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‘Big Brother’ Has A Transgender Houseguest This Year

audrey middleton

Big Brother is an absolute cesspool of the worst trash America can produce, and I haven’t watched it in several seasons, ever since I stopped having to cover it for another job. They bring all the racists, bigots, homophobes and every other awful type of person on national TV and encourage them to be horrible for the sake of ratings and it’s all really messed up. Well, now CBS is trying to turn things around, by capitalizing on Caitlyn Jenner‘s recent reveal and putting a transgender contestant in the Big Brother house.

From TMZ:

MZ has learned Audrey will become the first transgender on the U.S. version of the show, and she plans to use the program as a showcase … similar to what Caitlyn Jenner has been doing.

Audrey grew up in a small Georgia town as a boy, and life was far from easy. We’re told when she transitioned several years ago, her family had a hard time accepting it, but they’re now fully supportive and on board.

The 25-year-old was inspired by Caitlyn Jenner’s story, but she’s also just a big fan of “Big Brother.”

It’s a dicey move for producers, given the show has had its share of racist and homophobic houseguests. The show runs a livestream 24/7 and things happen. But we’re told it will all become a teaching moment and Audrey is pumped.

To be honest, I think it’s great that there’s representation for the transgender community on TV, I just don’t necessarily know that Big Brother is the best place. Then again, minority groups have to deal with prejudice on a daily basis in real life, and if Audrey thinks she can take it, then that’s amazing and she should be applauded.

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Kanye West Isn’t A ‘Frozen’ Fan, I Guess

kanye west frozen

North West got to celebrate her birthday at the happiest place on earth: Disneyland. It was a real party, and she even got to see the live singalong show based on her favourite movie, Frozen. Awesome, right? Well, not to Kanye West, apparently, because he slept through the whole thing and got called out by the cast on social media for his rudeness afterwards. Uh oh!

From TMZ:

A Disney employee noticed him, umm … resting his eyes, and later said on FB and Twitter … “when you perform for the Kardashian family for North’s birthday…and Kanye sleeps through the whole show.”

Our park sources tell us the employee was the woman who played Elsa. We’re also told Kanye passed out for the entire performance, which is only 25 minutes. So, kinda perfect time for a nap.

I’m sure Kanye isn’t the first father to ever fall asleep in a Disney show, but when you’re famous and it’s your kid’s birthday and literally, it’s only 30 minutes, you’re THAT tired that you have to fall asleep? Give me a break. That being said, I bet you that employee gets fired now, so not necessarily a good look to air someone out on Twitter.

I’m sure Nori had a good time, though!

north west disneyland

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Nick Jonas & Olivia Culpo Are Dunzo After 2 Years

nick jonas olivia culpo

Frankly, I had no idea that Nick Jonas even had a girlfriend, so it wasn’t much news to me to hear that he did, and they broke up. Nick was dating Olivia Culpo for the past two years, apparently, but they’ve apparently decided to end their relationship so that Nick can follow the rainbow path to gaydom.

Rumors of trouble in paradise first circulated last week, after the couple hit NYC for work reasons, but stayed in separate hotels. One source tells Us that the two didn’t even see each other during their time in the Big Apple.

A Jonas pal tells Us that the two are done — for now. However, the source adds that the photogenic pair aren’t sure whether the split will last.

An insider close to Culpo says the relationship has been rocky for a bit.

Another source hints that Jonas’ busy travel schedule was, in part, to blame.

Yes, that crazy “travel schedule” will get you every time. But hey, the relationship wasn’t a total loss – we did get this amazing gem of a song out of it. Seriously, this is such a jam.

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Terrence Howard Is A Father Now & Still The Worst

terrence howard mira

Whenever I think of Terrence Howard, three things come to mind. First, it’s that interview from a few years back where he said he wouldn’t touch a woman who doesn’t keep baby wipes in her bathroom because unless you use them, you’re not truly clean or some bullshit. The second is Empire, since that show is so good and Cookie gives me life and Terrence Howard makes a perfect Satan reincarnate. The third is “ASSHOLE ALERT!” But today’s news is only about that third thing, because Terrence just became a father for the fourth time after his wife Mira gave birth to a son named Qirin Love last week and he didn’t have much of anything normal to say about it.

