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Daddy’s Little Girl

What’s the best way to help the world forget about the fact that you were captured on tape singing about “gooks” and “nips”?

Make a very public appearance holding your daddy’s hand!

Amy Winehouse had dinner in London last night with her father Mitch.




BREAKING: Amy Winehouse Occasionally Participates in the Use of Illegal Drugs



Someone stole the camera of Amy’s incarcerated hubby, Blake Civil-Fielder, and sold their contents to News of the World. And there are drug paraphernalia!

The footage includes a tape of Amy and a friend singing a “racist” song. Frankly, the song isn’t really all that racist — I mean, it’s Amy singing a bunch of mild racial slurs — but it’s nothing compared to some of the shit we’ve caught on tape from, say, Paris Hilton or Dog the Bounty Hunter or Michael Richards. It’s definitely not flattering, but I don’t think it necessarily supports the conclusion that Amy is in any way a racist. The vid is here if you wanna watch it.

I think the photos are the most interesting. I’ve posted them all after the jump, but I really like the one shown above. It’s Amy, without the crazy make-up and the beehive and the meth face, and she looks, well, she looks like a normal human being. There’s a normal human being under all that, and she needs help.

The rest of the photos are after the jump.

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“A lot of people like to fool you and say that you’re not smart if you never went to college, but common sense rules over everything. That’s what I learned from selling crack.”

Snoop Dogg, to Esquire magazine.

Dakota Fanning: Still Not Drunk

Dakota Fanning showed up completely sober to lend her support to an event for children’s rights in LA on Saturday.

I don’t know about the blue nail polish, though. What kind of example is she setting? First they’re wearing non-traditional shades of polish, and the next thing you know they’re smoking heroin in a hotel basement and blabbing for ten minutes about the state of sadomasochistic videos in this country.

In all seriousness, though, what I sorta love about Dakota is that she’s not all up in your face telling you about how she’s going to be an amazing role model and remain a virgin foreverandeveramen and avoid all the pitfalls of young Hollywood. She just kind of dresses like a normal 14-year-old and wears age-appropriate make up and doesn’t get her lips plumped or glue extensions in her hair and generally avoids being photographed in any proximity to Lindsay Lohan. Leading by example? Weird.

Of course, we’ll have to wait a few years before we can determine whether this behavior will continue once she’s free of the clutches of her protective parents, but, for now, rock on, Dakota.

Things Have Not Gone Well for Nikki McKibbin

Oh, Nikki.

You bring back so many memories.

It was the first season of American Idol, the little talent show that could. It was early summer — the first summer after the World Trade Center attacks. We were a nation still feeling our way out of a fog of fear and devastation. We needed to spend a summer watching teenagers belt out tunes from decades past on a national stage. We rooted for you, with your tattoos and your piercings and your dyed hair and your unfaltering sweetness and we’d think to ourselves: “Here. This is as radical as things get. This is the worst of it.” We needed you that summer, on stage, doing your very best impression of something threatening and hardcore and unpredictable, and you did it every week, and you were never anything but endearing in the process, and we loved you for it.

And your 2007 album bombed into such oblivion that no one even bothered covering its failure. And you’ve gained thirty pounds. And you’re being photographed at a red-carpet event for washed-up reality TV stars next to Heather from Rock of Fucking Love. And the photo agency has you tagged here as “Nikki McGibbin.” Your career was never going to recover from your very public tenure as a very fake bad-ass.

I’m sure you didn’t realize it at the time, Nikki, but you took one for the team that summer. And I, for one, appreciated it.

Thank you.