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Michael Jackson’s Estate Still Raking In Money 6 Years After His Death

michael jackson

It’s crazy to think that it’s been six years since Michael Jackson died – where does the time go? But we’re not here to reminisce, we’re here to talk about the fact that even though Jackson passed away and therefore hasn’t actually got a current career full of tours and new albums and other money-making schemes, his estate has still pulled in over $2 billion in revenue over the past six years. Whaaaaat?

Sources familiar with the financials tell TMZ, the estate has grossed nearly $2 billion since MJ’s death. The money comes from the movies “This is It,” the Cirque show “Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour,” 50 million albums sold and various other ventures.

After expenses, that $2 bil gets whittled down to around $800 million — which is a very good return.

But the $800 mil gets significantly cut by taxes … we’re told to around $450 mil.

MJ’s debts at the time of his death were around $500 million, so just on those 2 numbers the estate approaches being in the black.

But there are other ventures, like Sony, where the estate generates a lot of cash.

As for Michael’s kids, there’s a trust where millions gets distributed as they get older.

Our sources familiar with the financials tell TMZ … if the estate were completely liquidated today, each kid would get around $100 million.

Not a bad bounce back from the edge of bankruptcy.

We all know his kids are going to be set for life, and good for them to not ever have to struggle. They don’t seem to be too bratty or out of control, so I’m not totally against it.  Crazy to see how desperate companies are to continue making money off a dead man, though, isn’t it?

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Nick Gordon Is Being Sued For Abusing Bobbi Kristina & Stealing From Her

bobbi kristin nick gordon

Bobbi Kristina is currently in a hospice care facility as her condition continues to deteriorate, and her boyfriend Nick Gordon – who hasn’t been allowed to see her this whole time since he’s an asshole who could very well have been responsible for what happened to her – is pretending to be grieving. Oh, and he’s also being sued for being incredibly physically abusive towards Bobbi, allegedly punching her in the face and knocking several teeth out, not to mention taking over $11,000 of her money while she lay in the hospital in a coma.

From USA Today:

The suit, filed in Fulton County Superior Court on Wednesday by Brown’s court-appointed conservator Bedelia Hargrove, accuses Gordon of assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and transferring money from her account into his own without authorization.

Police in Roswell say they’ve turned over their investigative file the case to Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard to determine whether any charges will be filed. Howard said Thursday in a statement to the Associated Press that his office will be “reviewing the case with greater interest” in light of new circumstances regarding her health.

The lawsuit alleges that Gordon presented himself to be Brown’s surrogate brother prior to 2012. After Brown inherited a substantial sum of money (presumably from her mother, Whitney Houston’s estate), Gordon “assumed the position of Brown’s boyfriend.” Around Jan. 9, 2014, Gordon “perpetuated the fraud that he had married Brown, though in fact he never did so,” according to the lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit, Gordon used that “misrepresentation” as Brown’s husband to “control Brown and limit with whom she could interact.” The suit alleges that Gordon answered Brown’s cell phone, wouldn’t allow her to make appointments without his permission and “manipulated her bank relationship so that she could access her money.”

Gordon allegedly transferred Brown’s money into an account solely controlled by him without her authorization. According to the lawsuit, Gordon began to question Brown’s access to trust funds, and “threatened one of the trustees with guns and other violent weapons. That trustee obtained a restraining order against Gordon on April 14, 2014, the lawsuit states.

The lawsuit accuses Gordon of domestic violence against Brown, including punching her in the face, knocking out a front tooth and dragging her upstairs by her hair.

Brown allegedly confided to an unnamed person that Gordon “was not the man she thought he was” and set up a time to meet on Jan. 31, 2015.

That day, Brown got into an argument with Gordon. Brown was later found unconscious, face-down in a bathtub with her mouth swollen and another tooth knocked out, according to the lawsuit.

Brown has since been diagnosed with “global and irreversible brain damage.”

While Brown was in a coma, Gordon allegedly stole $11,000 from Brown’s bank accounts.

