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Quotables: Hugh Laurie Is Quitting Television

Photo: Hugh Laurie at Children in Need Rocks Manchester on November 17

“I think I have been rather spoiled here (in America),” he said. “I can’t imagine there will be another one quite like this. … And I think I am extremely lucky to have had the one shot that I have had at it, and I wouldn’t go looking for lightning to strike twice.”

Hugh Laurie isn’t too sure he wants to continue his television career once House ends. Which isn’t exactly news: Laurie expressed a similar reluctance way back in May, too.

But this isn’t it for Hugh! The actor goes on to say that he would still like to pursue writing or directing. “I find the whole field of it fascinating,” he says.

Scarlett Johansson Did Interview Magazine, Isn’t That Super?

photo of scarlett johansson pictures interview magazine 2011 boobs photo
After reading this interview, I got the impression that Scarlett Johansson‘s a lot smarter and more worldly than we give her credit for. She’s intelligent and cares about stuff and isn’t just another pretty-faced actress, you know? Haha, sorry, my bad. I’m totally kidding. Her best body of work to date (aside from Love Song for Bobby Long, which I’m starting to wonder if it was a fluke) is that weird Dolce & Gabbana commercial where she talks about how much she loves the way her lips look when she says ‘m’ words.

She’s the type of chick who tries to make everything she’s doing, and every project she’s involved in, seem like the most important, significant, thought-provoking thing that’s ever been done in the world*, and that actually kind of bugs me.

She’s also way more tolerable when she’s not trying to seduce every it-for-the-moment guy around. That’s always kind of fun, too, right?

But anyway. Here’s her big interview with Arianna Huffington. I’ve put some of it after the jump, because it’s WAY LONG. The photos are down there, too, which I recommend even if you don’t read the interview. It’s a tough read, kids, and by “tough” I mean “she might be a little bit more scintillating if she wasn’t so back-handedly wrapped up in herself.”


SCARLETT JOHANSSON: I’m good. I’m in dry, sunny Glasgow right now, enjoying the tropical weather. [laughs] I’m doing a film here called Under the Skin. It’s a project that I’ve been talking about with Jonathan [Glazer] for a few years now—I think he’s actually been working on it, in different incarnations, for about eight or nine years.

HUFFINGTON: What is it about?

JOHANSSON: It’s hard to give a kind of warm-up line for the story because it’s almost like giving the plotline of a Bergman film, but I’m playing a character called Laura, who is an it that becomes a she . . .That’s what the story’s about—*it’s about that transformation [Editor's note: SEE?!] . . . It basically has no written dialogue, and I don’t think it’s really character-driven. Jon is an incredible visionary, and in the place I’m in right now, it feels really fresh. It might be an impossible project . . . [laughs] We’ll see.

HUFFINGTON: How is your brother, Hunter?

JOHANSSON: He’s great. He’s been working on Scott Stringer’s campaign for a couple of months now, so he’s super busy with that. He’s really happy to be working with Scott—and, you know, the family’s proud.

HUFFINGTON: I remember he promised to blog for us. I’ll invite him into the newsroom to meet our editors.

JOHANSSON: He’d absolutely love that. He always has so much fun when we’re out together. I’m already planning what I’m going to wear to the next White House Correspondents’ dinner.

HUFFINGTON: I loved being at the dinner with you, watching all of those senators from both sides lining up to meet you.

JOHANSSON: Next time I go I’m going to find Anderson Cooper’s table and camp out there. My brother was totally geeked-out by Katie Couric. I think he followed her around the entire night. I was chasing after him, and I turned around, and I had a bunch of Republican senators chasing after me. [laughs] But honestly I think it’s the best party in town. I’d rather go to the White House Correspondents’ dinner than any awards show.

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