From Access Hollywood:

“He’s beautiful and strong and a whirlwind and my wife is so happy. She has to be up with him all throughout the day. I wasn’t born with boobs, I’ve started growing some recently.”

“I pull night duty, so that she can sleep. I keep him with me and will take some of the pre-pumped, you know, breast cheese, whatever you want to call it.”

Well, what I want to call it is breast milk, since… that’s what it’s called? You would think a 46-year-old man who already has three other kids would know that, or at least not be embarrassed to say the words.  Also, his WIFE is so happy? What about him?

Seriously, why is Terrence Howard so fucking weird?

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Selena Gomez Is The New Face (Hair) Of Pantene

selena gomez pantene

I feel like Selena Gomez has been keeping a pretty low profile lately. She did that weird Lolita shoot for V Magazine earlier this year, but other than that, we haven’t heard much from her either way. That’s cool and all, but homegirl needs to get back in the spotlight if she wants to keep her fame levels up. Thankfully, she just got booked as the new face/hair of Pantene, so it looks like things are under control.

To be honest, that photo above looks nothing like her, and the hair doesn’t even look like it’s hers, but oh, what the hell. Pantene smells good as hell – I just bought a bottle of their anti-humidity hairspray the other day, too, and it’s great. That’s really all I have to say about that, so let’s just watch this video.

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Kim Kardashian On Baby Names: ‘South West Is The Stupidest Thing Ever’

kim kardashian

When Kim Kardashian gave birth to her first child a few years ago, no one thought she would actually be ridiculous enough to name her North West, but she did it. She went there, and she owned it, and now we don’t think twice about it. But since “KiKi” is pregnant again, people have been wondering if she might have be inspired once more by cardinal directions and name the next child South. But uh, you guys? That’s so dumb!

From NPR:

PESCA: What are some of the things that people have suggested to you about the name?

KARDASHIAN: I mean, everyone keeps on saying South, and I think it’s so stupid.



KARDASHIAN: Stupidest thing ever and just ridiculous.

Yes, because South is “so stupid”, but North makes perfect sense and is not at all ridiculous? What idiot logic does this woman live by? Do I even want to know?

Kim also promised that she won’t be going with another direction, so I guess East West and West West are out the door, too. Damn. So sad.

Also, for the record, please read that entire NPR interview. Your brain will melt.

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Kristen Stewart’s Mom Never Said She Was Gay

kristen stewart

Well, I can’t say I didn’t call it. In what is either a potential libel case or one of extreme backtracking, Kristen Stewart‘s mom Jules is claiming that she never talked about her daughter’s relationship with Alicia Cargile or about KStew’s sexuality at all. She was quoted as saying she’s absolutely fine with the romance and thinks Alicia’s a great girl, but Jules is calling BS and saying her daughter never even came up.

“I spoke to Sharon Feinstein about my film K-11 that has been put on display in the Hollywood Museum,” she told Us Weekly. “It’s currently there under the LGBT banner on the third floor. She also asked me about my views on gay rights, which I was happy to express. Then we talked briefly about the fundraiser I am hosting for Never ever did we discuss Kristen!” 

Noting that she is a “huge supporter of gay rights,” Jules went on to acknowledge that she briefly spoke about Stewart’s personal assistant Alicia Cargile, whom The Mirror claimed is Stewart’s girlfriend.

“I said, ‘Yes, she’s a lovely girl,’” Jules said, when asked if she knew Cargile.

The only issue is, the interviewer, Sharon Feinstein, says she’s got the receipts (or, you know, the tapes) and plans to upload them to put this whole thing to bed.

sharon feinstein

I told y’all Kristen was going to be mad and kick off! That’s what all of this is about. I don’t even know why anyone cares so much. It’s a relationship between two women, not fucking ties to Al Qaeda. Lord almighty.

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