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Michelle Williams made her first red carpet appearance since the passing of Heath Ledger, at the Cannes Film Festival, to promote her new flick, Wendy and Lucy.

“It was decided on Monday night that she could come to Cannes, and she got on the next plane to arrive just in time to get dressed and come to our premiere,” said a rep for Wendy and Lucy. “She came in and had a long nap and then came to the screening.”

She looks lovely in lace!

Welcome back, Michelle!

That’s Hot!

Paris Hilton gets the ol’ Photoshop treatment in an ad for an Ecuadorian beauty company.

The text translates to “No one will look younger than you.”

I’m not sure I really understand the message behind the ad, but I sure do love this picture.

After the jump, Angelina Jolie gets the same treatment.

Tragically, it doesn’t seem they’ve even attempted to use Lindsay Lohan in these ads. It’s a shame, as they wouldn’t have had to Photoshop her face at all.

[via Gawker]

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Were the Usher/Tameka Break-Up Reports Just a Publicity Stunt?

Usher’s rep is firmly denying online reports that Usher and Tameka Foster have split.

“Usher and Tameka are currently traveling in Europe together as a family on his promotional tour,” says his rep. “This rumor is completely false.”

Not that one ought to believe everything a publicist says, but is it possible that someone in Usher’s camp “leaked” some untrue “news” to the bloggers at YBF just to drum up publicity for Usher’s new album, which drops on Tuesday?

It’s an interesting coincidence, to say the least.

Adam Sandler’s Gonna Have Another Kiddo

Well, technically, his wife is. Adam’s been doing the talk show circuit to promote his new film, You Don’t Mess with the Zohan, and he announced on Wednesday that his wife, Jackie, is expecting another kiddo. Jackie’s 3 1/2 month pregnant right now. The couple already have one daughter, 2-year-old Sadie.

Okay, is it just me, or is anyone else really excited for Sandler’s new movie? I know to some extent it looks kind of dumb, but, I dunno, it could also be really hilarious. The reviews from people who have seen the screener were generally positive. I’ve included the trailer here.