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Together At Last!

Mariah Carey and Bobby DeNiro smile for the cameras at the Tribeca premiere of Tennessee.

Also there: Edie Falco, who always looks just dreadful at red carpet events, and Ben Kingsley.

Aren’t You Glad They Have the GLAAD Awards?

Ahhh ha ha ha ha ha.

How witty am I???

Okay, so the GLAAD awards happened on Saturday night. The big winners were Brothers & Sisters and Ugly Betty, which received awards for outstanding drama and comedy. Kathy Griffin’s Life on the D-List took home the prize for outstanding reality program, and Janet Jackson won the Vanguard Award.

Meanwhile, I saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall tonight, and all I could think through the whole thing was “God, Mila Kunis is gorgeous. What is she doing with Macaulay Culkin??” Funny movie, though.

A New Love

Here’s James Gandolfini (who looks like he’s lost some weight??) and his fiancee, model Deborah Lin, at the Tribeca Film Festival.

The two got engaged in January after two years of dating.


Here’s the gorgeous and talented Danica Patrick at the Tribeca premiere of Baby Mama.

The dress isn’t doing her any favors, but the shoes are hot and overall she looks great.

I ::heart:: her.

Kim Cattrall Gets Honest

The Advocate has a fantastic interview with Kim Cattrall out this month, where she chats about everything from her love life to being typecast to, of course, her relationship with the other SaTC gals.

Do you get along with your colleagues all the time?” she asks me. “If you’re spending 18 hours a day [at work], the last thing you want to do is go and have a drink with the people who you just — you just need to get away.”

“I think people had a vested interest in this scenario,” she continues, referring to the tabloid press. “That on the show we were best friends, but in reality there was all this going on. And I think specifically they wanted to pit Sarah and me against each other because those characters are so strong. My character was such a fabulous diva. She’s flamboyant, and she doesn’t keep her mouth shut.”

Cattrall was reported to have held up production of the film after the three other actresses signed on, and she reiterates a number of reasons for doing so: Her father was diagnosed with dementia; she couldn’t see the script before signing; when she did see the script, she didn’t like it. “I didn’t think it was that great,” she says. “I’m glad we waited four years for a much better story line for all four characters.” And of course, the money. Cattrall doesn’t dispute that she held out for more, but she says it wasn’t out of jealousy over Parker’s higher salary, as was widely reported. “I never expected to be paid what Sarah was being paid,” she says. “Sarah’s a producer. But I felt that the offer was not worthy of what the three of us had contributed, and I spoke up about it. You know, my dad was a big union guy. He felt that the workers should get a part of it.”

She insists that reports she was only doing the movie for the money took her words out of context. Still, she’s candid about the fact that this is her nest egg, and she’s not getting any younger. “I’m a woman in my 50s. I’m not living with some multimillionaire. I’m it. Negotiation is about getting more money, and I think, Would they have a problem with this if I were a man? You look at James Gandolfini. He stood up and said, ‘Hey, I’m worth it.’ ” Her hard line appears to have worked. In March the Post reported that not only had Cattrall gotten a raise, but so had Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon, thanks to her bargaining efforts. “Enough said” is all she’ll say in response to that. “It’s like, ‘Oh, don’t make any waves. Just be a good girl and take it.’ And you know, I’m happy with my deal, ultimately. I feel like I stuck my neck out. I fought. I don’t ever want to be on a set where I feel undervalued.”

I kind of love her for all this.

The whole interview’s great. Read it here.

Life Update

Just wanted to take a second out and give you guys an update about what’s going on with me. I’m still getting emails and MySpace messages from you guys about Charlie and Seattle, and it just means the world to me that total strangers care so much.

I’m still in Seattle; I love it here. (Email today from friend: “You’re in Seattle!? OMG! how are you going to continue your rise as a D-list celebrity?”) I’ve made tons of friends at the RealNetworks office (and drank tons of their free sodas), and have been having a blast hanging out with my old LA pal Trish, her amazing boyfriend and their 120-pound Great Dane (Me: “Trish, your dog is at my goal weight.”)

And on the dog front: I now have a new pal. His name is Leo. He came from a wonderful rescue shelter in Yakima, Washington. I drove five hours round-trip for this dog! He’s a chihuahua/terrier mix and right now he weighs three pounds. He’s full of life, and I’ve had him for almost two weeks now and he still seems healthy as a horse, so I think I’m ready to introduce him to you all. No one can replace Charlie for me — he’ll always be in my heart, and I think about him daily — but I love Leo bunches and he’s been a wonderful companion.

I finally got up the nerve to call the pet store where I got Charlie and demand my money back. I was really scared about doing it; I was afraid they’d be totally rude, and blame me, and it would be really stressful and awful and just open up old wounds. They were actually less mean than I expected; they said Charlie was covered by a PAWS warranty, and that the money I spent on Charlie and my vet bills would be reimbursed. I still have to submit all the paperwork, and I’m not going to totally believe this until I actually have the check in my hand, but it’s a good start, because Charlie’s vet bills were thousands of dollars. I’m thinking I’ll donate most of the money to animal rescues and to help people who are struggling financially to cover their vet bills if their pets have to go through something like Charlie did. It was such a horrible experience, and I was so grateful through it all that I could at least afford the very best treatment for him. I want to be able to help families who are not so fortunate. I am open to recommendations for charities.

I’m going to stay in Seattle for the summer, maybe longer. The place I’m at now isn’t particularly pet-friendly (read: there’s a strict no-pets policy), so Leo and I are moving to a new apartment in South Lake Union in a week. The building has a huge deck on the top floor with lots of grass for dogs to run around, so Leo can go up there and make doggie buddies (once he’s had all his shots, of course). My kitties are coming up in the next month. They are going to be so excited to be on an airplane! (Heh, yeah right.) They’re gonna show up and be like, “Let me get this straight, Mom: You put us on an airplane, move us to a new city, a new apartment, a new climate, and, just for fun, there’s a fucking dog here now?” They are not going to speak to me for days, I’m sure.

Anyway, thanks again for all your concerns. The outpouring of comments, emails and MySpace messages has just meant so much to me. A reader even invited me to a birthday party in Seattle tonight! You guys rock so hard. Thank you.

Samuel L. Jackson, Because He’s So Badass

I so rarely get to write about Sammy, because he’s always keeping himself out of trouble and being a respected actor. But I just adore him, although his age is definitely starting to show lately.

Here he is promoting his film Cleaner in Paris. I love that he’s dressed up all Paris-style. Tres chic!

He’s posing with his wife, LaTania Richardson, who he’s been married to since 1980. I love that, too. He didn’t get really famous until several years after he married her, but he’s stuck with the same chick ever since. And he still likes her enough to take her with him on work-related trip to Paris. Now that’s badass.