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Zach Braff

See Zach Braff’s A+ Photobomb


Zach Braff isn’t someone I’m terribly fond of — and I’m not sure why — but he won my heart with his adorable photobomb (above). A couple was taking wedding photos in NYC and after, the wedding photographer noticed a special someone in the shot. She tweeted,

@zachbraff Sir, I think you photobombed my newlywed couple the other day in New York. :) Well played…

Let’s take a closer look:


Haha! Braff confirmed it was him with these tweets:

This is one of my best photobombs ever.

Today I won the internets. I feel like Leo on the bow of that big boat. Never finished the movie, but I’m sure it ended well.

Ah, I just figured out why I’m not terribly fond of Zach Braff. It’s because of this.

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Hope You Guys Are Excited for ‘Garden State 2′!

zach braff 2

Lots of people got their panties in a twist earlier this week when Zach Braff announced that he’d launched a Kickstarter campaign to earn the $2 million he needs to get his new film, I Wish I Was Here, off the ground. Sure, some studio probably would’ve bought that crap – the same people who put out indie shitfest (but totally one of my fav movies back in 2004) Garden Statebut no no no. He wants to produce the new one “without compromises”. Basically, no one’s gonna tell Zach Braff how many Shins songs he can or can not include on a soundtrack, OKAY?

Well, he’s done it! With over $2.1 million raised, the sequel you never knew you’d have to see is going to happen – all thanks to the working class pseudo-hipsters of the midwest. Or something.

zach braff

I can’t hate on Zach Braff’s Kickstarter. Sure, he’s rich and has Scrubs residuals/syndication money, but shit, why pay for something if you can get it for free? If I had a dime for every Kickstarter campaign I’d thought about theoretically launching in the past week, I’d be a millionaire! From money to buy one of those really fancy Keurig machines that are like, $250 to funds to travel around the world for a year without having to work, there’s nothing I don’t want in life. That’s totally the same thing, right?

Season’s Greetings from Zach Braff and Donald Faison

Former Scrubs costars (and total brosephs) Zach Braff and Donald Faison uploaded this stirring rendition of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” to their brand-new joint YouTube account yesterday. I think I knew Faison had some pipes, but Braff holds his own, sorta. And nope, the irony is not lost on me: L.A. isn’t chilly in the slightest. Not this week, anyway.

This is only the first video posted to the “zachndonald” YouTube account, and I am delighted. Aren’t these lads darling? Ugh, they’re so charming together; what a pair. Here’s to many more homoerotic jazz standards!

Quotables: Zach Braff Weighs in on Breaking Dawn

A photo of Zach Braff

“Let me get this straight; the vampire impregnates the girl who always looks pissed and then the werewolf wants her baby? I miss John Hughes.”

- Zach Braff tweets his feelings on the newest chapter of the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn.

I see where you’re coming from, Zach, I really do. Movies like The Breakfast Club and Home Alone are infinitely better than the Twilight movies in almost every conceivable way. But you’re forgetting about one sweet, sweet thing, Zach Braff: Robert Pattinson gnawing through Kristen Stewart‘s uterus with his teeth while her fetus snaps her spine. I’m sorry if I overlooked anything, but I don’t think I saw that scene in Weird Science.

Quotables: Zach Braff is Not Gay, Duh

photo of gay not gay zach braff pictures photos hangover ii premiere pic

“My old website got hacked. Someone issued a ‘coming out’ statement on my behalf. I’m still straight and in love with my girlfriend. But not too straight; I still love musicals, brunch and Doogie Howser.”

Zach Braff, on his Facebook account, explaining recent rumors that he’s gay. His “old website” in question claimed:

“To all my loyal fans, I have been hiding this secret inside me for too long… The human mind can only bare (sic) so much before it explodes in emotions, and well… it is time that I let the world know. I am excited and proud to announce that I am an open member of the homosexual community. This is not news to those closest to me, and I honor that they have kept it a secret for such a long time. This doesn’t change anything. I am still Zach Braff, and I am the same man I’ve always been, gay or not ;)”

There you have it, friends. Totally not gay.

Well maybe just a little bit. But enough to keep his girlfriend interested, so I suppose he’s won all over the place here.

Zach Braff Thinks Twee Romantic Comedies Are a Better Representation of His Home Than Jersey Shore

The dude who’s been on Scrubs forever and wrote and starred in Garden State, Zach Braff is not too happy that his home state is now being associated with hilariously crappy MTV reality show, Jersey Shore. Apparently Zach feels like the state has just survived being associated with the mob for the rest of eternity because of The Sopranos, and said to Jimmy Kimmel Tuesday night, “Jersey had a chance to be known for something else, and here comes Snooki.” (Side note: I would like to encourage you to read Snooki’s “biography” on even if you’ve never seen the show. It’s pretty delish.)

While I understand that Zach doesn’t want New Jersey to be forever associated with orange, muscular drunks with anger management issues, I have to ask him this: Are lovey dovey romcoms about crazy families and Manic Pixie Dream Girls set to the sounds of all things “indie” really that much better? I’d have to say that long before Zach tried to make a deep cultural impact on all of us with what it means to be from New Jersey, there was someone doing it in a slightly less annoying manner than him. (I said “slightly”.) At least Kevin Smith movies were awesome when you were 15 and didn’t make you cry and feel like you’d die alone when you were 22. Just sayin’.

(the language in this clip may be NSFW if you work at a boring place. Sorry.)

Caption This

Zach Braff is Escorted Onstage at Spike TV's 7th Annual Video Game Awards

Zach Braff (yum) is escorted onstage at Spike TV’s 7th annual Video Game Awards. Other winners and presenters included Olivia Wilde, my girl crush Tricia Helfer, and the cast of Jersey Shore onstage with Mike Tyson (my very soul cringes at the possible dialogue).

All that and more in the gallery!