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Today in Genius: The Miley Cyrus “Naughty Pics” Game

The kids over at have launched the Miley Naughty Pics game, where you’re the photographer trying to get the money shot of Miley.

It only took me two tries to win the whole game, but I was totally into it until I did.

Shit like this makes me miss the days of being a software engineer, but only for a few seconds. The only way I could be talked into writing code again is if I got to make amazing games like this.

Why So Sad, Mila?

The always-gorgeous Mila Kunis puts on her very best pissed-off face for a magazine party in NYC. Tres chic!

And either she had some manner of colored-contact catastrophe, or one of her eyes is blue and the other is brown. I can’t believe I never noticed that before.


She’s so stunning.


Tomorrow will be day three. Yay!

Either Sarah Jessica Parker Is Promoting Her New Perfume Or They’re Doing a Sequel to Hocus Pocus

Does her nose always look that awful?

How could I have missed a thing like that?

I think that’s her new perfume, Covet, she’s holding, but I can’t be sure, as my eyes can only move so far away from her nose before being dragged back by its sheer gravitational pull.

Maybe I should get my computer monitor checked? I mean, is that what her nose has always looked like?