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Watch This: Mariah Yeater Tells Her Side to ‘Insider’

Here it is: Mariah Yeater‘s side of the story, in her own words. And boy, her interview definitely isn’t the blast I was hoping it’d be. I don’t know, I guess I assumed she would be more animated, more obviously desperate for fame; instead, Miss Yeater is just some scared kid.

When the interviewer pokes holes in her story, she only shakes her head and looks exhausted. The truth is, I can’t read her. Is this an act? It has to be, right?

Interviewer: I have to be a little straightforward with you and tell you that… the security guard we talked to, he said that Justin went to the dressing room that night. He went into the dressing room, his mother was there, his hairstylist was there, his best friend was there. Then he came out of the dressing room. He was with him the whole time, they walked him to the car. Why would he say that?

Yeater: No comment.

The full interview airs tonight on The Insider.

Quotables: Why Kelly Osbourne Doesn’t Have Friends

A photo of Kelly Osbourne

“I still find it tough to be around girls because I always say the wrong thing. If a friend asks me if I look fat in something, I’ll be honest and say ‘Yeah’ when she does.”

- Kelly Osbourne admits that she’s kind of a bitch.

This is a bitchy thing to do, right? If a friend is feeling all self conscious and does that admittedly annoying “do I look fat in this? Oh god, I’m so fat. Fat fat fat,” you say “no, honey, you don’t and you’re not,” or if she really doesn’t look as great as she could in her chosen ensemble, you say something like “you know what I think would look great? This other thing over here!” Your friends aren’t like Christina Aguilera, Kelly, you can’t even remotely get away with calling them fat bitches.

What do you think: is it no wonder that Kelly “finds it tough to be around girls,” or do Kelly’s friends need to toughen up?

Guess the Celebrity: Kitten Edition!

First off, COULD YOU JUST DIE?! Look at that little kitty! She’s so cute, I can’t even! Look at her little ears and her tiny little paws and her eyes! Are you dying over the adorableness that is happening to you right now? Because I am. I am dying a lot.

As for this adorable little cat’s owner, well … I still don’t like her. She’s still annoying and, in my opinion, overrated, and just because we share a love for cats and the cat lady culture doesn’t mean that I have to appreciate anything about her.

So who owns the kitten in question?

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