Today's Evil Beet Gossip

Never Single for Long!

Looks like Work Out star Jackie Warner moves on quick!

She and her much younger girlfriend were having difficulties at the end of last season, and apparently Jackie decided to cut her loose. She was spotted out clubbing in LA last night with her new girlfriend, Lisa Alvarez.

Uh … why is she doing that with her fingers?

Whoopi Goldberg is SUCH a Slut!

Whoopi Goldberg got tongues wagging when she admitted on The View today that she’s had “about fifty” different lovers.

Um … Whoopi’s 52 years old. She was married only briefly when she was 18. So, assuming she lost her virginity at the age of 18, that averages out to approximately 1.47 different men a year.

That’s not called slutty. That’s called dating.

1.47 men? That’s like my monthly figure. Whoopi’s a freakin’ saint.

PDA Alert!

Here’s Mischa Barton getting cozy with her boyfriend, guitarist Taylor Locke, on the beach in Venice, California.

I’m sorry, but those swim trunks are not a good look for him.

I hope those are attack birds sitting next to them. You know, that would actually be a pretty cool trick. To teach a bunch of those little beach birds to attack, and then when a Heidi Montag or Paris Hilton or Mischa Barton is getting all bikini-style slutty for the paparazzi out in Malibu or Venice, you just release the birds, and then the paparazzi get all sorts of fun shots of Heidi Montag’s eyes being gouged out by an attack seagull. Everybody wins! Except Heidi Montag. But I’ve already made my peace with that.

People Magazine Gets First Pics of Brangelina Babies

Is is possible that, for once, OK! magazine didn’t get the baby photos?

It appears People magazine has come out on top in the bidding war for the Brangelina twin photos. People will pay between $10-15M for the photos (the exact figure has not been released). Brad & Angie will, of course, donate the cash to charity.

Normally I don’t give a crap about celebrity baby photos — because all babies just look like babies to me — but for some reason I’m really excited to see these photos. I want to see if the babies have wings and halos. I betcha they do. If not, they can at least levitate. I’m certain of that.

Oh, Amy

The Daily Mail has a long but fascinating piece about a one-on-one interview with Amy Winehouse. It’s here if you want to read it, but here are some choice quotes.

Downstairs, a growing pack of paparazzi has gathered in a frenzy, inches from her door, with cameras at the ready, anticipating Winehouse’s response to the latest headlines.

For the past hour, Winehouse has been getting ready to meet the paparazzi: she’s been carefully drawing the dark, thick Cleopatra swoops around her eyes, over smudges of make-up past, her long, manicured red fingernails masking a black resin lining, her lip gloss glittering pink, foundation covering little scabs that dot her face.

‘What are you going to say, Amy?’ I ask her from the sofa where I’ve been slumped over, scratching notes for the past few hours.

At 4am, after I’d spent half the night outside her apartment, hoping for an interview, Winehouse had, much to my surprise, opened the door and invited me in for beer.

Since then, Winehouse has been pottering around her house in varying states of consciousness, disappearing every half an hour or so upstairs to her bedroom and returning to talk to me a little about her music, a little about her drugs and a lot about her imprisoned husband.

Through it all, she’s an attentive and open hostess, making tea and giving me extra pieces of paper to take notes.

Now, thinking about the waiting paparazzi outside, she keeps her eyes fastened on her image in the mirror.

‘I could just go out there and say . . . I don’t know.’ Her mouth is slack. ‘I don’t know, really.’ Winehouse gives her hive one last tease and trots gamely down the stairway.

Also, it turns out Amy couldn’t pull her shit together for long enough to actually record the James Bond Quantum of Solace theme song. Alicia Keys and Jack White will be doing it instead.