Today's Evil Beet Gossip

Protesting as Promised

Like they said they would, disability groups protested outside the LA premiere of Tropic Thunder on Monday. They’re upset with the film for its use of the word “retard,” which they consider to be hate speech.

DreamWorks has reportedly made changes to its trailers in response to the controversy, but so far there’s no indication that they will make changes to the actual film.

Things That Are Annoying Me Today

I find I often feel better after I tell you guys why I’m in a bad mood, so I’m going to do that now.

1) Stupid Internet connection at the office is absurdly slow.

2) Still not smoking. Want cigarette.

3) Am on crazy diet to try to lose the one billion pounds I gained during the past three weeks while not smoking, because I feel absolutely disgusting and don’t fit into any of my clothes. I’m currently wearing what are supposed to be my “fat jeans” and they’re very tight. If I gain any more weight I will not have anything to wear. Crazy diet is nutritionist-approved, and basically consists of me eating only things that are the color green and taste like ass for the next two weeks. I can supplement the green stuff with protein shakes and lean meats. I can eat lots of the green stuff, but it doesn’t matter. No matter how many fucking cucumbers you eat, you still feel hungry. Has anyone ever done a diet like this before? Does it get better after the first couple of days? Because right now I am HUNGRY and GRUMPY and I WANT A FUCKING SNICKERS BAR.

4) Leo is not at the office with me. :( He’s over six months old now, so I’m trying to get in the habit of not bringing him with me everywhere I go, because right now we both have really bad separation anxiety when we’re apart.

So, in summary, these are things I would like right now but can’t have: a fast Internet connection, a cigarette, a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and a cheeseburger, and my dog.

Please leave words of encouragement in the comments. Thank you.

Katie Holmes Jeans Watch

After spending the evening in LA with Tom to attend the premiere of Tropic Thunder, Katie Holmes was back in New York today to attend rehearsals for All My Sons. And maybe being in LA knocked some sense into her, because she’s not wearing those ridiculous peg-and-rolls.

But talk about supporting your man!

Katie flew to LA for all of an evening before flying back to NYC. That’s dedication!

Nikki Blonsky’s Dad Is Out of Jail

For anyone who’s still following this story, Nikki Blonsky’s father has been released from a Turks and Caicos after his bail was lowered to $3000.

I really grow less and less happy about this story as every day passes without video of the actual fight. I can’t believe there weren’t security cameras in that airport. This sort of bullshit never would have happened in the U.S. We would have had that tape within twelve hours. GO AMERICA!

Britney’s Talking to OK! Magazine Again

Remember the last time Britney did an interview with OK! magazine? She was insanely high, her dog pooped on the floor, and she used a Chanel dress to clean it up. I’m sure OK! scheduled this new interview outdoors somewhere. Like at a highway rest stop. Where they know Britney will feel comfortable.


Britney and her pops talked to OK! in her first official interview in over a year. A source says Britney actually answered questions — and dad/conservator Jamie spoke openly about Kevin Federline and the two boys.

The interview hits stands this week.

Hayden Panettiere’s Mother Hardly Even Noticed That Her Husband Hit Her in the Face

Skip and Lesley Panettiere gave their formal statement to Mario Lopez, the odious new host of Extra, about the whole thing where he got arrested last night for hitting her in the face a bunch of times.

Lesley and Alan told Mario Lopez, “Nothing actually happened.”

Explained Mario, “In fact, Lesley wasn’t even aware that Skip had been arrested. Hayden found out about her dad’s arrest when he called her from jail. They love each other very much and want everyone to know that the matter was completely blown out of proportion.”

Um, Lesley wasn’t even aware that Skip had been arrested because she was in a fucking drunken blackout, probably. Of course they don’t think anything actually happened. The last thing they remember is handing over their valet ticket in the parking lot of Beso and assuring the 17-year-old kid that they were okay to drive home.

This is so silly and sets a disgusting example. Your husband gets drunk and hits you in the face? Just pretend it didn’t happen. Jesus.

Oops! He Did It Again!

Michael Phelps took home the gold in the men’s 200m freestyle. This is his third gold in Beijing. He’s on track to winning eight gold medals at this Olympics.

So, as promised, here is yet another photo of Michael Phelps’ super sexy pubic bones.


And congratulations, Michael!