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Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton never had sex… but why?

kenny rogers dolly parton

Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton may have created pure magic with their duet ‘Islands in the Stream’, but all their public flirting and fawning was only that and never went any further. How could that be, especially in the music industry, where promiscuity is often the name of the game? Well, Kenny will tell you.

From People:

“We flirted with each other for 30 years, and it was much more electric,” explains Rogers in an interview with Dan Rather, airing Tuesday on AXS TV. “I think once you consummate a relationship like that, it loses something. And she and I both believe that theory, so we did some massive flirting in front of the nation, but there was never anything more than that.”

Aw, well that’s sweet. They’re still friends to this day, in fact, and got together for another duet last year on ‘You Can’t Make Old Friends’. So why does Kenny love Dolly so much? (You know, besides the obvious reason: she’s THE BEST.)

“Dolly has no filter – if it goes in her mind, it comes out her mouth, she doesn’t stop to think ‘Maybe I shouldn’t say this,’” he says. “She came over and put her arms around me and she said, ‘Kenny, I just want you to know something; I could never sing at your funeral’ and I said, ‘So we’re assuming I’m going first, is that what you’re saying?’ But that’s what’s so wonderful about her, if she thinks it, she says it.”

Too true! Kenny Rogers is a true gentleman.

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Nicolas Cage is proud of ALL of his movies

nicolas cage

Nicolas Cage may have done some strange ass shit over the years, both personally and professionally, but here’s something that might surprise you: he’s proud of it all and doesn’t regret a single thing. Sure, some of the movies he did totally bombed or made no since, but what the hell? He still got his paycheck and “pushed the envelope”, right?

From The Times:

“I’m proud of the chances I’ve taken. They haven’t all worked, but I had a concept and I’ve pushed for it,” the father of two noted. “It’s probably annoyed a lot of critics and a lot of people who didn’t get in step with it, but I’m proud I did it. Tolstoy said something to the effect of, it doesn’t matter whether the response you get is love or hatred, because you’ve created an effect. What’s not worthwhile is when it sits there and people forget about it. But whether people love it or hate it, at least you’ve done something. That gives me some solace.”

Well, that’s good – at the end of the day, he’s the only person that has to live with his choices. But hey, that doesn’t mean we can all just say whatever we want. Nicolas Cage is a real person with real feelings, after all!

“Sometimes I feel like an outsider,” he admitted. “When you’re endowed with an original way of thinking, or with a highly active imagination, you can become quickly ostracized. You can feel isolated and misunderstood.”

“I care about what people think of me,” he continued. “Some of the snarky comments people make can get under my skin. I can be a bit of a broken record at home when I read the things that are said about me. But I have to just stop belaboring these things and let it go, rather than complaining to my wife all the time.”

Damn, that’s… kinda sad. I’m not even a millionaire movie star, and I don’t even give a shit what people say/think about me. I feel like with a shit ton of money, comments from a bunch of faceless people would matter even less, but I suppose we’re all different in that way.

Anyway, in all seriousness, I do like Nic Cage. I was a university student at the New School when he was on Inside the Actors Studio over a decade ago and I went to the taping (we had free tickets since it was filmed there). After the show was filmed, the audience got to ask him questions, and he really was a nice, humble, sweet guy. Also, he has the craziest blue eyes you will ever see. The end.

Quick: Name your favourite Nicolas Cage movie!

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Ariana Grande wishes her fans would “all f*cking die”

ariana grande

Please, enjoy this rare glimpse at the other side of Ariana Grande’s face

Ariana Grande is only on her second album, and people are just waiting for homegirl to blow up and go away forever. She’s earned a reputation as a major bitch, and not in a good way, and everyone is getting bored already. Add to that the fact that she only lets people take pictures of the left side of her face and that she can’t seem to make a hit song without it being a collab, and you’ve got a recipe for “GO AWAY!” in most people’s books. Bye, girl.

Her latest foray into the terrible comes courtesy of the New York Daily News, so it’s probably bullshit, but it’s juicy bullshit (ew, lol) and I love it, so that’s why we’re publishing it:

Confidenti@l has learned that while visiting a Manhattan radio station this summer, the 21-year-old “Better Left Unsaid” singer should’ve left her thoughts unsaid.

“She did autographs and pics and was all smiles until she got into the elevator,” a stunned industry insider tells us. “And as soon as the doors shut she said, ‘I hope they all f—king die.’ ”

LOL, what? I hope this is shit is true. Ariana Grande can take her toddler-looking ass back to Boca Raton and fade into obscurity, for all I care. I mean, don’t get me wrong – I was singing ‘Break Free’ at the top of my lungs in the car this morning, but I am not here for attitude, especially not from some child who ain’t even THAT good. Definitely not the second coming of Mariah, and whoever thinks otherwise needs to repent at the altar of Carey.

Side note: Ariana’s life coach, Isaac Calpito, quit because he was done with her shit, too… at least according to Page Six:

We’re told that the 21-year-old rising pop star’s life coach, who was in charge of keeping her centered and healthy, walked off the job months ago because he just couldn’t handle her attitude.

“He just couldn’t take it anymore,” says the insider. “Everything people are saying about her is true.”

YAAAAS. Walk it off. Apparently Calpito, a Kabbalist, got Ariana to convert… inbetween being her choreographer, as well. It’s all very bizarre, and some random suggested that he was fired because he tried to force Ariana not to eat or something? I don’t know, but her career is already so disastrous, it’s amazing.

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