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Mini-Me Speaks!

Verne Troyer is finally speaking out about The Sex Tape! And also about Heath Ledger.

And he says his ex-girlfriend, Ranae Shrider, leaked the tape!

No surprise there.

“I broke up with her in the middle of June; it was something probably to do with that. It was basically when she decided to give the tape away. I highly doubt that she thought that would get me back with her. Ransom or something … She’s still in the house,” Troyer says, noting that he’s taking legal action to force her out, but their situation “makes it even harder, to, you know, not strangle her … I saw her when I left today and she was calling me names and stuff. Uh, so I can’t get away from it.”

Troyer was reportedly choking back tears during the entire interview.

Adding to his sadness: he’d been working with Heath Ledger on his final film, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus.

“I don’t believe that he was troubled,” he says of Ledger’s final days working on the movie. “Everyone knew that he had a hard time sleeping and from working in the cold weather in London—we were out in the rain and things like that—so everybody got sick, to a certain extent … He couldn’t sleep because he was so wrapped up in the character of Joker in Batman. He was still going through not sleeping because he was so involved in that. Throughout our shoot it was the same way … He wasn’t, for me, depressed enough to even think about taking his own life. It was an accident, it happened and it’s very unfortunate.”

Verne tells a cute story about Heath:

Troyer insists that despite sleeplessness Ledger was still “upbeat” about his work on Parnassus. Playful even, as Troyer recalls the last time he and Ledger were together: On the cast’s final night of shooting before they departed London for hiatus, the pair shot a scene at a bar where paparazzi loomed out front. Ledger made his way into the crowd unseen to tease the shutterbugs.

“Heath snuck his way out into the crowd without anybody noticing and came right up next to one of the photographers and asked him, ‘Who are you trying to shoot? Who are you trying to get?’”

The photog said he wanted a snap of Ledger, to which Ledger responded, “’Oh, really? That’s cool,’” according to Troyer. By the time the pap could realize it was Heath himself, the actor had disappeared.

“I thought that was classic, just classic and hilarious,” Troyer said.

It’s so sad to me that Heath was so wrapped up in the darkness of The Joker. I guess that’s a risk you run in being a brilliant actor. I can tell you that I never lose sleep at night because I’m so wrapped up in the character of The Evil Beet. When I lose sleep at night, it’s more about things like, “Did I misspell Selena Gomez’s name? Oh, God, I hope not. She’s been on the scene for like five weeks. I should know this by now.” But I suppose to be truly great in a role like that, you have to access some really dark parts of yourself, and I can understand how it could be difficult to exorcise those demons once you’ve rolled out the red carpet for them.

Aw, Heath. You’re missed, sweetie.

Peace, Bitches!

A red-headed Ashlee Simpson shows off a little bit of her baby bump as she arrives at Cafe Med with Petey Pete Wentz on Tuesday.

Awww, she makes a cute preggers chick!! So far, she seems to be one of those girls that manages to gain pregnancy weight only in her tummy — her arms and legs haven’t grown hardly at all! I wanna be that kind of pregnant chick! (I’m so shallow.)

So In Love!

Sorta-new Hollywood couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard giggle over a text message at LAX, after spending the weekend in Detroit.

It’s nice to see that Dax has found a new love after Kate Hudson systematically crushed his heart during her Kate Hudson Tour of Systematic Heart-Crushing earlier this year.

No luck so far for Owen. We haven’t seen much of him lately. I hope no news is good news!

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Tyra Banks: “Caridee Who?”

Honestly, I can think of very few “celebrities” who looks as consistently terrible on camera as ANTM winner Caridee English. Tyra must be so ashamed. God bless the girl, the clothes, hair and makeup are always wrong, but, beyond that, she can’t pose on a red carpet to save her life. Like I keep thinking of those challenges they do on ANTM where a bunch of paparazzi film the girls walking from the car to the hotel, and then they’re judged on their worst shot. Like, Caridee needed to do that challenge about 800 more times. Why are you standing like this on a red carpet, Caridee? Ever? Why? The whole carpet couldn’t have been more than 15 feet long. You could have walked down the entirety of it without ever contorting your body like this. This is not a natural pose. You are standing like this on purpose. Why, Caridee? Why?

