. I wonder if she can act. Man, I sure hope she can. This girl has TONS of potential in the gossip world as she ages.

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19No More Hiding!

Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong hold hands on a date in NYC.

These two have been inseparable for weeks now.

I wonder how Owen feels about all this. It happened so suddenly. We haven’t seen much of him recently. I feel really bad for him. I mean, I know Kate and Lance haven’t done anything wrong, but still. I’m angry with them for some reason. I’m so protective of Owen these days.

[Image via Splash]

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8An Emotional Phone Call Between 50 Cent and Young Buck

Okay, look, I’ll be honest: I have no idea what they’re talking about, or why Young Buck is upset. Or why this call was recorded or released, for that matter. I don’t follow the goings-on of G-Unit very closely. But it’s a call between Young Buck and 50 Cent, and I’m sure plenty of you care about whatever is being discussed here. Maybe you can explain it to me.

The phone call gets good around 4:30, when Buck basically breaks down and starts to cry about whatever he’s upset about. And I have to say that Fitty is super amazing and supportive and sweet about the whole thing. It’s definitely a departure from the image I had of him. He doesn’t berate Buck for breaking down or tell him to “man up” or anything; rather, he’s a friend. You’d think that after so many years of doing this shit, I wouldn’t be surprised when someone’s public image doesn’t completely jive with the way they live their private life. But this was just so sweet to me, I had to run it.


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15Hey You Guys I Know Who Won the Big Basketball Thingy

Pssst … it was the Celtics!

I hope no one’s pissed about that spoiler!!!

But my Internet connection was being weird, and when it does that I always try to load, because that’s a site with very little downtime and it’s not cached, and so I did that, and it loaded, and then I learned who won the big basketball game!!! I didn’t even know it was today!!!

I feel really hip right now because I know that. So I’m telling you guys. I’m bragging, really. I am bragging that I know who won the World Series of Basketball or whatever it’s called. I am so with it. I am totally one of those girls you want to date because she’s all into sports and stuff.

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20Who Am I?

Anybody recognize this actress leaving The Ivy on Tuesday?

Jump inside for the answer.


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