What a disgusting piece of work this guy is, and how awful that Bobbi Kristina got involved with him. Of course, she’ll have been lulled into a false sense of security given that he was supposed to be like her “adopted brother”, but Nick Gordon is only interested in the family’s money and how many drugs it can buy him. Poor girl.

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Elizabeth Banks Talks Ageism In Hollywood

elizabeth banks

Ageism in Hollywood is a pretty serious topic and one that should be talked about. But Elizabeth Banks – who’s 41, by the way, and has a history of saying dumb shit – doesn’t think it’s that much of a problem, and she kinda gets where the industry is coming from. After all, wouldn’t you rather be in a movie (or watch a movie) with hot people instead of ugly, wrinkly ones?!

From Flaunt (via E! Online):

“I am 41. That’s true,” the Magic Mike XXL actress said before the reporter asked if she feels the industry is less than fair to women of a certain age.

“Not for Sandra Bullock! Not for Meryl Streep! Not for Naomi Watts! I got plenty to do,” Banks exclaimed.

“The men get all older and all the women stay the same age…that’s true…My male peers in this business would rather be in a romantic relationship in a film with a 28-year-old. I’ll give you that. But it’s for the exact same reason I would prefer to be in a movie with Zac Efron!”

“Because they’re beautiful! They’re sexy! They keep you feeling young, fresh! I guess my point is that I understand the impulse. It’s a bummer, but I think it’s important to remember.”

Banks continued, “Women want to work because what we realized is that when you take that time to go away for six years and get your kids into first grade, people don’t hire you. They f–king forget about you…Men want us to make money because they like having boats. They like going on vacations. They like motorcycles. And they’re not getting them on their salary alone.”

I mean, far be it for me to tell Elizabeth Banks about her Hollywood experience, but I do think this is a pretty insufferable attitude to have. To mention Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock kinda doesn’t count – these women are the major exceptions, NOT the rule. And Meryl Streep is a goddess on earth, so she shouldn’t even enter ANY conversation on the subject.

I do think, yes, we like attractive things, but accepting this as the norm is why shit like this will never change, and why people like Maggie Gyllenhaal will be told that at 37, she’s too old to play the lover of a 55-year-old man. Because while Banks “understands the impulse”, for men, that’s all it is – impulse. It doesn’t actually keep them from being cast in roles. They still get the jobs, and women don’t. I suppose she’ll start realizing this when she starts showing signs of her age (unless, of course, she resorts to constant Botox and the shit that plenty of Hollywood women do to stay in the game as long as possible).

‘Real Housewives of New York’ Luann de Lesseps Premieres New Single & It’s Amazing

girl code

I’m not quite sure if you remember this, but five years ago, a wonderful song came into this world called “Money Can’t Buy You Class”. It was by none other than Real Housewives of New York City star and former countess Luann de Lesseps, and it was fucking amazing. And yes, that strong language is warranted. The fact that this woman thought coming out with a song was a good idea was incredible enough on its own, but then to have the song be so ridiculous? I mean, it was heaven on earth. Now, we’ve been given another gift from Luann in the form of her new single, “Girl Code”, and I’m afraid to love it too much, lest it all be an act of trickery. I don’t want to dream too big.

Luann performed “Girl Code” on Watch What Happens Live this week and frankly, I’m not sure if whoever made the recording messed up the video or if Luann is really that off-time with the song. Either way, I don’t care, because this is pure brilliance yet again. Here’s a little lyric sampling if you’re considering NOT pressing play (which would be a big mistake):

Don’t be so uncool 
You broke the girl code 
I gotta let you go 
I’m just doing me
You broke the girl code 
So don’t be so uncool 
I gotta let you go

Ugh, too true, Luann. Too true.

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Rosie O’Donnell Smokes The Good Shit

rosie o'donnell

Rosie O’Donnell is in a pretty shitty situation. She and wife Michelle Rounds are in the midst of a messy divorce and Rounds is trying to get custody of their 2-year-old daughter, Dakota. Her reasoning for this is claiming that Rosie isn’t a fit parent (despite the fact that she has several other children and has done a fine job). In order to get what she wants, she’s also accused Rosie of being a druggie, and a drug test has indeed proven that she smokes weed. Big whoop, right?

