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You Guys Are Really Into the Olympics

The NBC coverage of the 2008 Olympics reportedly attracted more viewers than any other event in U.S. television history. Frankly, I’m not sure that figure is particularly meaningful. I mean, what other event involves seventeen days of coverage? Oh, right, the Atlanta Olympics from 1996, which was previously the most-watched event in U.S. television history. But that was over a decade ago, and today the Olympic events are broadcast on multiple cable channels, which are viewable in more households now, and there are more hours of coverage available — and something tells me NBC is including its online audience in their numbers, too — and this is all leading me to believe that this statistic is kind of stupid and irrelevant. It does make me wonder, though — if you considered the entire 2008 U.S. Presidential election to be one “event,” would it attract more unique U.S. television and Internet viewers than the Olympics? Or are we, as a country, more intrigued by a fast, ripped 23-year-old swimmer than the selection of the soon-to-be most powerful man in the world?

But, still. You guys are way into the Olympics.

Today, I was way into the Olympics, too — the Olympic National Park, that is! Ha ha ha! I am so pun-ny! Leo and I went on a six-mile hike through the rainforest out there with my dad. It was supposed to be a nine-mile hike, but basically after about 3 1/2 miles we got to this part where it was like three miles of “beach” — and by “beach” I mean “craggy rocks with a little bit of sand” — and after nearly falling and dying three times in five minutes I was like, “Uh, Dad? I broke my foot a couple of months ago. I’d just as soon wait a little while before I do it again.” So we turned around and hiked back the way we came. It was remarkably beautiful and peaceful in there. And I brought Leo so he could experience all the sights and smells and sounds, but I was fully expecting him to walk about a mile, then cry, and then be carried by me for the rest of the hike. But Leo walked the entire six miles. Without even a yip. Sometimes he even ran in front of me and got annoyed that I was going so slow. And when we finally got back into the car I expected him to pass out immediately, but instead he jumped around the car forever — he wanted to tell me all about the cool things he saw in the rainforest! I honestly think it was the best day he’s had in his whole life so far, and I was so glad I brought him and so proud of him.


“We aren’t jumping like we usually do. We don’t think he is going to tell the backstory, so the whole thing just seems kind of icky … When someone seems like they are hiding something, it’s a big turnoff to the public, who want to share in celebrities’ lives. No one really cared about Clay Aiken becoming a single dad, either.”

Tabloid mag editors dish on why nobody wants to run a big story on Ricky Martin’s mysteriously sourced new twin boys.

Caption This

Iggy Pop performs at London’s Get Loaded in the Park festival.

Jon and Kate Plus Eight Gets Nasty: Aunt Jodi Tells Her Side

You guys may or may not have noticed, but a certain page of this blog has, in the past months, somehow become a de facto discussion board for Jon & Kate Plus 8 fans (and critics). If you don’t believe me, click here and read the comments.

A popular point of discussion over there is a blog called Truth Breeds Hatred, which is supposedly written by the sister of Aunt Jodi, who is married to Kate Gosselin’s brother. If you watch the show, you know that Aunt Jodi was very involved in the first seasons of the show, basically bending over backwards to accommodate Kate’s every babysitting need — sometimes watching all eight of the Gosselin kids, overnight, in addition to her own four children. For free! And then when she didn’t show up in the most recent season, people started suggesting that Kate was bitter because Jodi’s patient and kind mothering skills were making Kate look awful in comparison, and also noting that the producers offered to pay Jodi for appearing on the current season — she had been doing all of this shit for free up until then — but that Kate put her foot down, said “no one gets paid for this show except our family” and booted Aunt Jodi out of the kids’ lives.

The Truth Breeds Hatred blog discusses all this from an insider’s perspective — confirming the rumors and basically painting Kate as the most horrid, despicable, selfish person on the planet. But was the blog really written by Jodi’s sister? Were the things she said about Kate actually true?

Today, Truth Breeds Hatred ran a video clip of Jodi, who seems genuinely crushed by how Kate betrayed her, and confirming that her sister does write the blog, and that it’s the truth.

I kind of hate how fascinated I am to watch all this play out, but I really do love it.

(If you’re having trouble viewing the video, try here.)

Um, Woah

The photo agency assures me that this is a photo of Joey Lawrence.

He was at some Z-list gifting suite to promote some brand of sunglasses (other attendees: Nick D’Anna, Holly Huddleston, Brian Peeler, Jeremy Green, Angelina Jolie) so there aren’t any photos of him without the sunglasses, but still.


I’d get with that.