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Anthony Kiedis: Back on the Market!

Anothony Kiedis and his girlfriend, former model Heather Christie, have broken up.

Christie is 22 years old, and she was only 19 when they started dating. The couple have one kid together, son Everly Bear, who was born in October.

You’ll recall that earlier in the year, Kiedis was pulled over for DUI … with Everly in the car.

“Anthony is a great dad and I will love him forever for giving me the gift of life,” says Heather in a statement. “I really hope he finds what he’s looking for.”

Welcome to Slow News Day Hell

Oh, look.

It’s Josh Hartnett.

He’s the new face of Armani.

They threw him a party.

He wore those glasses.

I just got back from my Russian lesson, so I can now say “I love my little dog” instead of just “I love my dog” in Russian. I can also say “I love my beautiful dog.” And, lest you fear, I can do the same things with my cats, except with them I usually say “big.”

Is today over yet?

Jessica Alba Cashes In

She may not have wanted the paps to take pictures of her while she was pregnant, but she sure is willing to cash in on the first photos of her new baby!

Jessica Alba is getting $1.5M from OK! magazine for the first photos of her daughter, Honor Marie.

That’s half of what they paid Matthew McConaughey!

I wonder if Jessica knew that when she settled on a price. She’s probably pissed now and realizes she could have held out for more.

And what’s with OK! and all the baby pics? It’s like their new marketing strategy is to hold a monopoly on celeb baby pics.

Lifetime Gives Carson Kressley Talk Show the Thumbs-Up

Remember Carson Kressley, the main gay from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy? That show that was popular back when we, as a nation, were celebrating our realization that gay people can be on television and it’ll be okay?

I remember I had a huge crush on Kyan from that show. I thought he was just the hottest thing ever. I have this problem with falling in love with gay men. I can’t help it that they’re so damn hot. Anyway one of my coworkers (this was back when I had an office job) emailed me a bunch of photos of Kyan, and I printed them out (on the color printer! take that, profit-sharing!) and posted them on the walls of my cubicle and stared at them adoringly all day long.

We were based in LA but worked very closely with a company in Fort Worth, Texas, and I will tell you that I found a majority of the men from that company (they were almost all men) to be kind, intelligent and open-minded, but some of them were still the stereotypical men who’d been born and bred in Fort Worth, Texas. Old-school cowboy types with old-school cowboy ideas. One older guy in particular was especially Texan, and he was visiting our LA offices when he walked by my cube and saw the pictures of Kyan.

Dude: Oh, is that your boyfriend?
Me: (Genuinely flattered that anyone could believe I’d landed a guy who looks like Kyan.) No, no. He’s just a guy on a TV show that I have a crush on.
Dude: Really? What TV show?
Me: (Realizing now that this isn’t going anywhere good) Um … Queer Eye for the Straight Guy?
Dude: Ahem! What for the What?
Me: (Praying for the best) It’s this show where gay men help straight men learn how to dress and socialize and take better care of themselves.
Dude: And the men on it are homosexuals?
Me: Yes. They’re gay.
Dude: (Pointing to photos on my wall) But this guy isn’t a homosexual.
Me: No, he is. He’s gay.
Dude: He’s gay?
Me: Yes.
Dude: This one? On your wall?
Me: Yes.
Dude: (Truly more perplexed than upset at this point) And … um … so … you … like that?
Me: I just think he’s hot.
Dude: (Gives me strange look, shakes his head) I don’t understand you Los Angeles types.

I realized after that I should have just said “Yes, that’s my boyfriend and he’s a ill-tempered UFC fighter and we’re getting married,” because a coworker of mine told me later that a bunch of the guys went out and got drunk after work that day and this dude was telling everyone, in intimate detail, the things he was sure he’d be able to get me to do in the bedroom if he had the chance. Sexy!

All of this has a point.

Oh, yes, Carson Kressley is shooting a pilot for a daytime talk show for the Lifetime network. The show will focus on “real people” rather than celebrities, who we all know are made of clay.

It’s Beginning!

Newly minted Disney starlet Selena Gomes hit up the opening of the Pop Factory in LA with a friend.

Wanna know who was at the same party?

Paris and Nicky Hilton!

Selena’s getting a taste of LA nightlife and obviously loving the cameras. How long until she starts hitting up the clubs?