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Look Who’s Helping!

Jenny McCarthy — who’s been fighting for safer vaccines for children — takes boyfriend Jim Carrey along to the Green Our Vaccines march in DC.

These two have been together FOREVER! And they’re almost never in the news unless they’re out supporting one of Jenny’s many causes. Sooo fabulous!

And Jim had this to say about his relationship with Jenny’s autistic son, Evan: “He taught me how to love. And without Evan I might never have seen the greatness of Jenny’s spirit.”

Denise Richards Wants the Skinny on Charlie’s Wedding

Goddamn, it’s a slow news day. And I’m inexplicably grumpy today. Also, I forgot to bring my laptop charger to work and my computer’s dying. So I’m gonna keep this short:

Denise Richards has apparently been calling OK! magazine offices in New York in an attempt to track down an advance copy of this week’s issue, which features Charlie’s wedding on the cover.

“She was feverishly trying to get her hands on a copy. She wanted to prepare herself for what she was going to see on the newsstands,” said a source. Denise did photo shoots with OK! both during and after her marriage to Sheen, and that is partially why she felt comfortable making the call. “She feels like she knows them and can ask a favor, I guess,” said the source.

While of course Denise just needs to get the hell over this, part of me feels bad for her. I can’t imagine having to read about your ex’s new wedding on the cover of OK! magazine. That would suck big time.

Karma’s a bitch.

Pleading the Fifth

I haven’t been covering much of the R. Kelly trial around here, because I think the whole thing is disturbing, and I’d just as soon not give this guy any publicity for doing what he did, but this is an interesting little tidbit:

A Chicago Sun-Times reporter, Jim DeRogatis, is refusing to answer questions on the stand at the trial, citing an Illinois law that governs reporters’ rights and the First and Fifth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution.

DeRogatis read the statement more than a dozen times in response to questions, including whether he once made a copy of the sex tape at the center of the trial.

Defense attorneys have said that copying the tape would have been a crime.

After DeRogatis’ 10 minutes on the stand, Judge Vincent Gaughan (GAWN) said reporters’ privileges don’t apply. But the judge ruled that DeRogatis doesn’t have to testify based on his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination.

Why George Dumped Sarah

A source close to George Clooney says he split up with Sarah Larson because she was getting too chatty with the press about their relationship.

“George is very protective of his private life,” says the source. “He started feeling like she had spoken too much about the relationship. She wanted the fame … If he wanted to date an actress, he would. But he doesn’t.”

Adds the source: “It was never very serious. He would fly her into town, but she always was living in Vegas.”

Eh, I kinda think this is all bullshit. George dumped her because it had been a year, and he was over it. He’s the eternal bachelor, you guys!!!

Jack Black Says Angelina Was “Relieved” That He Spilled News About Her Twins

“She was relieved,” says the actor, when asked how Angie responded to his accidental decision to tell the world about her twinsies. “She wanted to spill the beans, but didn’t know how to and I did it for her.”

As to why he didn’t already know it was Hollywood’s worst-kept secret? “It was my wife’s fault … She said, like it was common knowledge, ‘Angelina’s having twins’ – because my wife is a triplet, and she was interested in that.”