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No one gives more f*cks than Kristen Stewart

kristen stewart

Kristen Stewart has a bit of a reputation in Hollywood. No, not THAT reputation – the other one, the one in which she apparently gives zero fucks about anything at all and his chillin’ like a villain pretty much 24-7. The only problem? That’s totally not who she is.

From Salon:

You are kind of a hero to people, in a way. A lot of people admire what they see as your give-no-fucks attitude.

I’m like, actually, no one gives a fuck like me. No one gives more of a fuck than me. It’s just ironic to me. I’m always like, really?

For you it’s not about going out and pretending to love it as opposed to actually loving doing the work.

Yes. I find myself saying things that I hear other people say where I’m like, ok, you’re lying. But I say the same thing, and I wonder if people think I’m lying when I say, oh, we were just a big family on set! I hate that stuff. People always ask if I chose the projects I’ve chosen because I’m trying to redefine myself or people’s perception of me. Uh, no. In a word, nah.

LOL, okay, girl. I’ve always really liked KStew and think she’s great. I actually like her give no fucks attitude – and I definitely think she has that side to her. Not in a bad way, but in the sense that she’s going to do or not do what she wants and if people don’t like it, oh well.

Honestly, I’ve never seen any movie she’s done since Twilight, I think – though I do have Still Alice waiting to be watched soon. I never thought she was trying to “redefine” herself and I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say that, but okay, let’s just go with it.

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Shay Mitchell is still trying: ‘I embrace kissing women’

shay mitchell

Shay Mitchell plays a lesbian on Pretty Little Liars, and since she knows girl-on-girl action is totally hot to guys, naturally she’s going to play that up in the interview that accompanies her new Maxim spread.

“People ask what it’s like kissing a woman, as if there’s something awkward or weird about it,” she says. “I completely embrace it. When I step into Emily’s shoes, I’m truly in the moment, and I’m fully attracted to the women I’m fooling around with.”

OMG, guys, that’s like, so sexy!

I feel bad for Shay Mitchell because she’s so pigeonholed into this role (since it seems the only regular one she can get) that she exploits it and herself to try and get more attention. This shoot is nothing new. There was the time she stripped down for Galore, then the time she stripped down for Esquire… I mean, need I go on?

Whatever, I guess flaunt it if you’ve got it. Enjoy these totally normal, down-to-earth photos. I mean, who doesn’t check their email topless in lacy underwear?

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Naya Rivera thinks showering is a white people thing

naya rivera the view

Oh, Naya Rivera. If she was after the crown for the craziest bitch in Hollywood, she’s got it (I sorta mean that as a compliment, so no one lose your mind about the colloquial use of the word “bitch”) and is holding strong to it in 2015. What’s she on about this time? Well, she thinks white people shower too much and that “ethnics” know that daily bathing isn’t really necessary. Uh… okay!

Let’s let US Weekly paraphrase what happened when Naya was asked to guest host on The View this week (WHOSE IDEA WAS THAT???):

The Glee actress, 28, presented her opinion to Rosie O’Donnell, Nicolle Wallace, and the other ladies seated at the roundtable. “I have to say I have a theory about showering, [which] is that I think that white people shower a lot more than ethnics,” Rivera remarked as Wallace started laughing. “I feel like showering more than once a day or every day is such a white people thing.”

One of her stunned co-stars chimed in: “I would like to dispute that!” while O’Donnell pointed to an audience member.

“Look, there is an African-American woman right there in a yellow shirt that is about to have a heart attack,” she remarked.

Rivera, attempting to repair the situation, noted that her mother is half-black, half-Puerto Rican. “She showers every day, so I can say this,” the actress said directly to the guest. “But I can say that I am now married to a white man [Ryan Dorsey], and he showers a lot. Like, a lot — two, three times a day. I’m like, ‘What are you doing?’”

Rivera then got scientific in trying to prove her point. “A study says… a dermatologist says you are only supposed to shower once or twice every three days, so I’m right on the mark.”

I mean, what is this conversation? I don’t even get why this came up, but whatever. Frankly, I don’t shower every single day. Sometimes I take long baths a few days in a row to relax and I do shower at least every 2-3 days, but I don’t think I’ve ever showered more than once a day unless it was the middle of summer and my A/C was broken.

Come on then, EB, ‘fess up!

