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Yes Of COURSE Joey Buttafuoco Has a Sex Tape

Joey Buttafuoco Has a Sex Tape

It’s the dueling sex tapes!

Since Amy Fisher has announced that she has a sex tape, Joey Buttafuoco has announced that he has one, too. With his wife, Evanka. Right after he got out of the slammer.

According to David Joseph, CEO of Red Light District, shortly after Buttafuoco was released from jail, he and his wife Evanka were caught on tape having sex while attending a party at Spalone’s home. Buttafuoco served three months for violating his probation and at the time of Spalone’s party he had been on probation since pleading guilty to insurance fraud in 2004. During Buttafuoco’s probation, officers found a box of bullets in his home and in January 2007 he was sent to Los Angeles County Jail.

Jesus Christ.

Put the whole lot of ‘em back in jail.

Britney Gets a Flat Tire, Rescued by Paps

Britney Spears Gets a Flat Tire, Pictures, Photos

This shit doesn’t happen to anyone but Britney Spears.

Brit’s back in LA, and managed to get a flat tire. I guess she continued driving, and was eventually stopped by the police, who were like, “Uh, dude, you can’t drive like that,” so she hitched a ride home with some paparazzi dude from X17.

She left her house again, 20 minutes later, and headed for the Four Seasons.

Can anyone ID the CD in her hand?

I’m In Vegas and I’m Not Even Sure Why


I’m at the MGM Grand right now, heading out to JET. If you told me this morning that I would end the day in Vegas, I would have informed you of your generally weak grasp on reality.

And, yet, here I am. In Las Vegas. On a Monday night.

Life is weird like that. Weird and wonderful.

Posting will resume when it resumes. When it does resume, feel free to poke fun at my spelling and grammar. You guys know how much fun it is when I blog after I get back from the bars.

Love you guys tons.