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Yes Of Course Julianne Hough Is Releasing a Country Album

America’s favorite dancing virgin is hoping to become the country world’s favorite singing virgin.

Julianne Hough (pronounced “Huff,” in case you’re curious), is releasing a self-titled album on Mercury Nashville, and will be hitting the road on tour with Brad Paisley.

Above you’ll find her single, “That Song In My Head.” I mean, she’s not a musical miracle or anything, but it’s a catchy country tune, and she’s got a solid country voice. Taylor Swift better watch her pretty little virgin back.

Talk all the shit you want, this chick is gonna be huge. Huge. I’m calling it right now.

Rachel McAdams’ Hair: Love It or Leave It?

Rachel McAdams Short Brown Hair at Press Conference for Married Life, Pictures, Photos

Rachel McAdams Short Brown Hair at Press Conference for Married Life, Pictures, Photos

Here’s Rachel at a press junket for Married Life in LA.

Remember when she was rocking the pink hair? I dug that. I have half a mind to put pink streaks in my own hair, but every time I think about it I’m just like, “Yeah, but I don’t have anything to wear with it.” Can’t have my hair clashing with my outfit, now can I?

I’ll let you guys weigh in on the hair, but I do have to say that the dress is not especially flattering. It looks like her boobs are being squished. If there’s one universal truth about boobs, it’s that you shouldn’t wear anything that squishes them.

Being Britney’s Father Is Finally Starting to Pay Off


Not that watching your twenty-something flesh and blood endure years of life-threatening mental health crises isn’t reward enough, but now Britney Spears’ dad has something else to brag about: he’s on his daughter’s payroll.

A court has ordered Britney’s estate to pay Jamie Spears $2,500 in weekly compensation and authorized him to lease a car, just after they extended his conservatorship of Britney through this summer.

You know, we kept patiently waiting for Britney’s mother to do something to help her, when, in fact, what she really needed was her daddy.



“It was my hope that in texting both ladies, I would make it onto Page Six, so everybody wins.”

Jeremy Piven, who got busted texting ‘Come meet me’ to two models he met separately at a party in NYC. Unbeknownst to Piven, the two women were friends, and showed each other the text messages and laughed about it. This is what Jeremy — who’s supposed to be exclusively dating model Lillian Grant — had to say when Page Six confronted him with the story.

I adore this guy.

Okay, I Admit It: Christina Aguilera Looks Good Here

Christina Aguilera In Ads for Stephen Webster Jewelry, Pictures, Photos

Here’s Xtina in her new set of ads for Stephen Webster jewelry.

Says Webster:

“She was a real coup for us. She’s our longest-term regular client and the right age for the brand. We think she’s in the most glamorous period of her life right now, and she is the main source of inspiration behind the collection.”

Interestingly enough, I don’t particularly like the jewelry — I think it’s heavy and overwrought — but I love Christina here. I think she looks gorgeous.

Did Kristin Cavallari Set Up Spencer and Heidi?

Heidi Montag on Cover of Us Weekly, Pictures, Photos

It looks like that’s the case.

In a new interview with Us Weekly, Spencer says that “Kristin made it all happen. She said to me, ‘I know this girl who’s so hot and perfect for you!’”

My God, it’s a giant plot to ruin Lauren Conrad’s life.

I still love you, Lauren!!!!

Heidi also goes on and on about how she and Spencer are having “ups and downs,” ostensibly because he “cheated” on her, although she adds that “Spencer and I may differ on what it means to cheat.” Heh. Spencer probably gave a radio interview without Heidi there or something awful like that. You know this girl cares way more about famewhoring than she does about any dude.