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Look Who’s Helping!

Paris and her wonky eye are modeling the “We ::heart:: to Erase MS” t-shirt, supporting the Nancy Davis Foundation’s 15th Annual Race to Erase MS.

I don’t understand what this shirt means, really, but I’m all about curing MS.

To learn more about this charity and the race, click here. To buy a T-shirt or otherwise contribute to the charity, click here.

That’s So Original, Samantha

Samantha Ronson gives the paps a piece of her mind as she and Lindsay get pedicures in Los Angeles.

It’s weird to me that Samantha Ronson gets pedicures. Like, she otherwise seems to care so very little about what she looks like on any given day. It’s like when you see some old, ugly chick in the bathroom at work and she’s wearing ripped pantyhose and a floral cotton dress that you figure she hand-stitched herself somewhere around 1989 and it’s been washed about 10,000 times since then and her hair is in some god-awful perm and she’s about eight months late on dying her roots and her shoes are scuffed to all hell and her eyebrows are threatening to invade her hairline and somehow at the age of 53 she still has acne and she’s standing there in front of the mirror meticulously applying her lipstick and you’re like, “Really? Really? Why?”

Anyway. Samantha seems to make Lindsay happy, pedicures or not, and that’s a good thing.

I Really Need a Boyfriend


Leo now has a Dogbook page on Facebook.

And since I didn’t bring my digital camera to Seattle, I bought a new one yesterday, so I can thoroughly document each day of Leo’s existence and post it on Dogbook for everyone to see. I plan to take a lot of video as well.

Seriously? You guys know no one you can set me up with?

Christine Baranski, Because I Love Her

Here’s Christine doing some promotional work for the movie version of Mamma Mia!, where she plays Tanya.

I looooove Christine Baranski. I fell in love with her when she was on Cybill, as Maryann. You know, Maryann really was the original Will & Grace Karen. Christine Baranski invented the wealthy, alcoholic, functionally insane best friend. And I love her for that. Come to think of it, Cybill was also where I developed my love for Alicia Witt, as Zoey. So how come I never fell in love with Cybill Shepherd? Strange.

Oh, and I have to share this: Now that I live in Seattle, I always check the weather forecast for the next day. In Scottsdale and LA, there’s no sense in checking the weather, because it’s always the same: warm, dry and boring. But in Seattle! Oh, in Seattle you never know what the next day will bring. It’s so exciting! As one friend put it, Seattle weather is a cock-tease. Like, it’ll be bright and sunny one day and then pouring rain the next four days. But I LOVE that! I was chatting with a girl at the MAC counter at Nordstroms yesterday (yes, I know where to find friends in a new city), and it turned out she was from the Phoenix area, too, and we were both talking about how we love that it rains all the time out here. I was like, “I don’t think that happens to anyone who wasn’t raised in Phoenix” and she was like, “Yeah, everyone else thinks I’m crazy.”

Anyway, here’s the weather forecast for tomorrow in Seattle:

My response? All alone, in my apartment, I’m like, “Yippeeeeeeeeee!!!!”

Britney Custody Hearing Set for May 6

Well, the child custody evaluation report commissioned by an LA family court regarding Britney’s fitness as a mother has been completed, although no one’s willing to talk about what’s in it.

We’ll all find out soon enough, though. The next custody hearing will be May 6.

Will the new and improved Britney Spears show up to court?

Man, I sure hope so. I bet she will this time, you guys. I think she’s pulling it together, and she’s ready to get those kiddos back. You go get ‘em, Britster!


Here’s total hottie Patrick Dempsey and his wife, celebrity makeup artist Jillian Dempsey, at the NYC premiere of Made of Honor.

Um, is it just me, or does this chick look A LOT like Kate Walsh? Like, seriously, put a wig on this chick and Addison could work in Seattle AND LA! (Is Kate Walsh’s stupid spin-off still on the air? I never could get into it.)

More pics of Patrick and Jillian from this event are after the jump.

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