How often do you shower?
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Miley Cyrus took some naked pics for V Magazine

miley cyrus

This post comes with a serious “NSFW” flag, because indeed, the new photos published in V Magazine are polaroids from Miley Cyrus herself, in which she’s not just a little bit naked, but completely and utterly nude as the day she was born. Of course, this is meant to be shocking and crazy, but Miley took these herself with her best friend because she’s such a ~free spirit~ and V published them because how the hell else are they going to sell copies?

Of course, Miley being naked is old hat now. She’s still trying really hard to prove how much she’s not like Hannah Montana in real life, which… girl, we know. We get it. Message received. Enough is enough.

Anyhow, you were warned…

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Katy Perry states the obvious: “I am not Beyonce!”

katy perry football

In just a couple weeks’ time, Katy Perry will invite some special guests to take over the Super Bowl halftime show. It’ll be weird, it’ll be full of neon colours and it’ll be moderately entertaining. One thing it won’t be? Beyonce. Just in case you were expecting Queen Bey to be there, Katy wants you to know they aren’t the same person and in fact, she has her own “unique” show planned.

“I can tell you this,” she teases. “I have some special guests, I have many costumes, I have different worlds that I’m creating and I would say that my entrance and my exit are very unique.

“I think the speculation is very fun,” she tells ET. “I don’t usually like speculation but I’m like, ‘Hey, it’s like bringing everybody into the conversation and you know, on Feb. 1 you’ll see what’s actually going to go down.”

“I am not Beyonce! We all know that. I am human,” she nervously jokes. “I’ll be something else. There’s so many flavors of ice cream and I’ll be a different one.”

Thank goodness she cleared that up – I would have expected her to do ‘Drunk In Love’, otherwise!

Look, I’m all for a Katy Perry halftime show performance. Why not? She’s fun live – her Prismatic World Tour was a great show (even though I nearly passed out twice and had to go out into the hall – true story!) and I think she’ll do just fine. It’s not like anyone who cares about football is there for the halftime show, and anyone who cares for the halftime show is only going to watch that bit (or hit it up the next day on YouTube, like myself). All will be well.

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Kylie Jenner posted a “no makeup selfie”

kylie jenner

The “no makeup selfie” is in quotes for a reason – I love when celebs try to pretend they’re completely bare-faced when they’re obviously wearing foundation (among other things) and have put all kinds of blurs and filters on the pic. It kinda doesn’t count, y’know? Kylie Jenner is the latest to take part in this trend, and it’s laughable how much of a no makeup selfie this ISN’T, but okay… let’s go with it.

Let’s dissect this:

1. The lips – this is the most obvious. We all know homegirl overdraws her lips, but there’s some big debate on whether or not she actually had collagen injections. She has clearly either overdrawn her lips here with a nude pencil or she has indeed plumped ‘em up with God knows what. But sorry, this is not “natural”.

2. Her skin – I know she’s only 17 so obviously she’s going to have smooth skin without wrinkles or anything, but hello, no teenager’s shit is this even – you would have imperfections, blemishes, whatever. Some kinda foundation or BB cream has been used here. And a bit of a Gaussian blur.

3. The eyelashes – does Kylie Jenner have permanent mascara? Otherwise, she’s put it on.

I’m not trying to shame her for using beauty products to enhance her appearance – hello, we all do. The point is, don’t try to post this bullshit with the caption she did and not be called out:

“You know it’s gonna be a good Sunday when ya weaves out & u haven’t put ur face on yet”

Ya, okay.

Just for reference, this is what Kylie Jenner looks like with her face ON:

kylie jenner

That boob job is such a mess.

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Beyonce is NOT pregnant, says Michelle Williams

michelle williams

Y’all, I’m about to throw some major shade, but whateer. It’s such a shame that Michelle Williams can only get press by using Beyonce‘s name, but that’s the state we’re in… :( Michelle hit up The View on Monday (why, I’m not sure and I don’t care enough to try and find out), where of course everyone wanted to know what was up with that cryptic Instagram pic Bey posted which made it seem like she’s totally having another baby. Don’t worry – Michelle will set things straight!

“You know, when she was pregnant**, people said that she wasn’t pregnant and, you know, it’s just no truth to it,” the Destiny’s Child alum said. “Sorry!”

“First of all, if you look at the picture, the baby bump is like where her knees probably really are so that’s really, you know?” she added, after looking again at the Instagram.

LOL, I love that she’s gleaning her information… from Instagram, just like the rest of us. Sorry, but I doubt Bey picked up the phone to call Michelle first to make the announcement either way.

Is Beyonce pregnant? Who knows, but I don’t think Michelle Williams is the authority – she knows as much as the OTHER Michelle Williams (i.e. nothing).

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