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Neil Patrick Harris Wants to Make Perfectly Clear That He Loves Britney Spears


It’s not every day that the AP issues a retraction.

But this hit the wire this morning:

In an April 10 story about Neil Patrick Harris and his TV sitcom, “How I Met Your Mother,” The Associated Press reported that Harris stated he did not think Britney Spears should appear on his show in the future.

The pop star’s March 24 cameo on the show helped it earn its highest rating ever among the 18-to-49-year-old demographic.

Harris said he did not favor what he called “stunt casting” for his show, but he did not say that he opposed a return engagement for Spears.


Do not fuck with Neil Patrick Harris’s respect and admiration for Britney Spears.

Paris ‘Round the World

Paris Hilton at Cosmoprof Fair in Bologna, Italy, Pictures, Photos

Here’s Paris at something called the Cosmoprof Fair in Bologna, Italy.

It’s so great that she has her name written all over everything she’s wearing. Otherwise it’s possible people wouldn’t have recognized her. What with her new hair extensions and all.

Together Forever!

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson, with Platinum Blonde Hair, Outside DCMA, Pictures, Photos

If Samantha Ronson thinks we won’t recognize her just because she dyed her hair ridiculously blonde, she’s sadly mistaken.

Here she is chillin’ with Lindsay outside the DCMA store in Hollywood. How very hipster.

And I love how they’re just sitting there surrounded by Red Bulls and cigarettes. My car still hasn’t been cleaned up from my road trip, and the passenger seat is pretty much covered in empty Red Bull cans and empty packs of Marlboro Lights. I went to pick up a friend last night, and he got in my car, looked around, and was like, “Um, I see what you’ve been doing for the past two days: drinking Red Bull and, uh, smoking cigarettes.” And I was like, “Yes, that pretty much sums it up.”

I really think Lindsay Lohan and I might be kindred spirits.

Oh Vomit


Here’s Heidi Montag backstage at her “fashion show” for her “fashion line” which will be sold through Anchor Blue.


Okay, look, I like to think that, if I had a body like that, I’d still have better sense than to dress that way. Especially at an event where I’m supposed to be the resident professional. I don’t know if that’s true, but I’ll never again have a body like that, so I’ll never have to find out. When I was 14, I used to dress like that. And I looked damn good. All the men at the bus stops thought so.

Ha ha, I remember in 8th grade, we had a class “field trip” to a homeless shelter to help serve food. It was so funny. I went to this absurdly pricey private school, and they’d always have these little events to encourage us to mix with poor people. As an adult, I understand and appreciate what they were trying to do, but, as kids, we just didn’t get it. We didn’t hate poor people, we just didn’t understand what you were supposed to do with them. Like, twice a year they’d have these “mixers” with the local school for homeless kids. It was pretty much the most awkward thing ever. I think, as uninterested as we were in talking with those kids, they were even less interested in talking with us. We’d just stare at them and be like, “Um, can we give you a makeover?” and we were genuinely trying to be helpful, but of course, in retrospect, it was very awful of us. I think the whole thing just furthered the divide. We were trying to be nice, but I’m sure we ended up confirming every single stereotype those kids ever had about rich people. They were probably anti-motivated to go to college and get good jobs after meeting us, like, “I don’t want to do anything that might make me remotely like that.”

But anyway. The whole reason I’m telling this story is that, like, they took us all to the homeless shelter, and we were all dressed pretty much like Heidi Montag. Like in our little rich-middle-schooler tiny tops and tiny shorts and make-up caked on and Kate Spade purses in hand and they just paraded us into this inner-city shelter filled with homeless old men. Worst. Idea. Ever. I distinctly remember one of them looking me up and down and being like, “They didn’t make ‘em like that when I was 14,” and, at that moment, I realized that this whole trip had been terribly, terribly ill-conceived.

So I guess what I’m saying is that Heidi Montag looks like a trashy teenage wannabe slut.

I Love That a 26-Year-Old Won the Miss USA Pageant

Crystle Stewart, Miss Texas, Miss USA, Pictures, Photos

Congrats to Crystle Stewart, the 26-year-old entrepreneur who was crowned Miss USA on Friday night.

I watched about the first eight minutes of the pageant. After that, I decided to sit on my bed and stare at the wall, because it was more interesting. And the Osmonds weren’t on my wall.

Anyway, in the eight minutes that I watched, they introduced all the contestants. They were all, like, 20 years old. It made me feel sad and old. And then there were a handful of, like, 26-year-olds, and I was like, “Oh, token old people,” but then one of them actually won! I guess, after the Tara Conner mess, officials over there are trying to find beauty queens with a little more maturity. And I guess they figure that if you haven’t developed a cocaine problem by 26, you’re in the clear.

I have to admit I have a soft spot in my heart for Tara Conner, though. She weathered all that insanity with a lot of grace, and, when push came to shove, was willing to tackle her drug and alcohol problem head-on. I give her a lot of credit for that; I think, in a strange way, it actually makes her a really good role model.

But from the little that I’ve read, this Crystle girl seems smart, confident and together. Maybe she won’t have to go to rehab to be a strong, positive female role model. Crystle mentioned that she’s one of a handful of black women to be crowned Miss USA. That’s awesome, but I think it’s also worth noting that her eyes are freakishly far apart. Seriously it’s like one of her eyes is at the pageant in Las Vegas and the other is chillin’ in Reno. I don’t think Miss USA has ever crowned a winner with eyes that far apart. So she’s really also making great strides for women everywhere with freakishly far-apart eyes. Beyond that, though, she’s really pretty.

Trump Is Everywhere

Donald Trump at International Hotel and Tower in Las Vegas, Pictures, Photos

Donald Trump — who famously doesn’t drink alcohol — raises a toast at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Trump International Hotel & Tower in Las Vegas. Just what Las Vegas needed: another fucking hotel. Because there aren’t enough fabulously ornate edifices in that city for young girls to get wasted out of their heads and go home with old ugly dudes from Minnesota. We needed one more. Thanks, Mr. Trump.