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I Need to Stop Being Sad That I’m Not Married

Clearly being married is not cool anymore.

Instead, I should focus on being sad that I’m not pregnant. All the cool kids are pregnant.

Here’s Alessandra Ambrosio … and her baby bump.

Ale’s about four months along — she announced in March that she and boyfriend Jamie Mazur had done some accidental baby-making in January.

Congrats, lady!

Also: Leo and I are all set up in our new apartment, where the previous resident forgot to cancel the cable TV and there’s an unsecured wireless connection I can steal to my little heart’s content! And this complex is sooo dog-friendly … there are freakin’ dogs everywhere! In the elevators, in the lobby, in the garage, everywhere! I think you actually have to have a dog to live here. They’re having Pet Appreciation Day next week. They’re gonna have “cutest pet” competitions. The complex manager says Leo is a shoe-in.

Disney to Miley: I Can Wait to See You Again

Miley Cyrus has pulled out of her first scheduled public appearance since those Vanity Fair photos hit the web.

Miley had been scheduled for weeks to participate in the Disney Channel Games, a charity competition taking place in Orlando on Friday.

No reason was given for her pulling out of the competition, but word on the street is that Disney is trying to keep her out of the spotlight until this I’m-a-good-role-model-if-you-want-your-fifteen-year -old-to-have-bedroom-hair-and-no-clothes thing blows over.

It’s Moving Day!

That’s right, bitches! Today is the day that me and Leo are finally free of Chez Eggplant, and get to move into our own apartment, which we will get to decorate in colors and patterns that don’t suck.

We are going to be very busy today with the move, so I probably won’t be checking in much until tomorrow.

I got the keys last night, and Leo and I went to play in the new (empty) apartment for a few minutes, during which I made a little video of Leo and me being dorks.

More pics of Leo are after the jump.

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Beyonce Pregnant?

The girls over at Hollyscoop are claiming they have it on good authority that Beyonce Knowles is “100% pregnant, which is why the couple rushed their wedding.”

Man, I love it when people say things like “100% pregnant.” The alternative is something like “Beyonce Knowles is 75% pregnant. The other quarter of the fetus is in Jessica Simpson’s uterus. Long story.”

Anyway, the source goes on to claim that everyone at Beyonce’s (still unconfirmed) wedding was well aware that she was pregnant, and that she was rushing the wedding due to her strong Christian beliefs.

If it’s true, Beyonce, we wish you all the best.