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17Sam Jackson Defends Gay Marriage

The badass motherfucker is the latest in a long line of celebrities urging California voters to VOTE NO on PROP 8.

Samuel L. Jackson recorded a radio spot earlier today to keep the issue top-of-mind with voters as the election draws closer.


October 27, 2008 at 2:19 pm by Evil Beet
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19This Is Too Good to Be True

Starpulse magazine — the barometer of journalistic integrity — is reporting that Paris Hilton has booked a seat on Sir Richard Branson’s first Virgin spaceflight, scheduled for next year.

Paris is reportedly a little apprehensive about the trip.

“I’m very scared to do it,” she says. “What if I don’t come back? With the whole light-years thing, what if I come back 10,000 years later, and everyone I know is dead? I’ll be like, ‘Great. Now I have to start all over.’”

This has to be bullshit, right?

Even Paris Hilton wouldn’t just hand the blogging industry so many ready-made jokes, right?

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As a result of the article titled “Blood Dispute” in the October 24th issue of Page Six, I am compelled to resign from my position as Freelance Journalist for Page Six Magazine.

I did not, and would not, write such an article as the one to appear as my Page Six magazine column in this Sunday’s Post.

To avoid hard feelings and break clean, I expect you to put my resignation, and my reason for it, in Page Six (newspaper) at the same time to coincide with the Sunday magazine column.

I can no longer continue my association as a journalist.


Lydia Hearst

Heiress (and now-former columnist) Lydia Hearst, in her resignation letter. Hearst is referencing an item from her column last week (which I quoted on this site) in which she blasts her company’s partying policies. Hearst claims she wrote no such thing.

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50He Could Have Been Mine

My last chance at a blissful marriage just slipped through the cracks. Actually, that’s probably a really bad metaphor in this case.

The world’s fattest man as of 2007, Mexican Manuel Uribe, has married his friend’s widow in a televised ceremony the Discovery channel dubbed My Big Fat Mexican Wedding.

Despite shedding 230 kilograms (570 pounds) from 590 kilograms early on this year, Uribe, 43, had to be carried by a crane on his bed, where he has been confined for years, to the makeshift altar at a venue 30 minutes from his home on Sunday … The wedding reception had a “low-calorie banquet” with meat, cream of mushroom and buttered vegetables.

Congrats to the happy couple!

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29Sad News

The body of a young boy was found in the back seat of the white Chevrolet Suburban police have been looking for since the death of Jennifer Hudson’s mother and brother. It is assumed to be her missing nephew, Julian King.

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17Happy Family!



Jennie Garth and her hubby, Peter Facinelli, pose with their kiddos at the Camp Ronald McDonald Halloween carnival.

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