From Radar Online:

Rounds accused O’Donnell of “excessive use of booze and weed” in previously filed court documents, so the former TV star submitted to the test to settle the issue once and for all, The Enquirer says.

But unfortunately for O’Donnell, “It came back positive for drugs,” an insider told the magazine. “When Rosie found out, she was furious!”

“She’s been trying to hide her drug use for a long time, and she didn’t realize that marijuana stays in your system for a number of months.”

The shocking results is expected to be revealed during the warring couple’s next court appearance on Wednesday, the source added, and O’Donnell could face further medical and psychological testing as a result.

Said the source, “It could blow up her chances of getting custody!”

I mean, come on, that’s absolutely ridiculous. Like, my stoner days are over, mostly because I’m too much of a workaholic now and weed makes me lazy as hell, but I also don’t think smoking up is the devil’s work. It’s not like she’s doing it around the kids (one would assume – if she is, that’s obviously an issue) and it seriously does not make a person an unfit parent because they like to zone out and get stoned every once in a while. Like, what? Unless further details come out that paint Rosie in a bad light (that could be proven), I’m Team Rosie on this one all the way. Also, her wife is kind of an asshole for putting their daughter in the middle of all this.

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Bobbi Kristina Has Been Moved To Hospice Care

bobbii kristina

When it comes to Bobbi Kristina‘s current condition, we’ve been getting conflicting reports depending on who it is giving the update. The Houston side of the family has consistently been more willing to accept the situation as it is, while the Brown family has refuted everything the Houstons have said and continued to insist that Bobbi is improving. Now it seems the actual truth has come out: Bobbi has been moved to hospice care and her condition continues to deteriorate.

“Despite the great medical care at numerous facilities, [her] condition has continued to deteriorate,” Pat Houston said Wednesday in a statement on behalf of the Houston family.

“As of today, she has been moved into hospice care. We thank everyone for their support and prayers. She is in God’s hands now.”

A Brown family source tells PEOPLE, “She’s skin and bones now. She has been losing weight, she’s been losing hair. They were taking good care of her, but she has no muscle tone at all. There has been some worry that her organs are shutting down.”

Whatever is happening, I hope that Bobbi and both the Houston and Brown families can find some peace with this incredibly tragic situation.  I know I seem to say that every time, but it’s the truth.

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Rihanna Has A New Boyfriend in Real Madrid Player Karim Benzema

rihanna karim benzema

I must say, Rihanna has some weird ass taste in men. From Chris Brown to Leonardo DiCaprio, she doesn’t necessarily make the best choices when it comes to dating. But now she’s got a new man on the scene, Real Madrid player Karim Benzema, and I can’t quite figure out how I feel about that yet.

From Bang Showbiz:

The ‘Diamonds’ singer has been on a string of dates with the Real Madrid soccer player in recent weeks after first meeting at the World Cup tournament last summer and the 27-year-old beauty has reportedly told friends the relationship feels very different to her past romances with the likes of Chris Brown, Drake, and Leonardo DiCaprio, because she got to know him well through calls and texts first.

A source said: “It’s taken a long time for the relationship to get off the ground but she says that’s what makes it so special.

“He’s the first guy she’s actually gotten to know before diving in head first.

“She’s been telling people she’s never experienced anything like this in her life and that she trusts him like her best friend.”

And Rihanna is said to have been “completely swept off her feet” by the French sportsman – who has 16-month-old daughter Melia from a previous relationship – and friends are astonished by her transformation.

A source told LOOK magazine: “Rihanna seems to have undergone a major transformation. She’s gone from saying that she doesn’t believe in monogamy at all, to talking about how she just wants to be with one guy.

“It’s all because of Karim, he’s completely swept her off her feet.”

We know this isn’t complete bullshit given that they have been photographed together, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. I mean, it likely means they’re at least sleeping together, but since when is that a relationship? Especially in Rihanna’s world? (Seriously, just ask Drake.)

I suppose she could do worse, so stay tuned to see how this goes.

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