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Love It or Leave It: Anna Lynne McCord Goes Trucker-Chic

photo of hot anna lynne mccord trucker hat green tank top pictures CW photos

I know we don’t really talk a whole lot about Anna Lynne McCord in these parts, half because we don’t watch 90210 and half because girlfriend just isn’t all that interesting, but I positively had to touch upon what she wore to a recent CW party.

The hat was probably pretty edgy back in, you know, 2001 and the rest of the outfit looks like it came from the bargain bin at a thrift shop (and don’t get me wrong: I love, love thrift shops; it’s just that this particular bargain bin must have accidentally had all of Walmart’s Miley Cyrus line discarded into it and then thrown up on by someone who listened to too much Sk8er Boi growing up; bad bargain bin, bad).

What do you guys think – is it easy, breezy summer fashion, or are you thinking what I’m thinking and thinking “What the hell are you thinking, Anna Lynne McCord?”

How Do We Feel About Justin Bieber Rapping … With Chris Brown?

Why yes, I this song does suck, and before you ask, yes, I am biased! Combining two of my most-maligned celebrities into a musical genre that I just don’t get and what do you have? A recipe for disaster, if you ask me.

Plus. Justin Bieber refers to himself as “Shawty Mane,” and if that doesn’t completely turn you off from this song, than I fear that you’re so far gone that there’s just no help for you. At least not here, anyway.

What do you guys think of the song? Moreover, do you like Justin Bieber as “Shawty Mane”?

Some Nicki Minaj Nip Aired on ‘Good Morning America’ Today

Nicki Minaj adjusts her strap in anticipation of an impending nipslip

Well, Good Morning, America! Nicki Minaj performed this morning on GMA, and earlybirds on the East Coast got an eyeful.

The live show started with “Where Them Girls At,” and by song’s end, we knew exactly where them girls were at. Them girls were all over live TV!

In the video, Minaj obviously knows she’s in trouble—she’s picking at the strap of her tiny top every chance she can steal—but she never stops bouncing around long enough to tuck her globes back in completely. And that is why I love her. She is too committed to her performance to let her overly-liberated décolletage stop her.

NSFW gallery images via Socialite Life.

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