Anyway, Caridee joined up with Nicky Hilton and Rumer Willis to support the Power of Paws launch party in New York City. So it’s good that they’re doing something to help animals — I love aminals!!! — but I have to say that Leo is better dressed than everyone here but Nicky. Leo has a new argyle sweater. I took a photo. The lighting is bad, but he doesn’t seem to want to go sit anywhere with good lighting, so this is what you get.

I had carpet cleaners come this morning to get all the wee-wee stains off the carpet from when we were house-training, and now Leo wanders aimlessly around the floor, sniffing fiercely and looking up at me occasionally like, “Mom, where’s my pee? I thought I’d left it here!” It’s so sad, and so funny.

Seth MacFarlane and Amanda Bynes???

Hot new Hollywood couple alert!

I’m rarely jealous of any Hollywood pairing, but whoever lands Seth MacFarlane is an object of my envy. The Family Guy creator, 34, was spotted joined at the hip with Amanda Bynes, 22, at the Fox summer press tour event in Santa Monica. E!’s Kristin Veitch seems unsure as to whether the duo is dating, but another blogger at the event had this to say:

Seth is normally accessible at these functions. But after only a couple of minutes — literally because I have the timer recording to prove it — Amanda was having none of it. She walked away from his side and started strolling the party without him. Seth smiled, apologized and announced his date was getting away from him. So he exited the interview quickly and went running after her.

Yes, Seth may have it going on with other aspects of his life. But with women? Well, he’s still working on that one.

Amanda’s done an episode of Family Guy, so that’s probably where they met. Cute couple? I guess so. I’d rather see him with Amanda than with Paris Hilton or some shit. But I’d still be happiest seeing him with me.


Apparently La Lohan was quite upset on the set of Labor Pains today, because a little after she arrived, some asshole disguised as a paparazzo tried to serve her with papers regarding Samantha Ronson’s ongoing back-and-forth lawsuits with the lawyer she used to sue Perez Hilton (long story, and most of the key parties involved aren’t quite sure they understand it, either).

“She refused to take the papers, and they fell to the ground,” said an eyewitness. “She pulled her arm away, and her bodyguard grabbed the subpoena server’s arm.”

After refusing to take the papers, which were left on the ground, Lindsay simply walked back to her trailer, telling actual paparazzi nearby that “it’s not my lawsuit.”

Um … WTF? Why was this guy dressed up as a paparazzo? To trick Lindsay into taking the papers? Wow, just imagine the brainstorming session that went into that one. I mean, honestly, a bunch of lawyers sat around a conference room and said to each other, “I think the best way to trick Lindsay Lohan into taking these papers is to have a guy dress up like a photographer.” ACTUAL BILLABLE HOURS, people!

Anyway, Lindsay apparently moped around the set for awhile, until girlfriend Samantha Ronson showed up to put a smile on her face.

Samantha Ronson is the new cocaine!

And now, for no reason in particular other than that I just thought of it, I’m including a clip of Tori Amos’s “She’s Your Cocaine,” which rocks.

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Sienna Miller Sure Does Like to Be Naked

I would like to start this off by saying that I had a hell of a time naming these files on my computer. Why? Because I already have photo files titled sienna_naked, sienna_naked1, sienna_naked2, sienna_topless, sienna_topless1, sienna_topless2, sienna_nude1, etc, etc on my computer. That’s just to give you an idea of how many naked photos of Sienna Miller I’ve come across in my illustrious career as a gossip blogger. The only things to come close are the expansive set of files titled lindsay_vag*, where * varies from 0 .. 7. See? I learned something important in math. I could set it up as a sigma formula if you wanted me to.

Also: here’s Sienna Miller, frolicking naked at some manner of resort with her new boyfriend, the married father of four Balthazar Getty. What do you call a guy like that for short? Balthy? Balt? Hazar? Maybe just “Hazard” would work fine, Sienna.

Anyway. Uncensored photos of Sienna Miller topless are after the jump.

Update: Uncensored photos removed on request.