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Highlights from This Weekend’s SNL, Starring Emma Stone

Photo: Emma Stone SNL interstitial from October 2010

The latest episode of Saturday Night Live was kind of weak, which is too bad, because mothergrabbing Emma Stone was the host. Emma Stone! (She hosted a year ago, too, but still! Emma Stone!)

So none of these clips is laugh-out-loud riotous, but you might hook your thumbs into your pants pockets, nod like a hipster at a Steve Malkmus concert, and just kind of mutter “That’s cool, that’s cool.”

I’m not sure whether “Technology Hump” is safe for work, because it’s pretty unsubtle. It’s probably OK to watch over in the IT department.

Ah! I love it when the Devil (Jason Sudeikis) comes to Weekend Update to talk about current events. The idea of this whole running gag is, not even the Devil can wrap his sweetly devilish little brain around some of the cruelties and evils humanity has devised. In this week’s segment, the Devil is hearing about the Joe Paterno scandal for the very first time.

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Seriously, How Great Does Pink Look?

Remember when Pink was pregnant for those eighteen months and looked like this everywhere she went?:

photo of pink pregnancy pictures photos pics
Me too. I’m totally living it. Now, however, she looks quite like this:
photo of pink at happy feet two premiere pictures photos
Amazing, right? This photo was taken at this past weekend’s premiere of Happy Feet Two, and I’m not sure she’s ever really looked better. A lot of people say that pregnancy and child-bearing ruins your figure, but I don’t know. Pink sure looks to be the opposite of that idea, and if I think real hard, I’m sure I could come up with others, too, but hey. Maybe I’m just saying that to make myself feel better in preparation of what’s to come. Whee!

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