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Willow Palin

Willow Palin Loves to Spark Up ‘Good stuff’, Supposedly

Guess what, guys? The exact thing that all journalists have been trying to prove for the last year continues to be true: The Palin kids are ridiculously American and normal. Earlier this week we learned that 15-year old Willow and her boyfriend had a pregnancy scare and that she uses Facebook in a really inappropriate fashion and now we’re learning that she allegedly purchased marijuana in a parking lot once.

From CelebDirtyLaundry:

Former classmate of homophobic facebook ranter Willow Palin, 16,  sister of Bristol Palin and daughter of Sarah Palin was seen by former classmate Lance Nezaticky, 18, involved in buying marijuana, $20 worth, in a deserted Target parking lot at 1am on a December night last year.  Lance saw the male driver of the car in which Willow was a passenger pass the money to the dealer then pass the marijuana to Willow!

L & S reports: ”It was definitely her,” Nezaticky says. “There’s no question. I had met her before.” After buying roughly 2 grams of pot, Willow and her companion drove off. “Willow had been told that the pot was really good stuff.”

Eh. I kind of hate this story because harping on some crappy Alaskan weed purchase is pretty petty shit compared to her calling someone a faggot on Facebook last week. Also, like… it’s weed. I’m pretty sure that Willow scoring a bag of the good green is the coolest thing I’ve ever heard of a Palin family member doing. Let’s not villainize her for that.

Which Palin Child is Having Pregnancy Scares Now?

No, it’s not good ol’ Bristol again. This time it’s Willow, Sarah’s sixteen year old daughter. Apparently she and her 18-year old BF have been bumping uglies for a minute, and when Willow’s period was over a week late recently, she freaked out that she was as fertile as her mom and big sis.

According to the source who spoke to the National Enquirer, Sarah was shocked after hearing the news that she may be a grandmother for the second time. The only thing that probably shocked her more was that the at-home pregnancy test they got her came back negative.

Abstinence, huh? Tell me more.